Quebec is a province in Eastern Canada and is the largest of its provinces, housing the largest population next to Ontario, with its capital – Quebec City – being the largest city in the country. Montreal, the province’s major metropolis, is also the second-largest city in Canada. The province of Quebec is composed of a population of diverse races, with French settlers composing nearly half of its population. Other races are British, Europeans, Portuguese, Greeks, Haitians, and Asians. Because of the great number of French settlers, Quebec’s official language is French, with English as its second language.

Quebec is the only province in Canada that is not mandated to offer nursing education for 4 years due to its shortage of nurses, Most of the nursing programs in the province are accelerated and are offered in 2-3 years only. Graduates after passing the licensure exam are given the title ‘ Registered Practical Nurse’. Students are encouraged to take French language classes, especially those that are seeking employment in the province after graduation.

The following institutions are some of the best nursing schools in Quebec!

Top Schools Offering Nursing Programs in Quebec

1. McGill University

McGill University is a public university in Canada and one of the top schools for nursing in Quebec that was founded in 1821. It is the most renowned university in Canada and is among the top universities in the world. It has a diverse international student body and is known as a research-intensive university. It has 2 campuses: the Montreal and the Macdonald campus.

Its nursing program is offered under the Ingram School of Nursing in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Montreal campus. Since its foundation in 1920, the school has taken pride in producing quality nurses who are employed all over the world. Aside from its complete nursing education, it also offers a bridging program for students with a diploma in nursing seeking to pursue or complete a bachelor’s in nursing.

The average tuition fee for local residents is US$3,000, US$8,300 for students from other parts of Canada, and US$20,600 for international students per year for a 4-year undergraduate program. Integrated nursing for nursing diploma holders cost an average of US$3,800 for local students, US$8,300 for students from other parts of Canada, and US$20,600 for international students per year. The average annual tuition for master’s and doctoral programs is US$2,200.

2. University of Quebec

Montreal is the major metropolis and the second-largest city in Quebec, Canada, and the only French city in the country. The University of Montreal is an excellent university for nursing in Quebec that was founded in 1878 and has grown to be ranked as the top university in the province for its quality education and 4th in Canada for excellence in research. This university belongs to the 8 system universities under the University of Quebec, including Rouyn-Noranda, Gatineau, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec City, Saguenay, and Rimouski.

The nursing program at the University of Montreal is recognized for its quality nursing education. It is also approved by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada for the use of the Center for Expertise in Simulation in the Health Center for the benefit of its students in honing their clinical skills.

The average annual tuition for local students is US$2,000 for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, for international students, the average annual fee for undergraduate nursing is US$9,175 and US$12,500 for postgraduate studies. An integrated nursing undergraduate program is also available to nursing diploma holders.

3. CEGEP Heritage College

This college is included in the list to represent the accelerated nursing program in the province in response to the demand in the nursing workforce. CEGEP Heritage College is a leading institution for nursing in Quebec, the only public and tuition-free CEGEP in the province. It is located in the National Capital Region and boasts of its state-of-the-art facilities. It offers pre-university courses for 2 years, and a 3-year pre-university program for courses needed immediately in the labor force – such as nursing. English is the language of instruction for its courses.

The tuition fee per semester depends on where the students are coming from. For Quebec residents, the average tuition per semester is US$165, US$1,400 for students coming from other provinces in Canada, and international students pay US$7,600. Graduates are conferred a diploma upon graduation and are eligible to pursue a fast-track undergraduate study in nursing in other institutions in Canada such as McGill University or the University of Quebec.


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