Many universities in the Philippines offer a wide range of education for Computer Science. As one of the most in-demand courses, education in Computer Science is constantly being improved by public and private institutions to keep up with the trend and developments in the programming industry. Several specializations are offered by institutions to gear the students with the varying skills necessary to excel in the application of programming. This article breaks down the Computer Science programs of the top universities in the Philippines.

Can International Students Study Computer Science in the Philippines?

Yes, you can pursue a degree in Computer Science in the Philippines. The country boasts a wide range of universities and colleges that offer comprehensive Computer Science programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. With the ever-growing demand for tech-savvy professionals, studying Computer Science in the Philippines can open up a world of exciting opportunities for students.

Which is Better, IT or Computer Science?

Objectively, it is impossible to say that one is better than the other. Choosing one over the other would be based on your personal preferences and what you want to do with your degree. Computer Scientists build programs from scratch. Pursuing Computer Science requires a great foundation in mathematics and problem-solving skills. The syllabi of the very first years will heavily focus on analyzing algorithms that involve advanced mathematics. IT, on the other hand, is less focused on mathematics and more on the implementation of readily available tools. If you are interested in building things from scratch and solving problems, computer science is the subject for you. If you like using available technology to solve problems, choose Information Technology.

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Top Computer Science Universities in the Philippines

1. University of the Philippines – Diliman (UPD)

As one of the Philippines’ best universities, the University of the Philippines – Diliman has produced many notable alumni who made major contributions to public service. UPD is the main constituent of the UP system, offering the most number of academic programs out of all the UP campuses all over the country. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) designates twenty-six academic programs within UPD as centers of excellence, most of which are under the College of Science. The University of the Philippines ranks at 399th in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of the Philippines – Diliman is the best computer science university in the Phillipines. This university offers one Bachelor’s degree for undergraduates, and two graduate degrees: Master’s and Doctorate. The undergraduate program’s curriculum was revised in 2018 to fit the shift in the Philippines’ educational system to K-12. The 4-year program is designed around the fundamental skills needed to excel and adapt to the dynamics of the industry, thus no specialization is required for the Bachelor’s program. The Master’s and Doctorate degrees offer several advanced specialized courses. The graduate programs aim to equip the students with theoretical and practical knowledge for research and development sectors.

2. Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)

The Ateneo de Manila University is another excellent computer science university in the Philippines. It was founded by Jesuits in 1859 which makes it the second-oldest university administered by Jesuits in the Asia Pacific. ADMU is divided into three clusters: Basic Education units, Professional Schools (graduate programs), and Loyola Schools (undergraduate and graduate programs). It is the second-highest-ranking university in the Philippines and is included within the 601-650 bracket in the QS World University Rankings. CHED has also designated the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science a center of excellence. Its computer science program holds a Level 4 accreditation status, making it the only computer science program in the Philippines with such a designation.

The School of Science & Engineering under the Loyola Schools houses different Computer Science programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. The undergraduate program offers a 4-year course and 5-year course with a specialization in game design and development. It aims to provide fundamental knowledge of the theory and application of different computing systems. It is intended to prepare the students for their graduate studies overseas. The department’s facilities utilize Linux and Windows-based PCs.

There are also 5-year programs that allow the students to receive an undergraduate degree in their 4th year and a graduate degree after completing their 5th year. The stand-alone master’s degrees have a research-oriented approach. There are different specialization courses offered and the thesis is required to be presented at a national or international conference.

3. De La Salle University (DLSU)

De La Salle University is a private Catholic university founded in 1911. DLSU houses eight colleges and eleven research centers. The university designs its programs with specialization which hone its students to become competent individuals in their respective industries. The program’s curriculum is tailored to fit three semesters a year.

The College of Computer Studies houses computer science programs. At this top computer science school in the Philippines, the undergraduate degree offers three options for the student’s specialization. A 5-year honors program is also offered for students who wish to receive their bachelor’s and master’s degrees after graduation. The students will transition from a bachelor’s to a master’s program during the 3rd year of their studies.

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4. University of Sto. Tomas

Founded in 1611, the University of Sto. Tomas is one of the oldest existing universities in Asia. It is a private Catholic research university that has produced notable alumni throughout its history. CHED has designated twelve academic programs as centers of excellence and eleven academic programs as centers of development. The main campus is located in Manila where it houses twenty-two academic colleges.

