Pharmacy is the basis of some of the most important careers in modern society. It is integral that there are people who understand the intricacies of medicine, and how they will work for different illnesses. If you study pharmacy, as well, you will have a variety of well-paying career options.

With a degree in pharmacy, it is possible to get a job as a toxicologist, research or medical scientist, or a medical science liaison, as well as other career paths. It is an extremely useful degree and will ensure several career options and the ability to change jobs if necessary.

Here are the best countries to study pharmacy, and why it would be beneficial to study in each of them.

Top Countries to Study Pharmacy

1. Singapore

Singapore boasts a modern and metropolitan society, and its education system is one of the best internationally. Singapore also has one of the highest qualities of life in Asia. There is a large student body here of both Singaporeans and international students, meaning that you will get to experience several cultures.

The law in Singapore is strictly enforced, meaning that they have a lower crime rate. It is a very safe country to study in. They also have a stable government and their student visa process is much more efficient than other countries.

They have reasonable tuition fees and offer real-world pharmaceutical experience to students, which makes Singapore one of the best countries to study pharmacy.

One of the top jobs of pharmacists is that they must help treat and prevent disease in society. Singapore has fantastic disease prevention, which is especially clear through how they managed the coronavirus pandemic. You will surely get great training and experience in a country that can apply its teachings to societal crises.

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2. England

England is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, which is why it is no surprise that England is one of the best countries to study pharmacy. If you decide to study in this country, you are sure to become an expert in the use of different medicines, as well as the core functions of disease and how it ought to be treated.

Pharmacy schools in England also have the great advantage of being able to offer students contact with patients early on, and there are many opportunities for short work placements so that students can learn from professionals within the pharmaceutical field. You will be getting real-world practice much earlier on in your degree in England.

England also offers the unique opportunity to study for four years and obtain your master’s degree, whereas it will take six years to complete a master’s in pharmacy in other countries. Several UK top institutions will offer this course of study as an option, meaning that you can get started on your career and goals much sooner.

3. Japan

Japan is one of the best countries to study pharmacy due to its dedication to its students’ future careers. There is an intense focus on career preparation and real-life training opportunities to ensure that students will get a job after they leave the classroom. Japan also offers the unique option to study pharmaceutical business management while obtaining a pharmaceutical degree, which is a branch of the pharmaceutical field that promises a higher salary and more job opportunities.

Japan adheres to a high standard of education, and there is a large international student population. There are pharmacy degrees in English available as well, so if you are not fluent in Japanese it won’t be an issue.

Adventure awaits in Japan, with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscapes. Japan can offer you an extremely unique study experience, and you will likely be safer here than in other countries, as the crime rate is quite low.

4. Sweden

Sweden is another excellent country to study pharmacy due to their dedication to your actual learning process, rather than focusing on achieving the best grades. You will find that your pharmaceutical degree also mixes study and real-life work, meaning that you will have the practical experience to add to your resume after graduating, which will help you get a job.

Sweden has modeled its education system off of the current job market, meaning that creative thinking and innovation are valued in class. As such, you will be taught critical thinking skills within the classroom, which will help make you an attractive candidate in interviews.

In any Swedish pharmaceutical program, you will be taught the basic principles of pharmacy, but this is something that you can find anywhere. What you cannot find is the in-classroom training that you will receive which will help you in the job market, such as teamwork, active participation in discussions, and practical training. These are all skills necessary for your future career.

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5. Australia

Australia is a fantastic place to study pharmacy, as you will be able to obtain your degree from native English speakers. This is sure to make you an attractive candidate for jobs, as English is the language of the sciences. With a pharmacy degree from Australia, you will have the option to get a job in several different parts of the healthcare field, so you will not be limited to a career as a pharmacist.

Australia has many vibrant cities full of interesting cultures, and beautiful nature and wildlife. If you are someone who enjoys adventure on your days off, Australia is a great option to study pharmacy. The country is well-connected through air travel, so you can easily access the wilderness and beaches around the country.

Some of the top universities in Australia also rank within the top 100 worldwide, meaning that your degree will likely be recognized by your home country or wherever you plan to move. Student visas are also extremely easy to obtain, and students are encouraged to work while they are studying to help make money.


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