Case Western Reserve University is a private higher education institution, located in Cleveland, Ohio. It was established in 1967, after the merger of two contiguous institutions in Cleveland. The campus is located near Downtown Cleveland. It is spread across an area of 155 acres. Currently, there are over 11,000 students enrolled at the university. Out of these, 5,000 belong to the undergraduate programs while 6,000 are enrolled in graduate programs. In this article, we will be covering the acceptance rate at Case Western University.

The university has a distinct student culture, including its own campus radio station. The radio station, known as WRUW-FM, is known for playing the music of non-commercial variety. There are also a number of musical ensembles, such as Capella groups, jazz groups, and orchestras. The campus has two residential villages, the North and South Residential Villages. The university is known for its liberal policies, allowing co-ed inhabitation of suites. There are also 10 sororities and 17 fraternities on-campus, with more than half of the students belonging to a particular group.

Sports are an important part of the university’s culture, given that Case Western Reserve University is a founding member of the University Athletic Association (UAA). The baseball team won the UAA championship in 2014. The women’s cross-country team has also won a number of awards. The football team has won 8 UAA championships. Four members of the wrestling team at Case Western Reserve have national titles.

The university is highly ranked within the United States, with US News ranking it as 37th in the country. Internationally, US News has ranked it at 146. The Wall Street Journal has ranked it at 32nd within the United States. ARWU ranks it between 47-58. Forbes ranks it at 95 and Washington Monthly ranks it at 118 nationally. Internationally, the university is included among the top 1% of universities, with QS ranking it as 186th. ARWU ranks it between 101-150 and Times magazine ranks it at 132.

More specifically, the university is renowned for its undergraduate programs. The undergraduate programs pertaining to medicine and engineering are valued highly, given their competitive admissions criteria and dedication of resources to research within these fields. Researchers at the university are behind some of the greatest breakthroughs in medical research, such as the first human X-ray, the first successful blood transfusion, surgical treatment of heart disease, and the first heart-lung machine. Research in child development and growth has also been successful, with the university’s researchers developing the first milk simulated formula, as well as designing tests to identify mental retardation in children during infancy. You can join this university by applying, but keep in mind that the admissions in highly competitive because of the low acceptance rate at Case Western University.

Important research in the natural sciences includes providing proof of the non-existence of ether, determining the most precise weight of an oxygen atom, developing a particle detector,s and studying new approaches to gene therapy. Moreover, the university’s researchers have also made a robotic racing car, as well as contributed to space flight experiments.

Acceptance Rate at Case Western University

Case Western Reserve University has competitive admissions, given its low acceptance rate of 29%. The criteria for admission to the undergraduate program is relatively high, with 71% of the students accepted belonging to the top 10% of their high school class. Most accepted students had SAT scores between 1310 and 1470, and ACT scores between 30 to 34. These statistics make the university a moderately selective institution.


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