Computer Science is undoubtedly one of the most popular programs these days, given that jobs in the tech industry can be highly lucrative. Plus, there seem to be endless topics and areas in this field if you’re looking to contribute to research.

Austria makes an excellent destination to study Computer Science abroad as the universities in this country are offering the best programs for Computer Science. The country is popular for its long-standing and well-established educational and research institutions. Moreover, tuition fees here are also reasonably cheap, allowing you to manage your expenses well and enjoy the country’s culture and tourist attractions. So, choose from these top universities for Computer Science in Austria.

Top Universities for Computer Science in Austria

1. TU Wien or Vienna University of Technology

TU Wien or the Vienna University of Technology was established in 1815 and is among the top computer science universities in Austria. It has three campuses and several research centers located in Central Vienna, taking more than 330,000 square meters of area. The university is heavily focused on technology and natural sciences, enrolling more than 27,000 students across its 55-degree programs.

There are several bachelor’s programs available if you’re looking to study Computer Science at TU Wien. These include Media Informatics and Visual Computing, Software and Information Engineering, and Computer Engineering. The university also offers Computer Science in conjunction with Business Informatics. These programs require six semesters of study and are taught in German.

Meanwhile, several Master’s programs in Computer Science are also available at TU Wien. There are extensive choices for those looking to study specialized courses, such as Logic and Computation, Data Science, and Media Informatics. The Master’s program takes four semesters to complete and requires English proficiency. As for the doctorate program, TU Wien offers Computer Sciences through Natural Sciences, Engineering Sciences, and Social and Economic Sciences, which can take six semesters of writing a dissertation.

2. Graz University of Technology

The Graz University of Technology, located in Styria, was founded in 1811 and is an excellent computer science university in Austria. It has established seven faculties across three campuses. More than 13,600 students are enrolled in the university, with over 3,800 faculty and staff providing academic services. This top university in Austria offers more than 50 programs including Computer Science for undergraduate and graduate levels. It also has over 14 doctoral schools that use English as the primary mode of instruction.

Computer Science is offered at all academic levels at the Graz University of Technology. The bachelor’s program includes specializations, such as machine learning, computer vision, and security. Completing the undergraduate studies takes six semesters and awards the Bachelor of Science degree. Although the program primarily uses German, there are courses that are taught in English.

The Master’s program in Computer Science is among the English-taught degree programs at the Graz University of Technology. Through this program, you can specialize in Information Security, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence in four semesters of study. After that, you can take your Ph.D. at the Doctoral School of Computer Science, which typically takes 3 years.

3. Johannes Kepler University Linz

Johannes Kepler University or JKU Linz is among the top computer science universities in Austria. Established in 1966, the JKU campus sits at a 90-acre park in northeastern Linz. JKU Linz is known for having excellent Computer Science programs. It has four faculties and four schools that cover study and research fields, such as Business, Social Sciences, Business, Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Natural Sciences. More than 23,000 students are enrolled at JKU Linz, with international students making up more than 14% of the student population.

The university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science. For the Bachelor’s program, you’ll learn about information and communication technology, such as programming, machine learning, and network and security. Like in other Austrian universities, this program takes six semesters to complete and is taught mainly in German. However, other courses are taught in the English language.

For the Master’s program, JKU offers six specializations:

  • Computational Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Intelligent Information Systems
  • Networks and Security
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Software Engineering

Any of these specializations require research that takes about four semesters to complete. Additionally, you’ll need to meet the required English proficiency level to join the master’s program.

4. University of Vienna

The University of Vienna was established in 1365, making it the German-speaking world’s oldest university. It has become one of the largest, with more than 60 academic locations across different parts of Vienna. The university also established 15 faculties and five research centers. It enrolls around 90,000 students across more than 170-degree programs. Over 27,000 of the student population are international students.

The University of Vienna in Austria offers exceptional undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs in Computer Science. The bachelor’s or undergraduate program is taught primarily in German so you’ll need university-level proficiency. Besides that, the program takes six semesters of full-time study to complete. Its curriculum ensures that you’ll learn about Computer Science topics, such as programming languages, data mining and statistics, app development, and operating systems.

If you’re looking to pursue a specialized career in Computer Science, the University of Vienna also offers the Master’s program. Unlike with the Bachelor’s program, the language of instruction here is English and takes only four semesters of full-time study. Students can choose from specialized courses, such as general Data Science and Scientific Computing. After completing your Master’s degree, you can also join the university’s doctorate program. Its research-driven curriculum enables students to learn in-depth specific study fields and contribute to the international research community.

5. University of Innsbruck

Established in 1669, the university is the third-largest in the country and has significant contributions in research, particularly Physics. From its initial six faculties, the University of Innsbruck reorganized to build 16 faculties. The University of Innsbruck is among the top universities in Austria for Computer Science and as of 2021, the university enrolls over 28,000 students, with more than 12,700 coming from other countries.

Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck is offered in three-degree programs: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral. The Bachelor’s program, as the first step, includes fundamental courses. Students are required to study full-time for six semesters.

Meanwhile, the Master’s program can help you pursue specialized careers in Computer Science. It also serves as a crucial prerequisite to a research-driven Doctoral degree program. If studied full-time, you can finish a Master’s program after four semesters. From there, you have the option to join the Doctoral degree program, which consists of original scientific work that can be completed within three years.


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