Do you want to know the acceptance rate for the University of Guelph? If so, you have come to the right place! Before we delve in with acceptance rates, let’s talk about the background information.

The University of Guelph is a leading comprehensive public research university located in Guelph, Canada. It was established with the combination of the MacDonald Institute, Ontario Veterinary College, and Ontario Agricultural College in 1964. The University is known for being research-intensive and academic-centered, with several campuses in both urban hubs and rural communities. It has a high reputation for the arts and sciences and has consistently shown commitment towards enhancing its community students to be engaged citizens and excellent thinkers.

UofG offers around 100 majors in 13 degree programs and around 60 long-distance learning opportunities. These are offered under 7 major faculties ranging across Arts, Biological Sciences, Physical & Engineering Sciences, Business & Economics, and Social & Applied Human Sciences. The Ontario Veterinary and Agricultural Colleges form separate faculties on the campus. Joint graduate programmes are also offered with the University of Waterloo, McMaster University, and Wilfrid Laurier University.

The university is further known for its beautiful surroundings, safe campuses as well as welcoming culture. It ensures that the environment helps students to encourage exploring and sharing their new ideas. With a student population of approximately 27,000, around 75% of the students are undergraduates with the remainder following graduate or other courses.

The university also provides countless facilities for the benefit of the students and to enhance the academic environment. The iconic War Memorial Hall and the Rozanksi Hall presently serve as lecture theatres for the students as well as a standard theatre. The Science Complex was inaugurated for the 2007/2008 academic year and is considered to be the largest integrated science facility for teaching and research in North America. The university is also home to the world’s first center for DNA barcoding – the prestigious Biodiversity Institute of Ontario. Furthermore, UofG has a six-story library known as the McLaughlin Library. It forms a collective with the Universities of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier as well, which offer a collection of over 7 million items.

U of G offers a wide array of enriching experiential learning programs, which includes study abroad programmes, co-op placements, and undergraduate research studentships. It also has a partnership with Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning that enables the university to provide a unique mixture of theoretical and practical learning.

Guelph is a university that consistently ranks among the premier universities for research innovation and research intensity in Canada. With its strong partnerships and collaborations with government, industry, and the academic community, students are given invaluable opportunities, tools, and skills to improve their thinking in a constantly evolving world. U of G is also commonly known as the ‘Food University’ of Canada due to its agricultural-food research programmes. You might think that the University of Guelph has a low acceptance rate because of its prestige, but keep reading the article to find out more about it.

The university has continuously produced alumni who have reached the heights of careers in their respective fields. Among the alumni and faculty members affiliated with the university, several have prominent names; these include Karen Beauchamin (agricultural research scientist), Mark Bourrie (lawyer and journalist), Toby Barrett (Politician), Deni Ellis Béchard (writer), Roberta Bondar (First Canadian female astronaut) and Ernest Drury (8th Premier of Ontario).

University of Guelph Acceptance Rates

I hope that this information about the background information was useful. Now, let’s talk about the acceptance rate at the University of Guelph. The acceptance rate is estimated to be 75%, which means that three out of four applicants do get accepted. Please note that not all who get accepted choose to go to the university. This means that if you have a decent GPA with average test scores, you will be able to get into the University of Guelph. So, would you like to study at this excellent university in Canada? Then, apply!


I hope that this article about the University of Guelph’s acceptance rate was informative. Make sure to also check out the Available Courses in Canada!

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