Do you like solving hands-on problems? Are you interested in new technologies and how it was developed? If you’re interested in these things, plus you love math, engineering is an excellent path to take for your studies. Globally speaking, the engineering industry is growing.

If you’re planning to study abroad, you can consider Asia. Why? Because this continent has a lot to offer. First, their education is outstanding. Asian countries place a huge value on education, so we can expect universities to provide a high-quality education for these future engineers.

Second, engineering companies in Asia are continuously expanding, showing a huge need for engineers in this continent. Aside from these reasons, you’ll surely enjoy the culture of this continent. But here’s the question, where will you exactly study in Asia? In this article, let’s talk about some of the best engineering universities in Asia.

Top Engineering Schools in Asia

1. Tsinghua University

With its 100 years of promoting quality education, Tsinghua University is a major public educational institution located in the heart of China, Beijing. This public university has gained its reputation through its outstanding teaching and research. They have produced thousands of graduates in engineering, science, medicine, and others who continue to lead the country and the continent. In addition, the university also offers its students scholarships as they go through their studies.

With numerous engineering programs, Tsinghua University is definitely one of the best engineering universities in Asia. If you’re an international student entering this university, you’ll be fascinated by how broad their engineering programs and degrees are. From civil engineering up to the field of medicine – biomedical engineering, you’ll have a lot of options in choosing your specialty. Since the strengths of Tsinghua University are science, engineering, and technology, we can expect that engineering majors in the university will gain a world-class education in the field. These students will have a solid foundation in their respective fields.

By numbers and ranking, the engineering departments and schools of the university continue to lead in Asia and globally. Civil, telecommunication, and other engineering subjects are placed at the top for their excellent performance in teaching and research.

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2. Nanyang Technological University

Going to Southeast Asia, in the country of Singapore, the Nanyang Technological University is a young yet dynamic and innovative educational institution. This university caters to higher education to more than 33,000 local and foreign students even allowing them to make applications for scholarships. For the past years, despite being young in the industry, they’ve proven their top performance in research and education.

Nanyang Technological University’s College of Engineering has six schools. These schools are internationally recognized as they meet the high standards of engineering education and have various academic interdisciplinary programs for different degrees. They provide an excellent environment for these future engineers.

Today, the College of Engineering continues to lead in Singapore and globally. In terms of global scales, these engineering programs were included in several rankings and included in the top 10, the same with the European and American universities. These facts and numbers prove their global impact on engineering studies and how Nanyang Technological University is one of the top schools for engineering in Asia.

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3. Harbin Institute of Technology

A Chinese University, the Harbin Institute of Technology, is one of Asia’s best engineering universities. This university has established a solid background, especially in science, technology, and engineering. Today, they earned achievements and awards for their multidisciplinary research and education.

The Harbin Institute of Technology consists of 23 schools, most of which are engineering-related. Throughout the years, these engineering schools showed exemplary performance in training, teaching, and research. These engineering majors at the university continue to develop as society progresses too. Today, students are exposed to the university’s innovative education by developing new technologies and making discoveries.

Additionally, the Harbin Institute of Technology has a strong global community. Aside from their international students, they have numerous collaborations in research and education in different universities, locally and globally. As a result of their performance, they received numerous achievements, especially in engineering. The engineering programs have consistent ranking positions, and they have produced tons of highly recognized research.

4. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, or KAIST, is the first national research and engineering university in South Korea. This national university was built in 1971, and today, it continues to lead the nation by providing quality education in engineering, science, and technology.

KAIST has five colleges, and they have various engineering programs open to undergraduate and graduate students. Since they have a broad range of engineering programs, a lot of local and international students enter this prestigious university as they provide a balanced curriculum for future engineers. These academic engineering programs maximize hands-on learning and research activities to nurture students.

This university has produced thousands of graduates since its establishment. As KAIST continues to promote world-class education and innovative research, they are highly acknowledged for their contributions to South Korea. Globally speaking, they have numerous activities and collaborations with other universities, and this year, they are included in the best universities for the subjects of engineering and technology.

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5. University of Tokyo

Situated in Japan, The University of Tokyo is the most prestigious institution in the country. They have a competitive acceptance rate, and this university is a major player in the industry as they have top-tier academic programs in the field, including engineering.

The University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Engineering has 16 departments that continuously promote advanced education and groundbreaking research for engineering students. These engineering students are exposed to various activities that help them mold their careers. They are also exposed to the university’s high level of research and collaboration.

The University of Tokyo continues to excel in the field of engineering. They have numerous discoveries in different engineering fields, and as a result of their exceptional performance, they earned recognition and awards in the field. Their research is highly acknowledged, and by subjects, they have a high rating scale globally.

FAQS About Studying Engineering in Asia

Is the Study of Engineering in Demand in Asia?

Absolutely! From the ongoing developments in Asia and other parts of the world, having knowledge in any field of engineering is highly marketable. Many Asian countries are in demand of engineers as they aim to boost their economy at the time. As it is every student’s dream to get employed and paid well as well, thus it is quite advisable for you to take up any course in the field of engineering.


We hope this article on the best engineering universities in Asia was informative and insightful. Feel free to check out the Available Programs for International Students and learn more about studying abroad.

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