From the likes of Leonardo De Vinci to Giotto, Italy has been an epicenter for artistic geniuses, boasting a cultural legacy engulfed in art, history, architecture, and fashion. It has contributed to international heritage by producing some of the world’s finest artworks.

Studying in Italy is a culturally enriching experience for students from across the globe. With a world-class education system and 60 world-recognized universities, it offers optimum learning art programs with extensive chances of research.

From historical and conventional universities to modern institutions, it encompasses all aspects. In order to understand which art school is best for international students, we have mentioned some of the best institutes in detail below.

Top Art Schools in Italy

As one of the most popular European countries for international students pursuing higher education degrees, Italy is home to several prestigious universities and art schools that offer a wide variety of programs. Some of these schools are mentioned below.

1. University of Bologna

Our first recommendation is the legendary University of Bologna – the very first of its kind in the Western nations. It is a public institute ideal for international students and an integral part of European culture and an icon with its rich past.

It offers an outstanding and world-recognized Bachelor of Arts for international students. Pupils in the 1st cycle degree course get a solid foundational education with a focus on the liberal arts, including literature, language, history, and the arts. Different tracks within the bachelor’s course allow students to specialize in areas such as classical education, contemporary studies, and European literature.

The program’s purpose is to generate well-rounded social and humanities graduates, especially in Latin and Italian literature. This 3-year degree also prepares students to comprehend complex Latin literature in any field (rhetoric, literature, philosophy, science, etc.).

The training in translation that this degree provides will provide graduates with the tools they need to conduct their own unique, comprehensive evaluations of writings and papers. The tuition fee for a 3-year Bachelor of Arts is €37,000 for International and Non-EU students.

Qualified applicants can qualify under one of two kinds of financial aid at the University of Bologna in the form of scholarships. These include complete tuition reductions and yearly grants of €11,059, which are available to international students via their website.

2. University of Florence

Florence’s history and continuing links to fashion layout, lifestyle, and commerce make it a dynamic educational setting. The university offers a number of prestigious certified courses accredited by the Ministry of Education.

One of the esteemed courses offered is the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Designing, Merchandising, and Media. The curriculum covers clothing and accessories creation, commerce, conversation, and advertising. Students will learn transdisciplinary skills within an Italian and worldwide style viewpoint.

It covers industrial theory and practice. In addition, they will get comprehensive knowledge of apparel branding and wholesale operations. The competent teachers will additionally impart to students effective communication skills for design media piece generation, editorial curating, and marketing.

The course of study trains students for a variety of careers in the fashion sector, including lead designer, research and development and manufacturing expert, merchandiser, public relations strategist, digital editor, etc. Admission requirements at UOF include completion of high school, successful completion of IELTS or TOEFL language tests, and letters of recommendation.

The total cost of a Bachelor of Arts for International students is around €45,000. Financial aid is available for international students in the form of grants for those who want to attend the University of Florence. These may be applied online as well as through physical application.

3. University of Padua

Next on our list of the leading Italian Art schools is a university established in 1222 and boasts a glorious history. The University of Padua is ranked 2nd in Italy and 170th among the finest universities worldwide in 2023. Galileo Galilei along with Elena L. Cornaro-Piscopia are two of the famous alumni and instructors of this illustrious institution. For international students, this university brings several diverse courses and one of them is the Bachelor of Visual Arts.

This 4-year course is highly cross-disciplinary, covering everything from the literary, historic, and cultural foundations of the classics to the latest innovations in the creative sectors. The program incorporates a wide range of media into the learning experience, including the visual arts, film, audiovisual, imaging, theater, etc.

It individualizes the learning experience for each learner. In addition to acquiring strong abilities in computing and technology, students will also learn to critically analyze past developments. Career options for graduates include working in the commercial and public spheres of the artistic economy.

In addition to passing a language proficiency test, admission to UOP also requires candidates to have completed a minimum of 12 years of formal education in a relevant field. For overseas students, the total cost to study Bachelor of Visual Arts in UOP is approximately €15,000. Scholarships and price exemptions are listed on their website to help qualified overseas students pay for tuition, travel, and other costs.

4. Rome University Of Fine Arts

RUFA is a university formally accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MUR) that offers courses in a wide range of disciplines. To bridge the disconnect between the professional and educational sectors, RUFA employs a novel and highly targeted technique for education.

During their time at the university, students can have access to a variety of learning opportunities, including labs, seminars, hands-on classes, exhibits, lectures, and discussions. One of the specialized courses offered here for international students is a Master’s in Fine Arts.

There are three distinct but related tracks within the Master of Arts program: sculpting, visual arts, and printmaking. Students will get an exceptional chance to immerse themselves in an atmosphere that is both intellectually and practically motivating, while also learning the fundamentals of modern art in all its forms.

These include but are not limited to installations, presentations, visual arts, public sculpture, and the business of art. The tuition fee for the 2-year Master of Arts program costs around €22,000 for International students. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and a language certificate to be considered for this program. There are also various scholarships offered by the University for deserving students.

5. University of IULM

Our final recommendation in this list is Università IULM which is often considered to be at the forefront when it comes to higher education and training in Italy. Over the course of its more than 50-year history, the University of IULM has used its three pillars—cultural awareness/preparation, transferable skills, and practical acumen—to shape its academic goal.

It provides advanced instructions for those seeking new career paths, including research and development opportunities grounded in reality. One of its courses of higher value for international students is Bachelor in Arts, Media, and Cultural Events. Coursework for this is split down into a variety of specialized tracks, covering anything from the humanities to the disciplines of social science.

Total 3 main categories of the course are there, which are: the humanities (such as the visual and performing arts), dialects, and finance (such as topics like business and law).

As a result of having been exposed to both fundamental and defining concepts, graduates of Arts, Media, and Cultural Affairs programs are better equipped to use their newfound expertise in their chosen field.

This is to analyze and interpret cultural artifacts, create new works of art, and develop cultural activities for a wide variety of target groups. Coursework for this degree includes lectures, workshops, and field trips to cultural institutions including museums and galleries.

Graduates will be able to use the skills they acquire via these associated pursuits to launch successful careers in the societal, entertainment, and charity industries. The total tuition cost of this course is around €24,000. Alongside this, the university has a number of scholarship programs to reduce tuition costs and offer stipends to fund living, health insurance, and travel expenses for international students.

FAQS About Studying Arts in Italy

Why Study Art in Italy?

When it comes to arts, Italy ranks high among the world’s leading nations. Aspiring artists may get insight and inspiration from some of the world’s most iconic works, such as the Mona Lisa and the dome of the Sistine Chapel. Art schools in Italy provide students the chance to enhance their creative and intellectual abilities under the direction of skilled instructors.

By executing their skills, pupils may progress and become artists in rewarding professional fields on posts such as senior artists, visual merchandisers, public relations strategists, digital editors, etc. They could further cement what they’ve learned by attending Italy’s many annual art shows.


Italy being the hub of arts and culture along with excellent institutions to gain degrees from is one of the top study-abroad destinations. We hope that the mentioned institutions above can benefit you in choosing the right one for your degree effectively. You can also find more information on different Italian universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!

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