There are many advantages to learning German. For one thing, German is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the European Union: it is the official language of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Adding German skills to your resume definitely boosts your chances of studying and working in Europe.

In addition to that, many of the world’s most influential figures came from German-speaking countries—composers like Beethoven and Mozart, philosophers like Marx and Nietzsche, and literary figures like Kafka and Goethe all made significant contributions to culture and society in the German tongue—luckily, the following list tells you exactly where to go if you want the best German schools in the world!

Is German an easy language to learn?

German is arguably one of the more culturally rich and romantic languages out there, and it is surprisingly easy to learn too. You can definitely get a good grasp of the language in a short time if you know where to go and how to approach it. The importance of this language is increasing in Europe every day as the German influence grows along with their economic power. We currently do not have a lot of information about this particular language, but if you are interested in similar courses, you are free to check all the available courses on our website.

Top German Language Schools in the World

1. Collegium Palatinum in Heidelberg

The Collegium Palatinum in Heidelberg is a top school in the world specializing in the German language. It is one of the best German-language schools in the world. Here, students can learn how to read, write, and speak German from beginner level to advanced. The school is also an accredited examination center for two German language tests, telc Deutsch and TestDaF. After passing their courses, you can easily take either of these tests to get a certificate in the German language.

The school offers courses on-site and online. They are available all year round for a variety of purposes—some courses are subject-based like German A1 for Complete Beginners, while others are occupation-based like German B2-C1 for Doctor’s Preparation. If you’re lucky enough to study on-site, cultural activities around Heidelberg will also be part of your curriculum!

2. Die Neue Schule in Berlin

Located in the heart of Germany’s capital city, the Die Neue Schule in Berlin is an excellent school for the German language in the world that is perfect for any international student. The school offers beginner to advanced courses in the German language, and you also get to experience the rich, historical, and dynamic environment of Berlin. Additionally, fitting in in Berlin will be a breeze—because it’s an international hubbub, you can easily find other people who speak your language while taking German language studies!

German in Die Neue Schule is very student-centric. The course you take will revolve around what you hope to accomplish. Whether you want to focus more on the social and cultural aspects of the language or learn German as quickly as possible, the school can accommodate your needs. These courses can be done on-campus or online all year round and have flexible time schedules.

3. Institute for International Education of Students Abroad

The Institute for International Education of Students Abroad (IES) aims to provide its students with the best study abroad experience ever. Their curriculum is a beautiful mix of the academic and the cultural—not only can you earn college credit and develop your German skills, but you also get to immerse yourself in German culture. You have a choice between studying in Berlin or Freiburg.

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that increases your employability, builds connections with students all over the world, and expands your worldview. IES will be with you every step of the way, from planning out your courses to finding housing and accommodations, and personal advising. This exchange program is available for undergraduate students, and upon your return, you will receive a transcript with all the grades you received during the program and a wealth of new knowledge.

4. Middlebury Language School

The Middlebury Language Schools of Middlebury College in Vermont, United States offer undergraduate and graduate language courses in eleven languages. Part of what makes this school so unique and effective is its Language Pledge—that is, to only read, write, listen, and speak in whatever language you’re learning. They say that this is the most effective way of learning any language, and many of their students have gone on to achieve true fluency in their desired languages.

They offer several top German program options in the world: a 7-week immersion program for students who want to develop their German fluency; master’s and Ph.D. degrees in German, and a 7-week interdisciplinary program that combines German language and literature with German music and performance.

5. GLS Campus Berlin

GLS Campus Berlin is an excellent German language school across the globe that is located in Berlin, Germany. It is a highly accredited and reputable school—it had been awarded the Star School Germany award (certifying the school as the best German language school in the country) five times. It also offers one of the largest campuses of any language school in Germany—they have over 60 classrooms, a cafeteria and restaurant, apartments and hotels, a book store, and many other features.

GLS Campus Berlin has a wide variety of German language courses to suit your needs. They offer on-campus and online courses; beginner to advanced courses; courses for kids/teenagers and adults; academic-focused and occupation-focused German courses; time-flexible and scheduled courses; intensive and casual courses, and many more.

6. Goethe University

Goethe University is a public research university in Frankfurt, Germany. It is one of the country’s most prestigious schools and consists of sixteen faculties including Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, Modern Languages, and many others.

Students at Goethe University can enroll in preparatory and intensive German courses. Preparatory courses prepare you for university admission in Germany, while intensive courses are general courses for those wanting to improve their German language skills. The school offers levels B1.1 to C1.2, and you must take an accredited exam after every level to receive your language certificate.

Additionally, you can hit two birds with one stone at Goethe University—many of their graduate programs are offered in English, so you can easily earn a degree and master the German language at the same time!

7. NACEL Educational Travel

NACEL Educational Travel is a service that allows students to travel abroad, develop language skills, and immerse in foreign cultures through programs that are both well-organized and easy on the wallet. They offer summer camps for teenagers, high school exchange programs, homestay programs, and most importantly, world-class language school programs including the German language. They are partnered with many countries around the world.

If you wish to learn German, you can easily apply for any of their language courses in Berlin or Munich. You can choose the length of your course and how many hours per week you will be learning it. All courses come with teaching material, educational support and assistance, and several accommodation options—you can live on-campus, live with a host family, or find your own accommodation.


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