Located in Berrien Springs, Michigan, Andrews University was the first university under the Seventh-day Adventist system. Its objective is to teach its students how to tackle real-life problems while sticking to the Christian way of life. It was founded in 1874 with the initial name of Battle Creek College. Due to its expansion and additional programs, the school finally settled on its current name in 1960. Over the years, Andrews University has experienced significant growth both in population and facilities. You will find in this article about Andrews University’s acceptance rate, available programs, and student body.

Andrews University has over 3,300 students with at least 1,600 undergraduates. Only 26% of the total population is comprised of in-state students. The rests are undergrads and graduates admitted from other states and countries across the globe. The university is among many institutions offering online learning, with 14% of its students being distance learners. Due to its admission policy, Andrews has a very high rate of ethnic diversity. The faculty ratio is 9:1 and 75% of the teachers are fully available to offer their academic services. However, the main disadvantage of this school is its on-time graduation rate of 33%. To put this into context, only 33 students in every 100 are able to attain their degree within the stipulated time.

It is subdivided into eight schools offering different courses and research programs. There are 84 undergraduate degrees available within 25 fields of study (58 majors). About 25% of the students are enrolled in the Biology and Health Science program. The rest of the students are evenly distributed across other courses. Andrews University prides itself as the only accredited university within its location. Are you wondering whether this is the right college for you? Find out more about the requirements and acceptance rate at Andrews University in the next section.

Nearly half of the students live on campus or in any other college-operated housing facility. The school’s athletic team, The Cardinals, plays in the All-Americans for Men and Women’s Division II. Two of the players appeared in the honorable mentions following an impressive season in 2018. Other than basketball, you can also involve yourself in other co-curricular activities available at the university.

Acceptance Rate at Andrews University

Andrews University has an acceptance rate of about 58% based on the latest admission cycle. As such, the school is moderately selective and the probabilities of either joining or missing out are almost equal. You have a very high chance of being accepted if you exceed the expected threshold. It is, however, not that straight forward and you will have to outscore your peers.

Some of the main requirements during your application to Andrews University are the test scores. You are expected to submit your SAT or ACT scores. To stand a chance, you should have around 1,100 and 25 points in the SAT and ACT scores respectively. In the latest admission cycle, most of the successful applicants had an average GPA of 3.59 points. Although it is not a must, you can still decide to add a letter or two from your counselor.


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