Austria makes an excellent choice for your college education abroad. Its cultural richness and diversity can add up to your academic learnings and experiences. Moreover, the country is famous for providing a high quality of life and social security, particularly in its capital city, Vienna. You might also feel joyfully compelled to travel, with its perfect location at the center of Europe. You might also want to see that the country has stunning landscapes that change every season.

You can also study for free in Austria through several university and private scholarships. By working hard on your studies, you can secure an acceptance letter from a distinguished university and receive a fully-funded scholarship. The universities in Austria are comparatively affordable, too, if you might need to rely on partial scholarships and lesser value grants. Considering all these, Austria, indeed, is a favorable choice for your college education.

How to Study in Austria for Free

1. Study hard and prepare your application early to have a good application

Choosing Austria to study for free may come with a lot of preparation, most of which require being focused in school. Studying hard and being a diligent student can help you build an academic profile worthy of receiving admission to an Austrian university you choose. Your grades or GPA can get you through the first hurdle of the college application, and all the hard work to achieve those will indeed be worth it.

The university you choose to apply for may also require you to take an admission test. With this in mind, you have a better chance of acing the test by studying hard. Your college application may also need you to submit other paper requirements such as an essay and letter of recommendation from your supervisor. Make sure to accomplish these before the deadline of application.

When it comes to submitting your application, the earlier you do it, the better your chances of getting noticed. Along with sending your application early, make sure that all documents attached are free of errors. Create a checklist of all things you need to accomplish so you won’t miss anything. If you are applying to multiple universities, organize the requirements lists and application deadline to plan your submission timely.

2. Receive Financial Aid from Austria

After receiving your college acceptance letter, it only makes sense to proceed with the admission process and seal your spot in your coveted university. However, this process may require you to settle some fees, which might be a problem. Since you are looking to study in Austria for free, you might want to look for scholarship options in your preferred school before considering the application.

In Austria, students from European Union countries are exempted from paying tuition fees, as part of the government’s move to encourage higher education participation. If you came from a non-European Union country, you might be required to pay tuition, unless you have a sponsorship or scholarship. Fortunately, Austria has several universities that offer fully-funded scholarships to international students. Make sure to check these out before paying for registration fees and sending your application.

3. Research cheap universities in Austria

Another excellent thing about choosing Austria for your college education is the affordability of its school fees. Incoming students from Non-European Union countries, while required to pay tuition fees, only have to shell out an average of €726.72 per academic year. This amount mostly applies to public universities, and you may expect a higher cost in private institutions, where the price may range between €3,000 to €23,000 annually.

Some of the country’s affordable universities are the University of Vienna, the Medical University of Graz, and the University of Linz. These are also some of Austria’s top schools, guaranteeing you a world-class education at low costs. Applying to affordable universities along with winning several scholarships can help you study in Austria for free.

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Study Undergraduate in Austria for Free

You can get your undergraduate degree for free in Austria through these universities. The Central European University offers several scholarship programs to incoming students to fund their studies, including the Program Scholarships. Recipients of Program Scholarships receive a full tuition waiver.

Meanwhile, Webster University also lists several scholarships for incoming graduate students, including the Webster Vienna Scholarship. It includes tuition coverage of up to €20,000, depending on academic excellence. The university also offers the Borealis Social Scholarships, covering €21,000 tuition costs annually for up to four years.

Study Master’s in Austria for Free

For a Master’s degree, a selection of Austrian universities provides you options to study in Austria for free. Vienna University of Technology lists several grants on its website, including the study grant, performance and support grants, foundation grants, and graduation scholarships. Female graduate students in the field of Computer Science can also apply for Helmut Veith Grant. Besides a full-tuition waiver, successful applicants also receive €6,000 per academic year.

The Central European University provides Master’s Scholarships to its successful applicants. It covers the full tuition costs, health insurance, and a monthly stipend of up to €1,000 monthly. Also, the University of Klagenfurt offers Technology Scholarships to international students from selected countries. Aside from a tuition fee exemption, awardees also receive a monthly stipend of €650 and a one-time lump sum travel allowance up to €600.

There are varying scholarship programs available to Master’s students at the Graz University of Technology. One is the Information Security Scholarship for international students looking to study a Master’s program, majoring in Information Security. Successful applicants will receive €4,000 annually for up to two years, depending on academic performance.

Study Ph.D. in Austria for Free

Austria can also provide you the opportunity to complete your Ph.D. for free Austria. The Central European University offers its Doctoral Scholarships. Awarded for up 36 months, successful applicants will receive full tuition coverage, health insurance, and a monthly stipend of €1,300 to cover living and housing costs.

The Center for Molecular Medicine collaborates with the Medical University of Vienna to provide you with the perfect opportunity to pursue research studies for free. Accepted Ph.D. candidates receive a scholarship to all university fees, salary, research and work-related travel costs, and health insurance for up to four years.


We hope that this article on how to study in Austria for free was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Programs in Europe for International Students to know more information!

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