Advanced degrees from credible institutes are a huge achievement for students to successfully propel their professional careers in the right direction. Nursing has always been looked at as a challenging yet compassionate field that gravitates around client care at the optimum.

Students internationally search for knowledge-rich nursing programs at reputable institutes to receive globally accepted degrees and become trained medical professionals. Among the countries where students generally opt for nursing courses is the Philippines.

As the economic graph in this area is emerging and dynamic, it provides an ideal area for students to get affordable yet top-notch education. The country ranks among the nations with the most nursing institutes globally, with over 450 registered nursing educational institutes.

It is a region in Southeast Asia that collaborates with many other nations to create a culturally diverse setting for its students. The international exposure through their advanced programs is unparalleled.

To get in-depth knowledge about some of the best nursing schools in the Philippines for international students, please refer to our comprehensive article below.

Top Schools Offering Nursing Programs in the Philippines

1. University of Philippines Manila

The first premier institute in our list is the University of the Philippines, Manila, known for its health sciences education and research programs. Its highly qualified and experienced faculty members make the quality of education here top-notch. The university is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines. It also offers several scholarship programs to its students, such as the Cesarea P. Tan Scholarship Grant with high monetary benefits.

If we talk about the nursing programs this institute offers, then its BS in Nursing is popular. The course is 4 years with an emphasis on practical nursing techniques. It covers many areas such as health sciences, humanities, and critical communication perspectives. It trains students for lucrative careers in nursing with great technical skills.

2. University of Santo Tomas

Next on our list is a university that is one of the biggest Catholic institutions in the world by enrollment. Not only that, it has the oldest university license in Asia. It was founded in 1611 and is an advanced institute for academic excellence. It is ranked among the top 1,000 universities in the world and has great cultural significance.

The university is also research-intensive and has the leading scholars in the Philippines. It has a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s courses. But regarding nursing, it’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing is of prime importance. The course is taught in four years with emphasis on all the nursing concepts. After graduation from this course, the students can hold positions as entry-level nurses in healthcare facilities.

3. Silliman University

Established in 1901, Silliman University is known as the first American and Protestant-founded institution of higher learning in the Philippines and Asia. This private university offers a holistic learning experience and ranks high all over the world. It is known as the Philippines’s top private university. It has a faculty that consists of experts from all around the world, raising the standard of education here.

The university offers a wide range of majors in nursing, theology, and marine biology along with many others. Its Bachelor of Science in Nursing is largely acclaimed for its rigorous curriculum. It includes some medical-related subjects such as pharmacology and another focus area such as practical nursing training. This makes the graduates an all-rounder in terms of career prospects.

4. Cebu Doctors’ University

The next university we want to mention here is Cebu’s Doctor’s University, which is known for its excellent healthcare system. Since its founding in 1973, it is known for its nursing and allied medical courses. It’s a prestigious institute accredited by the QHA Trent Accreditation from the UK.

Arts, science, nursing, IT, and business administration are some of its widely acclaimed disciplines. Among these, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing provides a fulfilling curriculum that focuses on geriatric and medical and surgical nursing. It provides an all-inclusive course for aspiring medical professionals.

Graduates of the university can find rewarding jobs in many healthcare facilities and hospitals as the degree of Cebu Doctor’s University is accepted worldwide.

5. Far Eastern University

  • Study Program
  • Location: Manila, Philippines | Medium of Instruction: English

Since its establishment in 1928, Fast Eastern University has grown immensely in standards as a leading educational institution for creating highly skilled professionals. It is of significance as it holds the rank of the 6th oldest university in the Philippines. From undergraduate, to graduate to Ph.D. courses, it offers a diverse variety of programs to international students. The university is also prominent for its large scholarships and grants. Among these is the Nicanor Reyes Science Scholarship Program (NRSSP) which helps students with fee waivers and stipends.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing here is a 4-year course with a community-oriented curriculum, focusing on client care and disciplines of nursing. Its curriculum is taught by industry professionals who train the students in all aspects of nursing and help them take part in project work early on in the program.

6. University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center

As one of the prominent medical institutes in the Philippines, this university has gained global recognition. It is connected to a tertiary hospital equipped with modern technology and other faculties. High-quality care and top-notch medical education are the defining factors of this institute. The Department of Science and Technology has designated UERMMMC’s College of Medicine as a Center of Excellence in Research.

As evidence of its excellent academic standards, it has been granted Level IV accreditation by PAASCU. It offers a variety of courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. Its Bachelor of Science in Nursing is highly sought-after by many international students. It provides a common two-year program that helps students direct tier focus on their preferred course in the third year. Basic human functions along with maternal and childcare are some of the areas that are taught in this course.

7. De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus

De La Salle University Health Sciences (DLSMHSI) has grown into an outstanding center for healthcare education and research since its 1979 founding. It has and continues to aid the nation’s supply of highly trained physicians and other medical experts.

In the Philippines, it is a model of medical education and research. Unity in education is its guiding principle. Students seeking careers in healthcare often choose this institution because of its excellent instructors, cutting-edge facilities, and focus on service and spirituality.

Among the many courses it offers, its Master of Arts in Nursing offers specialization in this field. It covers administration theory and process in nursing, behavioral perspective in health care, a theoretical framework for nursing practice, and other areas of study. The course prepares professional nurses to become individuals who contribute to the healthcare system.

8. St. Paul University Manila

Another institute we want to discuss here is St. Paul University. The school has a unique blend of academic excellence as well as cultural significance. The university gained prominence since it was founded in 1912 and holds a long history of contributions to research and the fields of science. It holds 111th rank within the Philippines with highly qualified faculty. Its modern facilities are top-tier and comply with global standards of modern teaching.

