Tsinghua University, with its motto, ‘self-discipline and social commitment”, is among the world-class universities worldwide, and it’s chosen as the number one university in China in various statistics. Located in Haidian, Beijing, Tsinghua University hosts students worldwide in 21 schools and 59 departments.

Currently, Tsinghua University has over 59,000 students, and about 20% of them are international students with a student body of 3,072. Getting into Tsinghua, however, is difficult as there are challenging admission criteria for both domestic and international students wishing to study at the university.

In this article, you will find general information about Tsinghua University’s acceptance rate and a quick guide to preparing for Tsinghua’s admissions, so be ready to take notes!

Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 30%

Although Tsinghua University has no official statement about the acceptance rate, several reliable sources and published statistics show a rate of 30% on average. However, the acceptance rate may differ in specific departments or degree levels depending on their competitivity.

Domestic students have much lower chances of getting into Tsinghua for undergraduate studies, with an acceptance rate of below 1%, mainly due to the university entrance exam called gaokao. Yet, if you’re an international student, the chances of your acceptance can go up to 30%, providing you show your academic excellence, utmost skills, and passion towards your desired program at Tsinghua. As for graduate applications, Tsinghua is critically selective, with an acceptance rate of 16% for master’s in business administration.

Preparing for Tsinghua University

Besides considering the acceptance rate, it’s also important to get to know about Tsinghua University’s admission process, tuition fees, and scholarship options for a successful application. Below is the general information about Tsinghua and a guide to prepare for applications.

Admission Requirements

For a successful application, one of the essential steps is to be fully aware of the admission requirements of the university and its program; also, keep in mind that each program can have its admission criteria depending on the degree or nationality of the student (e.g., domestic or international).

General admission requirements for Tsinghua University include proof of academic performance via diplomas, academic transcripts, or standardized examination scores (if applicable), proof of language proficiency, payment of the application fee, and so on. For undergraduate and graduate application requirements, kindly advise Tsinghua’s related web page.

Tuition Fees

Another crucial step for admissions to Tsinghua University is to know about the university’s tuition fee range.

Tsinghua is a public university, meaning the tuition fees are relatively lower compared to that of private institutions. Annual tuition fees for undergraduate international students range from 26,000 RMB (3,700 USD) to 70,000 RMB (9,820 USD) per year, depending on the program, and as for graduate applications, the range starts from 28,000 RMB (3,927 USD) to 50,000 RMB (7,014 USD).


Scholarships allow students to balance their finances during their study at Tsinghua, and sometimes they cover the entire tuition fee or provide free accommodation, depending on the type of scholarship.

Scholarships can be awarded based on the merits or needs of the students, and some common scholarship opportunities at Tsinghua University include the Schwarzman Scholars and IMP-MSE Scholarship for master’s students.

Must-Know Facts About Tsinghua University

Besides being the top university in its region, Tsinghua University has worldwide recognition with numerous charts: number one in US News Best Global Universities for Computer Science, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Energy and Fuels.

Tsinghua has famous alumni, including Nobel Prize winners Yang-Cheng Ning and Tsung-Dao Lee, as well as Xi Jinping, the current president of the People’s Republic of China.

Tsinghua’s campus in Beijing is located at the former imperial gardens of the Qing Dynasty; hence, there are plenteous historical sites and monuments surrounding the university.


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