Software engineering is one of those academic disciplines that are popular with the young generation. Times have indeed changed; instead of the traditional degree programs, students nowadays prefer to obtain a degree related to AI and computer science. While some are still adamant about accepting the information age, it is no doubt that we, in fact, are currently living in it. Big companies and industries have shifted to a more modern approach, and many innovations have helped improve everyone’s lifestyle.

As for education, more and more universities are offering modern academic disciplines. Science and Technology have expanded into smaller branches to cater to industry-specific programs in recent years. As such, software engineering plays a vital role in information technology. It is truly a unique multidisciplinary study that can be interconnected with various disciplines, including the traditional ones. In this guide, we talk about some of the free software engineering schools that you might be interested in.

Is Software Engineering High-Paying?

Software Engineering is one of the high-paying careers, with the US Labor Statistics reporting a $100,000 to $120,000 annual average. Software engineers are paid well because their skills are in high demand. As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, the need for software engineers is increasing. Moreover, software engineering is a complex and specialized field that requires high skill and expertise. This can make it challenging to find qualified candidates, which can drive up salaries. As such, preparing for a career in this field generally requires completing a degree program in Software Engineering or other related courses, such as Computer Science and Engineering. If you want to learn about our available programs, check out our Open Courses Page!

Free Software Engineering Schools

1. University of Potsdam

The first free software engineering school on the list is the University of Potsdam, a public university that potentially attracts professionals looking for postgraduate programs in software engineering. One apparent reason is its English-taught master’s programs; not only is it available in select engineering programs, but most courses in various academic disciplines are also conducted in English.

In addition, Germany is known for its “free education,” and the University of Potsdam is one institution that does not charge tuition fees to all students. It only collects a semestral fee of 316 euros. Other than that, living costs in Potsdam are more affordable compared to other cities in the country.

The university is an excellent choice for postgraduate engineering students. Under the Digital Engineering department, students pursuing their master’s studies in Software engineering will concentrate on the following: AI, data analytics, software engineering, interactive and online systems, and data engineering. Completion of 120 credits will award successful students with a degree in Software Systems Engineering.

2. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University has been a prominent university across the globe. With the outstanding research and advanced technology it provides, the university has made a permanent mark in the education industry in Germany. It is also one of the universities that offer first-class and internationally recognized engineering and technology programs.

There are numerous engineering programs at the university; however, software engineering degrees currently offered are limited to postgraduate programs. The English-taught master’s program offered is Software Systems Engineering. This four-semester degree program is designed for professionals who would like to manage large projects in the future. It primarily focuses on the following: software engineering, data and information management, communication, applied computer science, and software systems engineering.

Professionals who intend to take this program should plan ahead as it might be challenging to get proper accommodation in Aachen. Remember that there are many international students and faculty members at the university. It is advisable to look for accommodation at least two to three months before arrival.

3. Lappeenranta-Lahti University (LUT University)

EU/EEA students planning to obtain a Software Engineering degree in Finland should consider enrolling at LUT University, another excellent and free software engineering school. Having only been established in 1969, the university has proved to be a competitive school in the country. It has slowly been gaining attention in the international community as it already has a record number of international students coming from at least 85 nationalities.

LUT University offers degree programs conducted in English and Finnish. The university’s expertise is in Engineering. And most of its engineering programs are entirely taught in English from undergraduate to graduate levels to attract international students. For instance, software engineering has English-taught programs perfect for students who want to pursue a career as software engineers, designers, or developers.

The university currently offers software and systems engineering programs at all levels. A double degree is offered at the undergraduate level with a partner university in China, the Hebei University of Technology. In addition, postgraduate studies offer four master’s programs; two are tuition-free, while the others are fully charged, regardless of nationality. The two “tuition-free” programs for EU/EEA students are Software Engineering and Digital Transformation and Software Product Management and Business.

4. University of Southern Denmark

Denmark is one of the most serene and charming countries in Europe. Software engineers and professionals seeking postgraduate programs, particularly software engineering, will find the University of Southern Denmark an excellent choice. What’s more appealing to students is that Denmark also provides “tuition-free” education to its locals and EU/EEA students; while international students from other countries need to pay for tuition, there are still numerous foreign students who prefer to enroll at the university.

A Master’s program in Software Engineering is favorable for engineering professionals who want to take on more significant roles and develop innovative products. This two-year program is English-taught and usually starts in the summer.

It is worth mentioning that a degree obtained in the university will give students countless opportunities in Denmark and abroad. Software engineers are in high demand and are flexible to work in different industries.

5. Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

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  • Free to: EU/EEA citizens and international students who passed “Abitur” in Germany or at a German school abroad

Student aspirants on the lookout for universities that prioritizes individual support for their students might want to consider the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. This free software engineering school conducts lectures in small groups so that every student must be able to express their ideas, and instructors will be able to identify and attend to the student’s needs.

The target students of the university are those whose primary interests are in Engineering, Informatics, and Business. One innovative and modern degree program that will appeal to students is Software engineering. Programs offered in this discipline are designed for students fascinated by game development, vehicles, and robots. As with most German universities, bachelor’s programs are conducted in German. The university offers three bachelor’s major programs in software engineering: Digital Transformation, Games Engineering, and Systems Engineering. In addition, three specializations at the master’s level are taught in English. These are IT Management, Advanced Software Engineering and Data Science, and Human-Computer Interaction.

For those interested in obtaining a degree at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, EU/EEA students have no tuition fees. In contrast, international students from other regions are required to pay a tuition fee that amounts to 1,500 euros per semester.


We hope this article on free software engineering schools was informative and helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!

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