Got a passion for programming, but also want to work with hardware? Worry not, because computer engineering is here to combine the fundamentals of computer science and electrical engineering into a whole new degree that is slowly gaining popularity across the globe.

Computer engineering focuses on integrating firmware and firmware updates onto hardware. Sometimes packaged as computer and electrical engineering, this degree program trains students to apply algorithms to the practical use of technology. Technology can range from home appliances to banking facilities, and security systems.

The telecommunications and automation industries are just some that heavily demand computer engineers annually. These and other related work sectors rely on the computer engineer’s capabilities to make multiple network systems work together seamlessly.

And if you want to study computer engineering overseas, well you are in luck! Some of the best countries to study computer engineering are enumerated and explored below. Let us know which country resonates with you the most!

What Are the Best Computer Engineering Jobs?

Most undergraduate students who study computer engineering wonder about what careers they should pursue once they finish their degree. You can make an initial and broad decision about your career path based on the subjects you like the most during your four-year training. Students who gravitate towards front-end tasks involving what apps and websites look like can start building their portfolios to become web developers. If you are fascinated by algorithms, databases, and artificial intelligence, then you can build portfolios to become a software developer, data engineer, or game developer. Those interested in both can be Full Stack developers, and they land the highest-paying jobs. Many companies welcome contributions on GitHub. Through your contributions, you can get a rough idea of what your preferences are and what you can excel at in the future. If you plan on studying abroad, we recommend these Computer Science Courses available for students from different countries, including your own. You can also browse through our Open Courses Page for more related programs.

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Top Countries to Study Computer Engineering

1. Germany

  • Reasons: modern and innovative society, world-class course offerings, extraordinary internship, and work possibilities

Students of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) will never go wrong in choosing Germany. Germany, one of the most technologically advanced countries, provides a conducive learning environment for computer engineering students.

Germany generously invests in research and development, leading to a highly innovative economy. From top-of-the-line research projects, smart and practical technology is produced and made available for the rest of society.

One of the best countries to study computer engineering is Germany – with only the best instructors, research facilities, and thousands of resources, you are bound to master the integration of hardware and firmware.

Get world-class education on computer architecture, embedded systems, and the like offered by Germany’s top universities. Undergraduate students are welcome to apply for the English-taught Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Jacobs University. Meanwhile, graduate students can deepen their knowledge and appreciation for embedded systems or mechatronics with the Master’s programs offered by TU Kaiserslautern.

2. Argentina

  • Reasons: modest tuition fees, impressive infrastructure, vibrant nightlife, and savory cuisine

Argentina boasts a rich and vivid culture that international students simply could not miss. Besides, who doesn’t want to go on an impromptu road trip and splurge on Argentina’s scrumptious food after a long week of exams?

Argentina is well-known for its government-backed support for tech and entrepreneurship. From 2016 to 2020, the government campaigned for the growth of the software engineering industry and the rise of women in tech.

Major companies all over the world also often outsource programmers and engineers from Argentina. The country gained a reputation for delivering high-quality and professional services in software development and engineering.

Argentina is also especially advanced in telecommunications. Bringing more reliable and accessible network connections to people all across different places requires the expertise of a computer engineer.

If you are looking for a well-paying job as a computer engineering graduate, Argentina’s universities can cater to your needs. Consider checking out Universidad de Mendoza’s competent Computer Engineering program.

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3. Spain

  • Reasons: budget-friendly tuition and living costs, learning a new language, excellent track record in science and technology

Spain is another top destination to study computer engineering. With bright and friendly locals, mouth-watering food, and exciting festivals to anticipate, international students are in for some fun outside of their studies.

Spain is home to esteemed universities for engineering, technology, and mathematics. Quality education comes at reasonable tuition fees in Spain; you can also apply for scholarship grants universities offer to students with good academic performance.

Studying overseas can be costly. The good news: Spain is mostly an affordable country to live in. Tuition fees are reasonable, with most graduate degrees costing less than $3,000 every academic year.

Like most European countries, Spain is also a leading figure in the sphere of science, technology, and engineering. Spain ranks among the top 20 countries with the greatest number of research publications published every year.

By studying and spending ample time in Spain, you can add Spanish proficiency to your resume! Spanish universities offer Spanish language classes to international students. This is beneficial as most degree programs are taught in Catalan or Spanish.

Some of Spain’s best universities for computer engineering include Universidad de Granada, Complutense University of Madrid, and Universidade Santiago de Compostela.

4. Australia

  • Reasons: expansive degree and major offerings, diverse outdoors, immediate work offers after graduation

Australia is an excellent country to study overseas. On top of the glorious outdoors and hospitable people, Australia’s education system places high significance on technical and IT skills.

Leading universities in Australia offer IT and IT-related courses to all students, regardless of the degree program they are taking. Because of this, the literacy rate in technology and basic programming is high in Australia.

Computer engineers are also highly sought after by Australian companies. Graduates would not have trouble finding job offers because recruiters are always on the lookout for fresh graduates with a global perspective.

Not to mention, Australia is a highly innovative country. New technologies and strategies are developed at rates far above other countries. The government supports investments in foreign tech firms, which explains the high employment rates and highly relevant course offerings.

Learn more about control theory, computer hardware, and automation with computer engineering. Earn your undergraduate and graduate degrees from Australia’s renowned universities like the University of Sydney, the University of Wollongong, and the RMIT University.

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5. South Africa

  • Reasons: esteemed universities and degrees, rising economy, open and in-demand workforce

And if you choose to study overseas, you might as well choose the dynamic and vibrant climate of South Africa. Why? South Africa is among the most multicultural study destinations. As international study programs are meant to strengthen connections and nurture a global perspective, you will benefit greatly from assimilating with South African culture.

Get your daily dose of diversity with South Africa’s breathtaking rural landscapes and fast-paced cities. Take a step back from lectures and exams and indulge in the local cuisine. Check out the buzz over cricket and rugby, and befriend some of the best and irreplaceable people you will ever meet.

As universal as science and technology can be, many companies and tech firms are looking for candidates who think outside the box and place importance on the practicality of the product. First-world innovations may not fit into the budget and lifestyle of developing countries. By studying in South Africa, you enrich your knowledge of the different social statuses of people.

Aside from diversity, South Africa also offers competent computer engineering programs. As South Africa gears to dominate the tech industry, universities have been on the move to optimizing their course offerings to the latest news and trends in computer science and electronics engineering. This is why South Africa is among the best countries to study computer engineering.

Turn your passion for artificial intelligence and electronics into a life-long, well-paying career as a computer engineering graduate. South Africa’s University of Pretoria and the University of Cape Town offer some of the strongest curricula in electrical and computer engineering.


We hope that you found this article on the best countries to study computer engineering informative and helpful. If you are interested in learning more about studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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