Drexel University is one of the 15 largest private universities in the United States. Its main campus is seated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Queen Lane Campus, Center City Hahnemann Campus, Academy of Natural Sciences, and Lebow College of Business Malvern Campus as its extension campuses. The 77-acre main campus is the largest and oldest campus, while the Queen Lane Campus is home to most of Drexel University’s medical students. This article will discuss what the prospective applicants want to know the most, the acceptance rate at Drexel University.

The university offers over 200 undergraduate and graduates degree programs, with tuition fees averaging $70,000 annually. Various state-sponsored scholarships and private and public grants are available for students seeking financial assistance.

The institution is known for its various innovations in technology. Drexel University is the first university in 2000 to operate at a full-wireless capacity, and also the first campus to devise a mobile web portal for students in 2002.

Drexel University is noted for its cooperative education program. Through the cooperative education program, students are given the opportunity to experience an extensive yet meaningful cycle of education and employment through its quarterly academic calendar, giving their students an edge as well as higher competency in employment opportunities.

There are over 250 recognized student organizations in Drexel University, including fraternities and sororities. As a private university, Drexel University houses a number of state-of-the-art facilities for its students such as the Ross Commons Gallery which features skilled and talented artists from the university. An exciting lounge awaits students looking forward to chilling out and relax through its cozy recreational facilities equipped with Xbox One and Wii gaming systems and billiard tables. Sabrina’s Café is also a popular food place for Drexel University’s students, which does not only serve as a dining area for its students but also as a cultural hub. If all these facilities sound good to you, you should definitely apply to this university. It is much easier to get accepted than other private universities because of the high acceptance rate at Drexel University.

The Drexel Dragons represent the university in the NCAA Division I Colonial Athletic Association, with over 18 teams competing in various sports under the division. Mario the Magnificent, Drexel University’s mascot, is a popular icon in its sports history as well. The university mascot is named after one of its notable alumni, Mario V. Mascioli. Mario Mascioli never missed any game of the Drexel men’s basketball team for over 20 years. Mario was also inducted into the Drexel 100 in 1994, an award is given to the university’s Hall of Famers.

Acceptance Rate at Drexel University

Drexel University has produced a number of skilled individuals, including astronauts Christopher Ferguson and Paul Richards, American painter and illustrator Maxfield Parrish popular for his neoclassical art style, programmer Jon Hall who served as the Executive Director of Linux International, songwriter, TV and Film producer Chuck Barris who hosted The Gong Show and the man behind The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game, barcode inventor Norman Woodland, and Jack Wall who is behind the music on various computer game franchise such as Call of Duty, Mass Effect, and Splinter Cell.

The acceptance rate in Drexel University is 75% in 2016 according to Forbes. Since Drexel University is a private institution, its high acceptance rate is primarily attributed to its high tuition fees.


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