A global perspective in computer science is a great edge to have in the competitive workforce of the tech industry. Companies adore young professionals with a fresh outlook in the landscape of computing.

Quebec provides a conducive learning environment for aspiring computer scientists. With elite universities featuring top-of-the-line laboratories and resource centers, computer science students are only a few steps away from securing an attractive job offer from local and international tech companies. Read on to learn more about the 5 best universities to study computer science in Quebec!

Top Schools Offering Computer Science in Quebec

1. McGill University

McGill University claims the top spot as the best-performing university not only in Quebec but in the rest of Canada. Ranked highly in worldwide university rankings, McGill University is also known for being a top institution for computer science in Quebec and prides itself on having the highest admission grades among all Canadian universities. This higher education institution also provides the most extensive computer science program in all of Quebec.

The School of Computer Science fosters the students’ knowledge, skills, and appreciation for computer science. The breadth of the field lets students explore the relations of computer science with other fields like biology and statistics. The school touches on different areas of focus, with an emphasis on algorithms. Research projects encourage students to intensively study their passion for robotics, computer graphics, and the like under the direct guidance of a faculty instructor and their graduate students.

Computer science graduates of McGill University enjoy lucrative job offers from various industry sectors. While some take on opportunities from tech corporations for software development and research, others choose to contribute to business firms or launch start-ups.

McGill University offers computer science to undergraduate and graduate students. It also presents undergraduates the option to pursue computer science either through an arts track or science.

2. Universite de Montreal

Secondly, we have the University of Montreal as another top university for computer science in Quebec. Publicly funded for its 650-degree programs and extensive research efforts, this higher education institution proves worthy of international recognition. It provides quality education for local and international students, with an equally competent curriculum for computer science.

The Department of Computer Science and Operations Research immerses students in the expressive world of computers and programming. It cultivates an environment for the students to explore their potential as the next generation’s computer scientists. Students familiarize themselves not only with programming, but also with the related fields of video game design, image synthesis, intelligent user interfaces, and robotics.

A diploma in computer science is a ticket to a world of endless possibilities. Graduates especially enjoy lucrative offers from in-demand markets like software development and cloud computing technologies.

The University of Montreal provides computer science studies across all degree levels. For a multidisciplinary approach in computer science, the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research presents integrated undergraduate programs in bioinformatics, mathematics, and computer science, and finally, physics and computer science.

3. Concordia University

Concordia University is a leading school for computer science in Quebec and is among the three universities based in the province with English as the main language of instruction. It consistently ranks among the top ten universities in Canada, and also receives international recognition from educational publications. Local rankings deduced Concordia to carry one of the most prestigious programs for engineering and computer science across Canada.

The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering casts a clear distinction between two largely synonymous terms. According to the department, computer science is the focus on the theoretical applications of computing in establishing databases and computer systems. On the other hand, software engineering utilizes the methodology of software development in the conception and creation of a product.

Computer science students can expect rigorous programming activities to prepare themselves for various fields in need of a computer scientist’s analytical skills.

Concordia welcomes graduate and undergraduate students with a passion for computer science. Master’s students also can choose to pursue either a thesis-based program or an all-course option.

4. Universite du Quebec

Coming up fourth on the list is the Universite du Quebec. Established by the Quebec government, the university is an excellent institution for computer science in Quebec and comprises ten public campuses scattered across the province. The institution grants accessible higher education to the more conservative areas of the Quebec province, dissuading unequal educational opportunities. The Universite du Quebec also opens the door to opportunities for the youth to discover various degree programs, such as computer science.

The Universite du Quebec features an undergraduate informatics program. However, the university lists down graduate studies in information technology as part of its computer science course offerings. As the university uses French as its official language of instruction, it is necessary that students acquire proficiency in the French language. Nonetheless, language programs offered by the Quebec government can help international students in their journey of pursuing a degree in a French-speaking community.

5. Universite Laval

Concluding our list we have Universite Laval, Canada’s oldest institution for higher education and also one of the best institutions for computer science in Quebec. It is also the first educational institution in North America to use the French language in delivering classes. As higher education became more in demand, the university began to widen its offerings to include various fields. Among Universite Laval’s added programs was computer science.

The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering facilitates the university’s course offerings for computer science. Students interested in picking up French are more than welcome here. The department equips students with the fundamental informatics principles, and ample training to apply theory in developing solutions for computer systems.

Universite Laval caters to all degree programs in the interest of providing education for computer science. As the market persists in seeking more competent and versatile computer scientists, Universite Laval’s research-intensive approach provides students with a solid background in trends and innovations in computer science.


We hope that this article on the Best Universities for Computer Science in Quebec was helpful. Make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students to learn more about studying abroad.

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