Formerly known as Elon College, the institution began in 1889 and was chartered by North Carolina Legislature in the same year. In its early years, Elon University was a small school with only 76 students enrolled. After a fire disaster that destroyed most of the properties, including school records, in 1923, the Board of Trustees agreed to an immediate rebuild. The new constructions are still part of the university’s structures today. Despite the shortcomings, Elon University has continued to grow and is now one of the most successful universities in the country. Are you interested in joining Elon University? Continue reading to find out more about its admission requirements and acceptance rate.

Elon University’s admission policy in the early 20th century favored in-state students. As such, it was difficult for anyone from outside North Carolina to get a slot. However, this has since changed and is now one of the schools with a very high number of out-state students. At the moment, only 18% of the student body hails from within the state. The rest are from other cities and countries worldwide. The school does not provide any distance learning program – at least not yet. Despite its admission policy, Elon University has moderate ethnic diversity. This private liberal arts university currently hosts over 6,700 students with the majority being undergraduates. The ratio of available lecturers to the student population is 1:12, which is a good figure for any university. At least 73% of these teachers work on a full-time basis. Its on-time graduation rate is about 77%, which is better than many established institutions.

At Elon University, you will be able to choose from a list of 75 undergraduate programs offered in about 21 fields of study. More than 1,600 students were awarded these degrees in the last graduation ceremony. Based on the number of graduates from each course, Financial Management is the most popular within the school. Public Relations & Advertising is rated as the best program offered by the university and is also the second most common at the institution.

Ranked among the best in recreation, fitness, and leisure activities, Elon is more than an academic center. As part of the Colonial Athletic Association, Elon University plays in the first division of the NCAA with both the women’s and men’s teams active in the competition. Also, there are more than 250 student-run clubs and organizations where you can find a group that shares your interests. Elon accepts students from different religious and cultural backgrounds hence making it suitable for most students.

Elon University’s Acceptance Rate

Currently, the university admits about 66% of all applicants who submit their documents successfully. With this acceptance rate, one can expect moderate competition during the selection process. Therefore, to be guaranteed a place in the university, you will need to meet or exceed all the admission requirements. First, you will need to submit either your ACT or SAT scores. These results should be within a range of 1100- 1270 and 25 – 29 for SAT and ACT respectively. The GPA should also be above average, which is around 3.95.


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