If you want to pursue engineering in Europe, Norway will be an excellent choice for your studies. For years, this country has been known for its highly developed economy and advanced technology. Even though it’s a small country, Norway has produced thousands of contributions in different fields.

Norwegian universities and colleges have a lot to offer. They take pride in their world-class education which produced thousands of local and international graduates. There are a lot of learning opportunities in the country, and for future engineers, it can open a lot of doors for employment. Another good reason to consider studying in Norway is the tuition fees – they are relatively more affordable than those in other European countries. More than that, its beautiful natural attractions and peaceful environment will make you enjoy your stay and make the most out of your engineering education.

In this article, we will talk about the best engineering universities in Norway.

Top Schools Offering Engineering Programs in Norway

1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is one of the best engineering schools in Norway and is the major research institute of Norway for science, technology, and engineering studies. It is the biggest university in Norway that houses more than 40,000 students with three campuses around Norway. Aside from its national reputation, this university is growing internationally, as it offers English-taught programs.

Engineering programs at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are open for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Since they primarily focus on science, technology, and engineering, they aim to provide innovative education for their students in dealing with society’s issues. Engineering students build a strong foundation in their chosen area of specialization with the help of their modernized teaching and learning methods.

Additionally, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is very active in contributing to and leading the path for the development of science and technology. Yearly, they have numerous collaborations in research and teaching, proving their active participation. As a result, they garnered several distinctions for their programs and departments.

2. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

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  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, also known as HVL, was formed after three universities merged in 2017. This institution has one of the largest student populations, with more than 17,000 students in five campuses in Norway. Since its foundation, this university has continued to provide quality education to students and conduct ground-breaking research.

HVL has four faculties, including the Faculty of Engineering and Science. This faculty caters to more than 3,000 students, and they aim to foster research and teaching in different scientific and engineering fields. Every department carries out teaching methods and research activities designed to build students’ skills and knowledge.

Many local and international students in the university enjoy a positive student life while they finish their academic programs. Many of their graduates are employed in various industries and have a fair share of research contributions.

3. Oslo Metropolitan University

Located in the heart of Norway, the Oslo Metropolitan University is the third-largest university in the country. This university has programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees, and they have three campuses around the country. As they offer academic programs in different disciplines, their goal is to be a leading provider of innovative and advanced education to address global issues.

Engineering programs are under the Faculty of Technology, Art, and Design, with programs taught in Norwegian and English. This faculty is comprised of several departments, and for engineering, they have Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, and others. The university is built with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment for engineering students to ensure their high-quality learning.

As the university continues to work for advancement and innovation, they are highly recognized for their academic activities. They are one of the high-ranking institutions in Norway and internationally speaking, their reputation, especially in engineering subjects, is highly known in the field.

4. UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Situated on the edge of the Arctic, UiT The Arctic University of Norway is known to be one of the biggest institutions in the country. Their unique location has something to do with their goals and mission as a university. The university has various disciplines to offer, and in terms of research, they focus on the world’s most pressing problems, including those related to science and nature.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology is among the best engineering schools in the country. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and is best known for its engineering and science-related programs. As the university takes pride in its research-based education, this faculty also has a high level of teaching to students to ensure the academic and professional growth of future engineers.

Today, the university is considered one of the leaders in scientific research and holds an impressive position in several national and international rankings.

5. University of Stavanger

A young, modernized institution, the University of Stavanger has six faculties that focus on different disciplines. Located in Norway’s third-largest city, the university offers a vibrant environment to almost 12,000 students.

Under the Faculty of Science and Technology, there are seven engineering departments for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The quality of engineering education provided by these departments is known to be innovative and advanced. They have several collaborations locally and internationally as they aim towards a sustainable future.

With the University of Stavanger being one of the best engineering universities in Norway, programs are built with training, teachings, and many academic activities for students. The university aims to foster a stimulating and supportive learning atmosphere. Its facilities are well-equipped with the most advanced technologies for students to utilize for learning and research.


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