As a leading French-language public research university, the University of Montreal has gained popularity among international students. This is because the school offers a world-class education, provides a welcoming environment, and is regarded as an academic haven for aspiring students.

But before you consider applying to this university, you must understand the chance of getting admission. This means you must be aware of the acceptance rate and other important admission requirements.

Hence, this article will shed light on the general information surrounding the acceptance rate at the University of Montreal. Read the article until the end for all the valuable insight on this topic.

University of Montreal Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 57%

The acceptance rate at the University of Montreal is around 57%, which means admission into this university is less competitive. However, students still need to meet the school admission requirements before they will be considered for admission.

The acceptance rate for international students has also been recorded to fall between 40% and 50%, indicating that the university’s selection process can be somewhat competitive. The more popular a course is, the more competitive it is. International students who aspire to be part of the international community at this university can focus on applying to lesser-known courses for a higher chance of getting admitted. However, they must still satisfy the school requirements before being admitted.

Preparing for the University of Montreal

Knowing the University of Montreal’s acceptance rate will guide your admission process, but other factors you must also consider include the university’s tuition fees, admission process, and scholarships.

Admission Requirements

Before applying to the University of Montreal, it is crucial to comprehend the admission requirements for the program of your choice to help you prepare accordingly. Some of the requirements typically include submission of your transcript, having a valid passport, paying an application fee, and providing proof of level BI French proficiency.

Tuition Fees

It is also important to conduct thorough research on the exact tuition fee you will be required to pay to guarantee a smooth academic journey without encountering financial difficulties. It is also essential to be sure you can comfortably afford the tuition fee for the entire duration of your course of study.


Prospective international students considering enrollment at the University of Montreal can explore numerous scholarship opportunities. These scholarships allow students to reduce the financial challenges of studying at a higher institution. Additionally, these scholarships can assist with covering the expenses of living in a new country.

Must-Know Facts About the University of Montreal

The University of Montreal, or Université de Montréal, was established more than 153 years ago. The university first started with three faculties, namely theology, law, and medicine, and later on established more faculties, such as education, music, law, dentistry, art, and science.

The Université de Montréal is a publicly funded research university and a member of the U15, a body that represents 15 Canadian research universities. The university is also well known for sponsoring several research works and several research opportunities at the school.

Then there are also several notable graduates from the University of Montreal, such as founder and CEO of Telemedia, Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien, and 27th Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean.


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