It offers an excellent master’s program in nursing. Advanced research methodology with evidence-based practice, advanced theoretical and philosophical perspective in nursing care, and other subjects are some subjects taught in this course. It trains students to become nursing professionals in advanced subjects.

9. Central Philippine University

This institute holds a significant position in the Philippines’ educational landscape, as it is an old but prestigious academic provider. Its diverse subjects rank highly within the Philippines, among which are engineering, nursing, and education.

It is also prominent for its eco-friendly practices and programs that are environmentally sustainable. The University’s alumni are a strong point of credibility about this university and its teaching practices.

With the aspect of nursing, the university offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a concentration in community health nursing, logic and critical thinking health education, and health assessment. The course also concentrates on healthcare and ethics training concerning helping students progress into rewarding career opportunities.

10. Adventist University of the Philippines

  • Study Program
  • Location: Cavite, Philippines | Medium of Instruction: English

Another educational institute we want to discuss here is the Adventist University of the Philippines, known for its value-based education. The Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) has accredited several of its programs, attesting to their excellence and strict requirements. To organize impactful service initiatives, the institution has partnered with non-profit organizations and regional organizations.

Moving on to its nursing program, the university offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing straight into a master’s, majoring in Adult Health/Family Health Nursing. This has general educational courses and nursing courses taking a major portion of the program. The course is complex and trains students to develop critical thinking skills. They can get jobs in public and private hospitals where they can provide patient care with the maximum potential.

11. Trinity University of Asia

  • Study Program
  • Location: Manila, Philippines | Medium of Instruction: English

The private, coeducational, and research-focused Trinity University of Asia is known for its distinguished academic programs, Christian principles, and dedication to social responsibility. TUA has grown from its humble beginnings as a school founded in 1907 by American Protestant missionaries.

Students at TUA have the chance to take part in research projects, exhibit at conferences, and have their work published because of its focus on innovation and study. They offer undergraduate and graduate courses of the highest global value. Moreover, they offer many scholarship programs that cover the tuition fee of the student along with offering many other financial benefits.

In the St. Luke’s College of Nursing (SLCN), TUA confers a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN). In a standard four-year BSN program, students attend classes, conduct lab work, and get experience in a variety of medical settings via clinical rotations.

12. University of San Agustin

Next on our list is the University of San Agustin, which is a private Roman Catholic institution. It is known for its participation in the research disciplines and international collaboration with industry-leading institutes. Augustinian principles govern this institute’s foundation. It is accredited by PAASCU, making it globally recognized as a top-notch institute for foreign students.

Its doctoral nursing program is integrated with modern research in nursing practices. Furthermore, it is known for its extensive research provision into the latest techniques and areas. This degree level is divided into theoretical work as well as practice within the subject.

13. West Visayas State University

  • Study Program
  • Location: Iloilo City, Philippines | Medium of Instruction: English

Our last recommended university is the West Visayas State University. This Philippine institution of higher learning is well-known for its innovative approaches to teacher preparation and its dedication to meeting national as well as global challenges.

Its Masters of Arts in Nursing program is top-tier and a preferred choice of any individual. The program is 18 months long and includes lectures, seminars, research, and clinical rotations. Graduates of the program will be able to lead their peers in more complex nursing practices thanks to their extensive education and training in specialized areas.

14. Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan

  • Study Program
  • Location: Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines | Medium of Instruction: English

When it was granted university status in 1958, Ateneo de Cagayan was renamed Xavier University – Ateneo of Cagayan. The university, which is located in northern Mindanao, has a reputation for providing excellent professional and leadership training. The university had to open more courses and accommodate more students as a result of the growing demand for education in the rapidly developing region.

The College of Nursing was established in 1988 and re-opened in 2002. In collaboration with the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres and the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro, students from the College of Medicine are accommodated for practical exposure at the university’s hospital, the Maria Reyna–Xavier University Hospital.

Its College of Nursing continues to be one of the best-performing nursing schools in the country, with graduates consistently ranking in the top ten on licensure exams. Its mission is to provide high-quality nurses to the country’s most underserved areas, so it organizes community immersion and health-related programs in these areas.

15. Benguet State University

  • Study Program
  • Location: Benguet, Philippines | Medium of Instruction: English

The university, which started as La Trinidad Farm School in 1916 providing elementary education, underwent major changes and reformation before becoming a state university in 1986. It is currently classified as an SUC Level IV institution, the highest level of categorization given by the Commission of Higher Education to State Universities and Colleges (SUC).

The university is heavily invested in research and has previously collaborated on research projects with international organizations. The research collaboration has expanded to include international partners’ research grants and training opportunities.

The nursing program has a promotion and retention process in which students must meet certain criteria to progress to the next level of their education.

FAQS About Studying Nursing in the Philippines

Which Nursing School in the Philippines Has Graduates with the Highest Passing Rate in the Nursing Board Exam?

University of Santo Tomas (UST) holds the position of the highest passing rate of 100% in the nursing board exam. The Nurses Licensure Exam is known for its strict assessment practices, making it tough for international students to graduate for the first time. However, the University of Santo Tomas excels in its teaching methods and examination system.

The university has a 5-point numerical grading system and almost all of its students are highly skilled to get top grades annually. Nursing programs are challenging, containing studies about medical and human-related subjects which can be extensive. The university has created its curriculum in such as way that it resonates with the students’ abilities. The graduates from these universities set out to become top contributors in hospitals and medical fields.

Overall, the Philippines is home to some of the best nursing schools in the world, with a rich history of nursing education dating back to the early 1900s. The country’s nursing programs have undergone various reforms and regulations over the years, leading to the current nursing standards. Its nursing schools are some of the most modern and widely accepted.


We hope this article helped you determine all the best nursing schools for international students in the Philippines.  To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Open Courses and Study in the Philippines pages!

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