In simple terms, Data Science is the study of extracting important information through applied mathematics, programming, and statistics. Most of us may not be aware of it, but all industries in the world today use data. However, it involves a complex and time-consuming process, which is why there is an increasing demand for data scientists worldwide.

Since the demand is high, competition in landing a high-paying position in a reputable company will most definitely be high as well. One of the things that would make your application stand out would be a degree from a well-known university abroad. This is bound to attract several employers not only because of the standard of education you have received, but also the essential skills you have acquired by living and studying in a foreign country.

Here is a list of the best countries to study Data Science abroad, including some of the well-known universities you may want to consider enrolling in.

Which is the Best Country to Study Data Science?

Finland, Germany, and Japan are some of the best countries to study data science. First, when it comes to their industries, they have an established reputation for being technologically advanced. With this, we can assure you that you’ll have good exposure to the data science industry.

Secondly, these countries are highly respected for their quality of education in various disciplines, including data science. More than these countries, there are also other countries that you can consider for a data science degree. In the article, we listed down the best countries to study data science. Make sure to read more!

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Best Countries to Study Data Science Abroad

1. Germany

  • Reasons: advanced technology, practical learning, and good internship programs

Germany is the place where the first research universities originated, and the country continues to be a global leader in research, engineering, and technology. Universities offer free tuition for both German and international students and apply “praxis” or learning through practice in their curricula. Free tuition and excellent programs make Germany one of the best countries to study data science.

Students of Data Science in Germany get to learn statistical, analytical, and computational skills directly from industry experts. They also get to experience the real-life challenges in the industry through internships in high-tech companies and firms that the universities partner with.

Some of the country’s top universities for Data Science are the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, International School of Management, Technical University Munich, and the University of Tubingen.

2. India

  • Reason: affordable tuition fees, low cost of living, advanced technology, and rote learning.

India has a fast-growing economy, vibrant culture, low cost of living, and universities with affordable tuition fees. It is becoming a popular study destination for international students who would like to pursue a degree in Engineering, Information Technology, and Data Science. Several successful Indian CEOs of well-known tech companies are graduates of Indian universities.

Universities in India provide a combination of what’s called “rote learning” or learning through memorization and repetition and developing your analytical and leadership skills. Completing a Data Science degree in India will make you a highly knowledgeable and competent individual in the real world.

Some universities offer Data Science courses in India: Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Sharda University, Bharathiar University, and Vellore Institute of Technology.

2. Denmark

  • Reason: high-quality education and attentive professors.

International graduates of Danish universities give a high satisfaction rate for their experience in studying and living in Denmark. The country has several universities that consistently get high rankings in the list of top institutions for higher education. It is also among the happiest countries in the world, and anyone who has experienced living in Denmark has encountered the Danish concept “hygge” or the feeling of satisfaction and happiness from living in the moment.

What’s unique about classes in Denmark is that they are conducted in smaller groups, which allows professors to focus on the learning and progress of each individual and helps develop the student’s people skills. Studying Data Science at a Danish university would give you a strong foundational knowledge in analyzing big data and practical experience through case studies.

Denmark is a fabulous country to study data science abroad because of its excellent institutions. Some of the best universities that offer Data Science courses in Denmark are IT University of Copenhagen,  Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School.

3. Cyprus

  • Reasons: beautiful places, rich culture, and multidisciplinary learning

Cyprus is a small island nation located in between Europe and the Middle East, where you will get to enjoy beautiful scenery, exquisite Mediterranean food, and rich culture while receiving an excellent education.

Data Science classes are a blend of lectures from professors and interactive discussions. Universities aim to develop a wide range of skills and competencies in their students to make them highly adaptable and capable of addressing the industry’s changing needs.

Some of the universities that offer Data Science courses in Cyprus are the University of Nicosia, European University Cyprus, University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, and the Cyprus University of Technology.

4. Norway

  • Reasons: free tuition, supportive learning environment, and high-quality education

Norway is another excellent country to study data science; it is a modern country that keeps high standards of education in all of its universities and educational institutions. Though the cost of living in the country is comparatively high, most of its public and private universities are funded by the state, therefore, offer free tuition to everyone, including international students. Students are also allowed to work part-time to support living costs and other expenses.

Norwegian society holds high regard for equality, which can be observed in universities. Professors are very approachable and even encourage the students to question what they are taught to develop their critical thinking skills.

Some institutions in Norway with Data Science courses are the University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media, and BI Norwegian Business School.

5. Japan

  • Reasons: advanced technology and several employment opportunities

Japan is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced countries globally, which makes it a great choice if you want to earn a degree and have a promising career in Data Science. There is a growing need for more experts in different areas of Japanese society where Data Science can be applied, such as communication, robotics, healthcare, marketing, gaming, fraud, risk detection, etc.; therefore, there will be numerous employment opportunities available for you after graduation.

Here are some of the best institutions in Japan where you can study Data Science: Yokohama City University, Gunma University, Tohoku University, Shimane University, and Hiroshima University.

6. Finland

  • Reasons: high-quality education and supportive learning environment

Universities in Finland have a global reputation for providing high-quality teaching and consistently ranking high in the list of best educational institutions in Europe and the world. The excellent education system is deeply rooted in cooperation and equality among students and professors. There is minimal focus on competition. Rather, they would measure your success as a Data Science major by looking at your overall learning experience.

If you want to study in Finland, one of the top countries to study data science in, you might want to consider the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Oulu, Abo Akademi University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and Tampere University.


I hope this article on the best countries to study data science was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out our Data Science Programs for International Students for some of the currently open data science courses around the world!

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