With how the world progresses to automation and computer systems, it makes sense to see high school graduates aiming for a degree in Computer Science. Along with the high availability of jobs, it is also among the most lucrative careers in any industry.

Many international students find it preferable to complete a Computer Science degree in a country they also wish to work in. Considering that, Portugal is among the countries where you can study this modern field and start your career. To give you a great head start, make sure to apply to these top computer science schools in Portugal.

Top Schools Offering Computer Science in Portugal

1. University of Lisbon

The University of Lisbon became the largest university in the country in 2013, after the merging of the Technical University of Lisbon and the former University of Lisbon. However, the university’s history can be traced back to 1290, when the first university in Portugal was established. Since then, the University of Lisbon has founded 18 schools and several research institutes. It also has over 50,000 students with almost 9,000 international students.

You’ll find all three-degree programs in Computer Science at the University of Lisbon, one of the best computer science schools in Portugal. The bachelor’s degree is also referred to as the 1st Cycle which takes three years or six semesters to complete. This program includes basic science courses, such as Mathematics, Programming, and Physics. However, the majority of the courses you’ll take in this program are classified as core courses and include specific Computer Science and Engineering courses.

For the Master’s program, also referred to as the 2nd Cycle, students undergo four semesters or two years of study. Besides the core subjects, you can choose from the free options, which are other scientific courses offered at the university. Students are also required to complete a dissertation, either through an internship, thesis, or capstone project. After which, you can proceed to a Ph.D. program that can take up to four years.

2. University of Porto

The second largest to the University of Lisbon, the University of Porto was established in 1911. However, its history can be traced back to 1836 through the Polytechnic Academy and the Medical-Surgical Academy of Porto. Now, the university has 14 faculties and offers over 200 degree courses. It is also home to over 32,000 students, over 3,400 of which are full-time international students.

This top computer science university in Portugal also offers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in Computer Science. The Bachelor’s or First Degree includes Computer Science courses, Mathematics, Physics, and specialized subjects, such as Chemistry or Biology. The program duration is three years after which you can proceed to work in the IT and computer industry or pursue graduate studies.

Meanwhile, the master’s program takes two years and allows you to choose a specialization. Your choices are Reliable Computing, Parallel and Distributed Systems, and Data Mining and Data Processing. As for the Ph.D. program, the study duration is three years. You’ll need to have a strong academic background, as well as English language competency to become a doctoral candidate.

3. University of Minho

Established in 1973, the University of Minho is another excellent computer science university in Portugal that has four campuses in Braga and Guimarães, Portugal. In its 12 schools and institutes, the university caters to almost 20,000 students, with more than 2,400 international students. The majority of the student body are first-cycle and integrated master’s degree students.

The first cycle or Bachelor in Computer Science degree at the University of Minho takes six semesters or three years to complete. Besides Computer Science core subjects, Mathematics is another crucial study area in this program. Upon completion, students can proceed to the second cycle which is the Master’s program.

Although the university does not offer Master’s and Ph.D. programs for Computer Science, you can find its related fields here. These include Bioinformatics, Information Systems, and Informatics Engineering.

4. University of Aveiro

The University of Aveiro is another public university in Portugal where you can study for a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Established in 1973, the university sits on 92-hectare land in Aveiro and boasts more than 25 school buildings. These structures house 16 academic departments and four polytechnic schools. The university currently enrolls more than 15,000 students.

There are 45 first-cycle and 77 master’s degree programs available at the University of Aveiro. However, Computer Science is only offered at the Ph.D. level. There are some related fields of study in second-cycle degrees, such as Data Science, Informatics Engineering, and Cybersecurity. If you’ve acquired a bachelor’s in Computer Science from another university, you can still join the master’s program at the University of Aveiro for your specialization.

Meanwhile, its Doctorate in Computer Science is an English program that takes at least four years. You’ll take coursework in advanced Computer Science subjects during your first year. Some of the courses here are Intelligent Robotics, Adaptive Business Intelligence, and Software Testing. The succeeding three years of doctorate studies are for research work and thesis writing.

5. Nova University Lisbon

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

Nova University Lisbon or Universidade NOVA de Lisboa is one of the top universities for Computer Science in Portugal. It was also established in 1973, making it one of the newest academic institutions for higher learning in Lisbon. The university has nine academic units, and each operates autonomously. As of 2020, it has over 20,000 students, more than 3,400 are international students.

There are more than 200 degree programs at the Nova University Lisbon and among these are the integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Computer Science. The university does not offer a standalone Bachelor’s program but with the Integrated Master’s program, you can start with a Bachelor’s level and end up receiving a Master’s degree. This integrated program takes at least five years of study, where you’ll learn Computer Science blended with an Engineering foundation.

The university also offers a Ph.D. in Computer Science, as it is part of the mandated Bologna process in Europe. This program is ideal for those aspiring to work on research and development or those looking to be part of the teaching professionals in the academe.


We hope that this article on the Best Universities for Computer Science in Portugal was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Computer Science Programs for International Students!

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