Located in Fairfax, Virginia, George Mason University was established in 1949 and named after one of the chief founders, George Mason. It commenced its operations in 1956 as the University of Virginia’s branch. 16 years later, the university split from UV and became an independent institution. Over the years, it has developed into the largest public research institute in Virginia offering learning opportunities in popular fields. This article will discuss more George Mason University and its acceptance rate.

The university’s student body is one of the largest in the region. It has just under 35,000 students and about 23,000 of them are undergrads. The residents of Virginia take up 83% of this population, suggesting that GMU prioritizes in-state admissions. If you qualify to join Mason, you have the option of studying remotely. There are over 8,000 distance learners (28%) currently at the institution. Another important factor to note is that the university has a very high ethnic diversity in the country. Therefore, all applicants have equal chances of joining the institution regardless of their backgrounds. The ration of faculty members to students is 1:16 and 52% of them are full-time employees. At 46%, GMU’s on-time graduation rate is lower than most universities in the United States.

Apart from the Main Campus in Fairfax, GMU has other three campuses in Virginia. There is also a satellite campus in South Korea offering seven undergraduate programs. In total, George Mason University provides 67 undergrad degrees in 24 different fields (60 majors). At least 5,000 students are offered these degrees every academic year. Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, and General Psychology are the most famous programs at the university.

According to U.S. News & World Report, George Mason University is the 136th best institution based on overall performance. It is also regarded as one of the most innovative institutions in the United States. The university has a variety of resources and funding sources to support all creative minds within various schools. If you are interested in joining GMU, read on to find out the acceptance rate at George Mason University as well as what you will need to be a successful applicant.

GMU’s Greek system has over 35 sororities open for any new or ongoing student. In addition, the institution has about 500 student-run organizations and clubs. As such, there are many ways you can involve yourself in various activities at GMU. The school is also an active member of sports with its teams taking part in NCAA Division I. In terms of housing, one can choose between suites, residence halls, and apartments. More than three-quarters of the freshmen live in one of the campus’s residence halls.

Acceptance Rate at George Mason University

Mason is one of the least competitive institutions with about an 81% acceptance rate. Out of 18,000 applicants in the previous cycle, 15,000 were admitted and enrolled in relevant schools. As such, your chances of joining the university are quite high provided you hit the threshold.

You can either submit your SAT or ACT scores. In the previous admission phase, most students gave their SAT scores. You will need a GPA of at least 3.66 points to stand a chance of being the school’s next freshman.


I hope that this article on George Mason University’s acceptance rate was helpful. For more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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