There is no denying the fact that without cars, we wouldn’t be any closer to where society is now. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes transport us from place to place — a concept that would have been so alien before the age of industrialization.

From riding long hours on donkeys to the discovery of the wheel and the eventual creation of the automobile, humans are always fascinated by the idea of commuting and transportation. Automotive engineering keeps designers and engineers on their toes with the latest developments and technology in cars. As science and technology progress, so do the structure and electronic components of a vehicle.

Studying automotive engineering is like combining electrical engineering with mechanical engineering, albeit focused on automobiles. The auto industry is only growing as we speak, thus you cannot go wrong in choosing this degree program.

We researched and reviewed some of the best countries to study automotive engineering abroad. Read on and see which country resonates with you the most.

Top Countries to Study Automotive Engineering

1. Germany

Germany is indeed one of the best countries to study automotive engineering as it has established its academic reputation on the international stage for decades, and leading German universities are determined to prove this is true. As German society progressively advances with the latest technology, automotive engineering, and the transport industry step up their game too.

Germany is brimming with various manufacturing firms. From home appliances, and personal electronic devices, to vehicles, Germany produces all these and more at much faster rates than other countries.

Home to Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, Germany presents the best academic foundation for automotive engineering students. On top of excellent education, an internship in any of these corporations is sure to boost your credibility and employability.

Jumpstart your future in the automotive industry with a diploma from one of Germany’s esteemed universities. Check out the engineering departments and their subsequent automotive engineering programs at the RWTH Aachen University, Technical University of Munich, and TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences.

2. Japan

Japan stakes its position as a favorable study destination for all things engineering, including automotive engineering. Home to household brands Toyota and Nissan, Japan presents a diverse lineup of learning opportunities for automotive engineering students like you.

As per common knowledge, Japan takes the lead in smart technology and robotics in Asia. With a handful of top-of-the-line technology, producing a car is a piece of cake.

Yet unlike other car companies that strive to release different designs all the time, Japan chooses to focus on improving the performance and efficiency of cars. This is why surplus Japanese cars are still big on the scene; their performance does not show any signs of weathering.

On top of technologies and opportunities to flourish in the car industry, Japan also boasts world-class universities. Automotive engineering programs are packed with theories and applications that the Japanese car industry stayed faithful to. Learn more about the courses covered in automotive engineering with the programs offered at Hokkaido University and Nagoya University.

3. Italy

Italy is a favorite study destination because it offers one of the most affordable tuition costs among European countries. That’s not to say that a diploma from an Italian institution of education is not highly sought after by the world’s top companies and brands.

As one of the top countries to study automotive engineering, Italy boasts a strong passion for innovation and knowledge. As for the automotive industry, one of the renowned brands is Fiat. Automotive engineering students will be enthralled that luxury and sports cars hail over the streets of Italy.

For students of automotive engineering, Italy is brimming with inspiration and lucrative career prospects. Companies across the globe seek the Italian brand of innovation in engineering, believing that graduates are well-rounded with scientific knowledge and practical skills to produce a car streamlined for multiple driving styles and terrains.

Automotive engineering programs are offered in universities like the Polytechnic University of Turin, and the University of Bologna. Check out their partnerships and internship offers to get a visual of your future as an automotive engineering graduate.

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4. Hungary

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D while you explore the incredible historical sights of Hungary. International students choose to pursue their studies in Hungary because of the affordable living costs, lively pubs and cafes, and the country’s famous natural hot baths.

Meanwhile, automotive engineering students like you will find Hungary as a suitable backdrop for your studies. Aside from the globally competent universities and degree programs, Hungary boasts a manufacturing industry with automotive as one of its significant contributors.

Brands like Suzuki, Mercedes, and Audi have their equipment developed and produced in Hungary’s advanced factories. With big names investing in the technology and labor of Hungary, the automotive industry is alive and kicking for years to come.

Get one step closer to securing your dream career in the automotive sector with a diploma from one of Hungary’s best universities. Check out the degree programs offered by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Széchenyi István University, and see which one fits the bill. If you are interested in gaining leverage in the workforce immediately, Audi has a partnership with Széchenyi István University.

5. India

India is also recognized among the best countries to study automotive engineering as it keeps up the pace with the rest of the world through the power and authority that education demands. Time and time again, India proves to be an intellectual center with standardized degree programs, an assortment of work-study opportunities, and an emphasis on continuing education.

Automotive engineering is also a progressive and profitable field in India. With the need for more reliable modes of transportation, India opens the door to well-paying jobs for you.

The Indian automotive industry puts most of its focus on manufacturing trucks and compact SUVs. With the distances trucks travel and the bulky load they transport, engineers take great caution in developing safety technology.

Earn your degree in automotive engineering at esteemed universities of India. Automotive engineering is offered at Manipal Institute of Technology, and SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India’s college dedicated to automobile engineering and other related courses.

FAQs: Studying Automotive Engineering Abroad

Why Study Automotive Engineering?

Automotive Engineering is a course centered on the ever-growing and ever-changing auto industry and studying it would be a valuable investment for anyone interested in keeping up with the changing innovations in the field of automated machines, as well as those looking to ensure they have a wide range of options once they complete their studies.

Since automotive engineering involves designing and innovating machines, you can check out this list of available design courses which can act as a link to your dreams of becoming an automotive engineer. Of course, one does not have to go through the path of getting certification of any kind in design courses in order to study automotive engineering. There are many schools all over the world that offer programs in automotive engineering, as highlighted above.

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We hope that you found this article on the best countries to study automotive engineering informative and helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students to know more information about studying abroad!

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