It is now easier to travel than ever, and studying abroad is a perfect way to do so! Studying abroad is one of the most unique experiences you will ever have, as you can experience authentic culture living in a country rather than just visiting it. If you are an animal sciences major, as well, it gives you the unique opportunity to study animals that are not native to your home country, first-hand. Here is a comprehensive list of the best seven countries to study abroad in if you study animal sciences, and why they would be a good fit for you.

Best Countries to Study Animal Sciences

1. Australia

It is no secret that Australia is known for its giant bugs, violent animals, and venomous snakes. If you’re a biology major, this is the place for you! Australia is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, with nearly 300,000 species of animals. It is also known for the infamous Outback, a giant inland desert. Here, you can study both marine biology and terrestrial animals!

Australia’s first language is English, so if you are a native speaker, or even just beginning your English studies, this will be the perfect country for you. There are also work-study visas available for citizens of certain countries such as the UK and the USA, so you could easily earn money while you attend class!

Top universities:

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2. South Africa

South Africa is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with incredible sights like Table Mountain and Kruger Safari Park. It is also home to one of the biggest marine predators- the Great White Shark. There are many opportunities to see wildlife in this country, from the bountiful amount of safari parks to the beautiful ocean.

Cape Town is an incredible city with great infrastructure, where you could easily spend months and still enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. South Africa is much more modern than most people expect, and tuition fees are very affordable.

Top universities:

  • University of Cape Town
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • Stellenbosch University

3. Costa Rica

Pura Vida, or Pure Life, is the motto of this beautiful Central American country. Costa Rica is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife in the world, due to rich rainforests and rivers. Here you will find poison dart frogs, American crocodiles, tropical birds, and more. Not only is the nature of this country beautiful, but so are the people.

If you are looking to improve your Spanish skills while you attend university, Costa Rica is the perfect place. You can save a lot of money by studying abroad here, as the cost of living is much less than in other countries. There are also plenty of study-abroad programs available to those wanting to spend some time getting to know the country. Gain life experience while saving money? Yes, please!

Top universities:

  • National University of Costa Rica
  • University of Costa Rica San Pedro

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4. New Zealand

Home of the Kiwi. Beautiful mountains. Surrounded by beaches. What more can I say? New Zealand is home to some of the strangest wildlife in the world, such as the kiwi and kakapo, a flightless parrot. This tiny island is nothing less than inspiring, with incredible views and diverse wildlife. Beyond the beauty of nature, New Zealand can offer rich cultural experiences due to its diversity.

New Zealand is home to world-renowned universities and all the comforts of 21st-centuryst century living. Plus, their first language is English, so communicating with the locals will be effortless for English speakers.

Top universities:

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5. Spain

Spain may sound surprising, but it’s home to several species of animals. Life is more relaxed in this beautiful country, where people often have two-hour break at midday. It is home to the Iberian Wolf, the Golden Eagle, the Lynx, the European Brown Bear, and many other unexpected species.

The tuition fees at universities are very affordable, considering that you are in the middle of Europe. The cost of living is also very cheap, especially if you are located in a smaller city. Spain is a great place to study animal sciences, whilst sharpening your Spanish skills and enjoying a new cultural experience.

Top universities:

  • University of Salamanca
  • University of Barcelona

6. Chile

La Tierra del Fuego. Need I say more? Chile is home to seven major climatic subtypes, due to how far south the country spans. In the far north, Chile is home to a desert, whilst in the southeast you can find glaciers. This is a perfect option for any animal lover, as you can find several different kinds of animals depending on which biome you are entering.

Chile is an affordable study-abroad option, with much cheaper tuition fees than some of the other countries mentioned on this list. The country is also one of South America’s most stable nations, due to its economic success. It is home to some of the most prestigious universities in Latin America, so you will get a great education at an affordable price.

Top universities:

  • University of Chile
  • Pontifica Universidad Catolica Chile
  • Universidad Austral de Chile

7. Scotland

The Scottish Highlands are famous for the epic battles that used to take place amongst the clans, but nowadays they are home to some incredibly interesting animals. If you are a lover of birds of prey, the Sea Eagle and the Golden Eagle are some of this country’s most impressive predators, and can carry off animals as big as sheep! You can also find the tranquil Basking Shark in the surrounding waters.

Scotland’s cities are some of the richest in history and beauty in the UK, so there will be no lack of culture and history to explore. The University of Edinburgh, as well, is one of the oldest on the European continent, dating back to 1583; it’s world-renowned!

Top universities:


I hope this article on the best countries to study animal sciences was informative and insightful. Make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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