Who is familiar with Concordia University? One of the three colleges in Quebec where English is the primary language of instruction is Concordia, which was founded in 1974. With two campuses, the university is home to almost 46,000 students who are pursuing their academic goals. You can therefore improve your chances of achieving your aspirations at this institution by becoming mindful of its acceptance rate. To find out more about Concordia University’s acceptance rate, keep reading!

The Concordia University Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 75 – 80%

A variety of cutting-edge programs and courses are available at Concordia University, providing a distinctive and fulfilling educational experience. Typically, only 75-80% of applicants are accepted into the university, implying that over half of applicants can join here to achieve the goals they set. You would get more at Concordia than just an education; it would be a launching pad for a successful professional life. In comparison to other renowned colleges, the acceptance rate is fairly high, making it easier for you to pursue your dreams.

Preparing for the Concordia University

When determining whether or not to attend Concordia, international applicants should take into account the application process, tuition costs, scholarship opportunities, and acceptance rate. We’ll discuss a few of these components here:

Admission Requirements

Concordia University details the admission requirements for each degree and study program. This way, students will not rattle when it comes to compiling and obtaining the application requirements—which typically include the personal statement, recommendations, minimum grade requirements, and other essential papers. As a tip, applicants should have a checklist so they can cross out all the documents they have already obtained.

Tuition Fees

Concordia University is regarded as one of the top universities in the country for a top-notch education. Therefore, its tuition is higher when compared to other prestigious institutions in Quebec. The annual cost of attendance is 39,694 CAD per year for a bachelor’s degree and from 21,431 CAD to 31,725 CAD for a master’s degree. Therefore, before applying, students must carefully consider their financial situation and keep a watch on Concordia prices.


Only undergraduate applicants are eligible for international student scholarships. You will be automatically considered for their admission scholarships during the application process, which provides partial support. The Dr. Dimitri Elia Bitar Scholarships are intended for international undergraduate students where it will cover expenses of up to CAD 1,000.

Must-Know Facts About the Concordia University

Along with a top-notch education, Concordia University guarantees every student an amazing employment opportunity. It currently ranks among the top universities with a high employability rate. It is therefore assumed that as soon as you finish your degree, you will be able to easily look for job within or outside Canada.


Every year, a large number of students decide to continue their education and careers at Concordia University simply due to its high acceptance rate. If you have an impressive academic record and meet the requirements, there’s a good chance you’ll get an offer letter. So, enroll at Concordia and work toward your educational goals!


We hope that this article on Concordia University was helpful. If you’re interested in studying in this country, make sure to check out the Available Courses in Canada and the various educational opportunities on the Canada Page.

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