High salaries and emotionally rewarding career options await medical degree-holders after graduation. These two are the main reasons why thousands aspire to become nurses. Unfortunately, the high cost associated with going to nursing schools is a roadblock for many.

Nursing is a highly technical subject, and there is a lot to learn in just a few years. The fees for lectures, laboratory use, and multiple textbooks immediately rack up the bill. On top of that, students have to pay for uniforms, medical tools, and exam fees. The cost continues to rise for those who want to pursue advanced degrees.

Thankfully, many schools around the world offer tuition-free Nursing programs. If you’re interested in going to one, here are some of the best nursing schools across the world that are free and have no tuition costs.

Where is the Cheapest to Study Nursing?

One of the most affordable options for studying nursing is the Philippines. Numerous universities there offer esteemed nursing programs that are acknowledged internationally, and the tuition fees are substantially lower in comparison to prominent countries such as the US, UK, or Australia. Furthermore, the cost of living in the Philippines is comparably inexpensive compared to other nations, which heightens the feasibility of studying nursing there.

Although our Open Courses Page currently has no available nursing programs, feel free to check other related programs. You can also browse open courses in top study destinations, such as Europe and Canada.

Free Nursing Schools

1. Berea College

Among this list of free nursing schools, Berea College is a private school in Kentucky, USA. It is known for offering quality education to students without high price tags. All students enjoy free tuition and only need to pay for books, meals, and housing. Because of this, Berea has consistently been recognized as the best value college over the years.

Berea is a work college, which means that it employs the students it admits. Students must work 10-15 hours a week throughout their academic stay and receive a paycheck. There are over 100 work positions to choose from, and Berea encourages everyone to find a job related to their field of study. Upon graduation, you will receive an official work transcript that details all your positions held, hours worked, and performance evaluations. This document is a testament to your work ethic and will give you an edge over other Nursing graduates in the job market.

Undergraduate Nursing in Berea is a 4-year program. It is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, indicating that the curriculum is up-to-date with the latest trends and advances in healthcare. To apply for admission, you must submit previous academic records, a personal essay, financial statements, recommendation letters, and results from an English proficiency test.

2. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

The Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Germany offers 70 practice-oriented degree programs to local and international students. When designing curricula, the faculty considers the latest research to make sure that their students are learning relevant information.

Like most universities in Germany, tuition is free at Frankfurt University. You only need to pay a small amount to cover administrative expenses, insurance contributions, semester tickets, and contributions to the students’ union. The total fee changes every year but usually does not exceed 400 EUR.

Nursing programs at the university are available at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels with study durations of 3 years and 1 year, respectively. A mix of lectures, seminars, group & individual casework, and practical exercises are used by the faculty as learning methods. All courses are delivered in the German language.

3. Nord University

Nord University in Norway offers 180 programs across a wide variety of disciplines. It welcomes more than 11,000 students every year at eight campuses scattered in Nordland and Trondelag.

The university is state-funded and does not charge tuition fees for all students. You only need to pay a registration fee each semester which covers administrative costs and student welfare fees. The amount may vary each year but usually does not exceed NOK 725. Non-EU/EEA applicants also need to submit a document that proves their financial capacity to pay for living expenses in Norway.

Nursing programs at Nord are available at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate levels. Undergraduates of this free nursing school explore the discipline in theory and practice and dedicate their time to learning the art of patient care. Postgraduates enter into a specialization in the niche of their choice. Available Master specializations include Oncology Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Intensive Care Nursing, and Nursing in Anesthetics. Only those with two years of relevant work experience are eligible to apply for the Master’s program.

4. University of Vienna

The University of Vienna (UV), also known as Universität Wien, is one of the oldest schools in Austria. It is best known for its degree programs in Humanities but offers quality education in the fields of business, science, and law, as well. There are 181 programs at the university, and the school welcomes roughly 90,000 students every year, making it one of the largest universities in Europe based on student population.

UV is a public university, so EU/EEA citizens can enjoy free tuition fees for the entire duration of their program. In line with its mission to make quality education more accessible, students from developing countries also enjoy free tuition fees. If you qualify for free tuition, you only need to pay student union fees every year.

The Nursing program at UV is only offered at the Master’s level. It aims to develop skills in research methodology and academic writing, preparing you for work in the academic fields of nursing science. No entrance exam is required for admission to this program as students will be evaluated based on academic merit. All courses are taught in German.

5. University of Akureyri

The University of Akureyri (UNAK), also known as Háskólinn á Akureyri, is one of the leading academic institutions in Iceland. It specializes in teaching health sciences and industrial management – the two disciplines it originally offered when it was founded in 1987. UNAK has grown exponentially throughout the years, offering degree programs in more disciplines and expanding its campus to house modern facilities.

The tuition fee is free for all students at UNAK, which means you get to attend nursing school for free. You only need to pay a registration fee of 75,000 ISK before the school year starts. This fee is non-refundable and covers administrative costs.

The university offers a 4-year BS in Nursing, with all courses taught in Icelandic. It is a highly-selective program that opens only 55 slots for enrollment each year. UNAK values teaching in small groups to ensure that each student is guided well throughout his academic journey. Since the university receives hundreds of applications each year, a competitive entrance exam determines who is admitted to the program.


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