Political Science degree holders now have access to massive job opportunities worldwide. It is primarily because an increasing number of universities globally are offering undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees with an international mindset. They introduce global political systems and laws to students to expand their knowledge and skills.

Moreover, many prestigious universities establish strong partnerships, encouraging exchange programs to offer world-class education to students. They also facilitate knowledge transfer by providing students the opportunity to learn from renowned experts in the field.

Pursuing a Political Science degree in another country can also encourage students to learn foreign languages, establish connections for future careers, and explore the policies in other countries. While studying abroad may seem costly considering the international nature of the degree, it is surprisingly easy to find tuition-free universities or those that offer generous scholarships, even for international students. Let us take a look at them!

What Job Can I Get if I Study Political Science?

There are many job opportunities in various industries available for you if you study Political Science. Some of the most popular ones are paralegals, policy analysts, legislative assistants, and even jobs in international relations. Of course, many political science graduates also venture to law studies and become professional lawyers. If you’re eyeing this particular career path, make sure to check out our Available Law Courses as well as other related programs on our Open Courses Page.

Free Political Science Schools with No Tuition

1. University College Dublin

University College Dublin (UCD) is the most popular higher education institution for domestic and international students in Ireland who wish to take political science programs for free. It is because of the university’s excellent reputation for providing world-class education and the predominant use of English as the medium of instruction. Moreover, UCD has the widest range of specialized graduate programs in Political Science tailored to every student’s career goal and competencies.

UCD offers a four-year Bachelor’s degree program in Politics and International Relations in English. One advantage of pursuing this degree is the international nature of the course. Students can learn not only national political issues and systems in Ireland but also the interplay of global political systems. Because of this, graduates can have access to job opportunities abroad.

The undergraduate program also offers students opportunities to take the course as a Joint Major with several Social Sciences courses and go on an exchange program at UCD’s numerous partner universities abroad. They can also pursue a Master’s degree upon graduation at UCD or some of the most prestigious universities globally.

2. Sciences Po College

Sciences Po College is an outstanding Political Science school in France that offers free education. Its Political Science programs currently rank second globally, making it an attractive and ideal academic destination. Moreover, its generous tuition fee system grants prospective EEA students from low-income households low-cost or free education depending on their families’ annual income. As a matter of fact, a third of the student population benefits from free tuition at Sciences Po.

The college has a solid international mindset. Many of its undergraduate programs are available as dual degrees in partnership with other European universities to deliver the highest quality of education with a global approach. For instance, the four-year Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) degree in Politics of Life and Identities is offered at Université de Paris. This program is available in the French language.

Meanwhile, Sciences Po also has a Master’s program in Political Science where students can select among five specialist majors: Political Behavior, Public Policies, Comparative Politics, International Relationships, or Political Theory. The program is available in French and English, lasts two years, and is worth 120 ECTS credits.

3. Freie Universität Berlin

Like all public universities in Germany, Freie Universität Berlin offers tuition-free education to all qualified applicants who wish to study political science. That is why the university is attractive to international students, who comprise roughly 15% of the student population. However, all registered students have to pay a school contribution worth approximately €310 every semester.

The university offers a six-semester Bachelor’s degree program in Political Science in the German language. Therefore, international students must show proof of language proficiency. In addition, those who possess foreign secondary school qualifications must gain document approval before being granted admission to the program.

Graduates may also pursue a Master’s degree in Political Science in German. It lasts two years, and students may choose the dual degree offered in partnership with Sciences Po College in France. To do so, interested students must also obtain a French language proficiency certificate for their academic stay in France.

4. University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) consistently ranks as one of the best universities in Denmark. It is located in Copenhagen, one of the safest cities and home to some of the happiest people in the world. The institution’s outstanding reputation and the country’s good educational environment make UCPH an excellent choice for pursuing a degree abroad.

Its political science programs are free and also recognized among the top 50 globally. The Bachelor’s program in Political Science at UCPH has an excellent layout that can gear students up for promising careers in public or private sectors both domestically and abroad. It is conducted entirely in the Danish language. Therefore, students must meet the language proficiency requirements (A-level for Danish and B-level for English).

Meanwhile, UCPH’s Master of Political Science program provides graduates with even more career opportunities that can help them explore various fields ranging from government positions to international NGOs. They can also use the degree as a ticket to proceed to a doctoral program that would enable them to conduct social science research or join the academe.

5. University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg is a research-intensive university in Sweden. Its dedication to research and innovation contributes to its excellent reputation as an academic institution. It currently hosts a huge population of students and academic staff spread across eight faculties.

Political Science degree holders may pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Gothenburg. The university offers free education to students. It is conducted in English, lasts two years full-time, and is worth 120 ECTS credits. Students may also take advantage of a double-degree opportunity with the University of Konstanz in Germany.

Students may choose to learn the broad perspective of Political Science or specialize in some key areas, such as Global Security & Democracy, Environmental Politics & Institutions, and more. There are also four research methods to choose from, making the program conveniently tailored to every student’s preferred learning style.


I hope that this article on Free Political Science Schools with No Tuition was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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