Germany is a very famous destination for international students; each year, thousands reach its land for education and work. The country has a lot to offer to the students and in return the students participate in their workforce. In the last decade, the concept of online education has risen to fame, and German universities have kept up with the trend.

German universities offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees to international students online via online teaching learning platforms. This has also become a very famous way of getting an education from Germany and being associated with the country in a way among international students. The teaching will be the same, and so will the expectations from the students but only the students will not be in the class, on campus.

In this article, we bring you a list of German universities that offer online bachelor’s degrees to international students, so let us get started.

Top Schools Offering Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany

A lot of German universities are part of the top fifty universities around the world so you have a long and rather stellar list to choose from. Here we have listed the three best German universities offering online bachelor’s degrees out of the list for you to read.

1. SRH Fernhochschule – The Distance Learning University

“We empower you to achieve your goals”, which is the motto of the SRH Fernhochschule University in Germany. The university is among the top prestigious universities in Germany and the world. The university seems to get everything right, including offering online bachelor’s degree programs for students around the world. There are massively positive and inspiring comments and feedback from the university’s students and staff be that the teaching staff, or the administration.

Being a top German university with online bachelor’s programs, it is an excellent study destination for international students. They offer degrees in business and management, industrial engineering, and much more. The university has different tiers according to which the student is enrolled and needs to pay the tuition. The tiers are Flex 1, Flex 2, and Flex 3. For any student who wants to pay their fee upfront and quickly, they will resort to Flex 1, whereas students who would like to pay it slowly, would be in Flex 2, and finally, Flex 3 will include the payments in a much more relaxed way.

The tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree in business management is somewhere near 15,000 euros. The university has a great online support system for all its students so get in touch when you can and they will explain to you the process of studying with them. They will also help you with the admission application.

2. IU International University of Applied Sciences

Our second recommendation of the top universities in Germany offering online bachelor’s programs is IU International University of Applied Sciences which offers 100% online bachelor’s degrees to students from all around the world. The university has a great name among the top universities in the country. It has a great variety of subjects to offer the student like Aviation Management, International Management, Computer Science, and finally, Industrial Engineering and Management. Students can apply through an online portal on the website. All the courses are taught in the English language which makes the degrees available great for international students.

As a student, you can choose to study full-time or part-time depending on your needs. The tuition fee for an online bachelor’s degree in business administration at IU University is around 6,912 euros per year. International students who opt for online classes are given many amenities as a part of their degree. These may include online tutorials and counseling, access to the digital IU campus, many networking opportunities, availability of your exams 24/7, help with making and perfecting your CV, and finally, job interview tips and tricks.

3. Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and is very famous for its online bachelor’s degrees. The university has taught and awarded a bachelor’s degree to more than 500 international students. They offer a wide variety of courses for the students to choose from. You can head to their website for an online bachelor’s degree brochure that will be sent directly to your email address for free.

The tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree online are around 3,300 euros per semester or 6,600 euros per year. The students are taken care of by the university’s administration. They know what hurdles the students can go through in distance learning, so the university makes sure that they accommodate the needs of the students. If you are falling behind on your assignments or quizzes, you can politely tell your instructors and they will be happy to help you. So if you are looking to get an online bachelor’s degree from a German university, make sure to check Tomorrow University.

FAQS About Online Bachelor’s Programs in Germany

Can International Students Take Online Bachelor’s Programs in Germany?

Yes, international students can take online bachelor’s degrees in German universities from the comfort of their own country. The universities have a lot of courses for online learning purposes. You will need to apply through their online portal and get admission like the on-campus students. You will be informed of the application’s outcome via email. You can even apply for a scholarship based on your merit or need. If you want to be associated with German education and universities, an online bachelor’s degree might be a way for you to go.


Here we come to the end of the article about the best universities in Germany offering online bachelor’s degree programs. Each of these universities offers a 100% online degree that can be taken by any international student from the comfort of their country. Make sure that you apply before their last dates and we wish you all the best for your application.


We hope that this article on the best universities offering Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Germany for international students was helpful. For more articles about Germany, head on over to the Study in Germany Page! Also, do check out the Available Programs in Germany for more study opportunities!

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