Music, mountains, and architecture— these are just some of the things to look forward to when you come to Austria. Located in Central Europe, Austria is home to the world’s most honored scientists, mathematicians, and musicians, so to study in the institutions where they come from would be such an experience.

More than 60,000 international students are enrolled in Austria, making up almost 26% of their total student population. Given that Austria is one of the most expensive countries to live in, it is important for aspiring scholars to find the support they need to sustain their day-to-day once they come to live here. Check out these best Austria scholarships for international students.

Best Scholarships in Austria for International Students

1. CEU Presidential Scholar Award

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  • Scholarship Amount: €5,000 (roughly $6,000)
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s

The Central European University, located in Vienna, Austria, is one of the most internationally populated universities in the country. They offer undergraduate to graduate programs to locals and foreign students from over 100 countries, as well as English-taught classes. With a focus on teaching and research, the university also aims to be a safe and diversified institution for everyone in pursuit of quality education. To further assist students in their education and reward those who perform above and beyond, the university also offers a number of Austria scholarship programs, one of which is the CEU Presidential Scholar Award.

Funded by the Presidential Scholars Fund, this scholarship in Austria for international students is granted to two outstanding candidates with exceptional academic standing and presents leadership potential. The total value of the grant is €5,000, which is to be divided throughout the four years of their bachelor’s studies.

2. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships are offered to academic achievers from around the world who are keen to complete a master’s degree abroad. Through this Austria scholarship, students will be able to complete their degree in two European countries and upon completion, will be awarded a double or joint degree.

The scholarship program lasts for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two, which will be divided into two study periods in the applicant’s country of completion. Erasmus Mundus covers the full cost of the tuition and travel and provides a living allowance to the student. For the academic year 2020-2021, Austria offered more than 15 master’s programs in different fields. Aspiring grantees may send their applications once they have completed their undergraduate degree or during their final year of bachelor’s studies.

3. Marshall Plan Scholarships Program

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  • Scholarship Amount: €3,000 to €10,000 (around $3,600 to $12,000)
  • Eligible Degree: Masters and Ph.D.

The Marshall Plan Scholarships Program is an exchange program between Austria and the U.S., which focuses on providing financial aid to students in the field of science and engineering. Since 2008, the foundation has provided over 1,000 scholarships to Austrian and American students, with the mission of building a solid research collaboration between the two countries. In collaboration with applied sciences and technical universities, institutions may nominate one of their excellent students to study abroad in a partner school. Personal applications may also be submitted— decisions are based on the candidate’s academic performance and submitted research proposal.

Chosen recipients of this Austria scholarship will proceed with their studies at their chosen partner university for a minimum of three months and will receive a grant ranging from €3,000 to €10,000 (roughly $3,600 to $12,000). The exact scholarship amount will depend on the length of stay of the student in the country and the payment is made in two installments— 80% before the start of research and the remaining 20% upon completion. Scholars are required to stay enrolled in their home universities throughout the duration of their research study.

4. Ernst Mach Grant

The Ernst Mach Grant, named after the famous Austrian physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach, is a scholarship program for foreign students and researchers who want to pursue a part of their studies in Austria. Five types of this scholarship in Austria are available: Ernst Mach Grant – worldwide, Ernst Mach Grant for studying at an Austrian University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule), Ernst Mach Follow-up Grant, Ernst Mach Grant Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, and Ernst Mach Grant – ASEA-UNINET.

They cater to different countries across the globe and degree levels, with different purposes and goals for their target student group. Moreover, all universities in Austria accept students under this Austria scholarship. The grant duration may also vary, from short study visits, research, or completion of full-degree programs.

The monthly grant varies depending on the type of Ernst Mach Grant. The OeAD, Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalization, can also assist students in arranging their accommodation and health insurance, which is required for the duration of their stay in the country.

5. Scholarship of the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria for Undergraduates, Graduates, and Postgraduates

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  • Scholarship Amount: €1,050 (approximately $1,270)/month
  • Eligible Degree: All degree levels

The Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria opens its doors to students and researchers to partake in a short study program in the country. Candidates of all degree levels who are in the field of natural sciences, technical sciences, human medicine, health sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts are welcome to apply to this scholarship in Austria. Semester, one-year, and research grants are awarded to one student each per year. During their stay, scholars can pursue their research for their theses or dissertations.

This Austria scholarship awards €1,050 (approximately $1,270) to their scholars each month, which they may use for accommodation and other daily expenses. Applicants coming from countries that are not part of the European Union nor members of the European Free Trade Association, European Economic Area, or the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development may also be granted an additional travel allowance. The amount will depend on their country of origin. The selection will be made by the Scholarship Council, which will closely review all applicants’ academic credentials and quality of research.


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