Uzbekistan is probably not the first country that comes to mind when it comes to studying abroad. However, it is always the countries that are not mainstream that make surprisingly excellent academic destinations. This Central Asian country has been rising in rank in world university rankings as well and has attracted many international students in recent years. In this article, we will be looking at the top universities in Uzbekistan for international students.

Top Universities in Uzbekistan for International Students

1. Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT)

Established in 2002, the Westminster International University in Tashkent is the best university in Uzbekistan for international students. It is the first international higher learning institution in Uzbekistan and the first in Central Asia to follow a Western education system. It was designed with the qualifications and standards of the United Kingdom (UK) universities. Furthermore, WIUT has an international faculty, with professors holding degrees from leading schools in Australia, Germany, France, the USA, and many others. Surely, international students will find it easier to adjust to WIUT.

WIUT operates three schools, which are the schools of Business and Economics, Law, Technology, and Education, and the Graduate School. Each of these contains academic departments for specific subject areas, such as Finance, Information Systems, Health Science, and much more.

2. National University of Uzbekistan (NUU)

The National University of Uzbekistan is the first higher learning institution in the country, and was once referred to as the “People’s University.” It was founded in 1918 and has celebrated a centenary, but continues to be at the forefront of quality higher education in Uzbekistan. Through many decades, this top university in Uzbekistan has grown into one of the largest universities, harboring 14 faculties and 74 departments in a wide range of disciplines. Students can study mathematics, economics, history, journalism, and many others.

With such a great history, it is not surprising for NUU to manage several museums. These cultural centers house rare manuscripts, compilations, and finds, of the scientific knowledge in Central Asia through the years.

3. Samarkand State University (SamSU)

A public university in one of the oldest cities in the world, Samarkand State University is one of the flagship universities of Uzbekistan to international students. Students can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees across a wide offering of faculties, including physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, law, human resource management, psychology, history and art history, and digital technologies. These courses are conducted in Uzbek and Russian, and lately in English as well.

In addition to SamSU’s scientific research laboratories and modern classrooms, there are also museums, sports centers, and dormitories on campus. Students are encouraged to participate in sports, as well, since the university is known to support students in world sports competitions like the Olympic Games.

4. Tashkent University of Information Technologies (TUIT)

Another university in the capital city is the Tashkent University of Information Technologies, one of the largest public universities in Uzbekistan. When it was established in 1955, it was the only university in the Central Asian region to educate and produce communication engineers. Today, it is a pioneering institution for such an in-demand profession. It has educated over 30,000 engineers and continues to nurture ICT talent in the country and the world.

One of the best universities in Uzbekistan for international students, TUIT comprises six faculties, which are Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Security, Television Technologies, Software Engineering, and Economics and Management. There is also a health center, a center for professional education, and a special faculty to prepare communication officers of the Ministry of Defense.

5. Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute

The Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was established in 1972 to address the region’s high infant mortality rate at the time by training highly qualified pediatricians and doctors. It was in 1989 that it got its present name, given by the Uzbekistan Ministry of Health. Today, the higher learning institution is organized into these undergraduate faculties: pediatric, pediatrics, and medical biology, medical-pedagogical and medical faculty, higher nursing, and an international faculty. There are two doctorate programs, professional development courses, and advanced training courses for current medical staff.

This top university in Uzbekistan has partnerships around the globe. These include cooperation with Russia’s St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University and South Korea’s Bundang Hospital Seoul National University.

FAQs about Studying in Uzbekistan

Is Uzbekistan Good for International Students to Study In?

Uzbekistan is a trade route that links the East and the West from ancient times until today. Hence, the nation has witnessed different cultures, religions, and traditions that have contributed to its development. As a “cradle of cultures”, Uzbekistan offers a deep immersion to history that is otherwise missing in other study destinations.

Contemporary Uzbekistan takes these traditions and blends them into modern-day cities. International students will find surprisingly cosmopolitan cities, a bustling economy, and a lively multinational community. All of these are balanced with the hospitable Uzbek that will make any international student feel welcome during their study.

As travel-friendly as it is, Uzbekistan is also renowned for its prestigious universities. There are over 123 higher education institutions in the country, including 22 foreign-oriented universities or Uzbek branches of universities abroad.

Many of these institutions, such as the Westminster International University in Tashkent, are globally recognized while working with the British government. International students receive many benefits when studying at Uzbek universities, including highly qualified professors, easier mobility programs, support services, and immersion into a dynamic social life within and outside the school campus.

Can International Students Work in Uzbekistan While Studying?

While the Uzbek government stated there are no general limitations for foreign labor, any foreign national engaging in paid work in Uzbekistan must still hold a work permit. The same applies to international students interested in doing part-time work. Nonetheless, international students can ask their university offices if their programs include industry immersion, which is often the case for most degree programs anyway.

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Can International Students Stay in Uzbekistan After Graduation?

After graduation, international students may be interested in staying and starting a career in Uzbekistan. Just like part-time work, they should apply for an individual work permit or business permit before engaging in any kind of employment. Permits for highly qualified professionals and specialists are issued for up to three years.


We hope that this article on the best universities in Uzbekistan for international students was helpful. If you’re interested in studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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