One of the programs under the Department of Computer Science is the Bachelor of Computer Science. It is one of the programs designated as a center of development and Level 2 accreditation status from CHED. The undergraduate degree is a 4-year program that offers three specialization tracks for its students namely: Core Computer Science, Data Science, and Game Development. The track for Core Computer Science aims to prepare students for graduate studies and research. The Data Science track covers the analytical and professional skills that will equip the students for a more advanced graduate endeavor. Lastly, the Game Development track will help the students gain the necessary creative and technical skills that are needed for the development of 2D and 3D games.

5. Mapúa University

Founded in 1925, Mapúa University is a private research university that has its main campus in Intramuros, Manila. This top computer science school in the Philippines has eight academic programs as centers of excellence and two academic programs as centers of development, including Computer Science. Mapúa is also the first university in the country to have an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc (ABET) certification.

The undergraduate Computer Science program can be completed within five years. The curriculum focuses on the theoretical skills of programming, the developing trends of the computing industry, and several materials for Software Engineering. The graduate programs aim to equip the students with the skills in producing and developing tools through the application of their computing knowledge. Also, the Ph.D. program involves research under professional supervision.

6. Mindanao State University

The Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) is a top-notch university of nationwide acclaim. Established in 1968, MSU-IIT has continually enhanced its academic programs and improved its infrastructure with the aspiration to develop individuals with strong technical expertise on their path to career success.

Known to be one of the top schools for computer science in the Philippines, MSU-IIT offers a comprehensive and well-designed curriculum in this program. The department is manned by well-qualified and seasoned teachers holding several Ph.D. degrees in computer science and software engineering. Since its establishment, this department has produced successful professionals who now hold important roles in industry and government institutions.

7. University of San Carlos

The University of San Carlos (USC) is the flagship institution of higher education in the southern Philippines. Established in 1935 by the Society of the Divine Word, USC has seen rapid growth and is now a reputed establishment that offers 45 undergraduate and 62 graduate programs. With nearly 22,000 students enrolled in its programs, USC consistently produces socially responsible students well on their way to becoming leaders in their respective fields.

The Department of Computer, Information Sciences, and Mathematics (DCISM) is a well-equipped department in which students have access to a vast array of research and programming laboratories. The program offers intriguing computer science courses such as natural language processing, data mining, and game development. Upon completing this program, the graduates are expected to acquire adequate skills for designing, writing, and modifying software components.

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8. Silliman University

Silliman University is a thriving establishment and a storehouse for several academic research programs. Silliman is a reputed institution and is best known for its programs in the fields of nursing and accountancy. Set apart from its counterparts by its location, this university is endowed with over 153 acres of green land; therefore, Silliman University is not only a center of knowledge but also a resort for spiritual nourishment.

The College of Computer Studies (CCS) at Silliman University offers a four-year bachelor’s degree for its students. Partnered with Microsoft and IBM, the university spared no trouble in providing its students with the best education, living up to its reputation as a top Filipino school for computer science.

9. Adamson University

Adamson University (AdU) is a private institution nestled in the central most part of Manila. AdU has stood the test of time and emerged as a successful academic establishment. “Truth in Charity” is the motto of AdU; therefore, this university has always strived to provide affordable quality education to those who have less.

The program of Computer Science at AdU is designed to help the students internalize the key theoretical concepts of the discipline. It aims at preparing technologically accomplished students who can think critically to solve complex computing problems. The curriculum is designed to cover four different sub-areas of computer science: software systems, hardware systems, scientific computing, and computer theory.

10. Central Philippine University

Central Philippine University (CPU) is a distinctive and pioneering private institution in the Philippines. In the last 114 years, CPU has gone from being a small elementary school hosting seventeen students to a renowned university and home to 14,000 students. Currently, CPU is among the top 20 higher education schools in the Philippines.

The College of Computer Studies at CPU is among the best in the country. Over the last few years, the program has grown immensely. The curriculum is heavily focused on programming languages and software development; it instills in its students the ability to work independently in multicultural teams. In addition to offering top-tier education, CPU emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting Filipino historical and cultural heritage.

11. Visayas State University

Visayas State University (VSU) is a public institution reputed for its high-quality teaching and endeavor toward environmental conservation. Ambition lies at the very core of VSU’s system of beliefs. Its main objective is to be a globally competitive university in science and technology by providing world-class education. VSU’s main priority is to bring to light innovative ways to implement technology in the field of agriculture. Over the last ninety-eight years, this institution has amassed numerous awards as a leading establishment in technology and agriculture.

As a leading university in the field of computer science in the Philippines, VSU has produced graduates who have landed jobs just a few months after their graduation. The university offers a four-year bachelor’s program, the first year of which is dedicated to advanced mathematics and the fundamentals of computer science. Furthermore, the university recognizes the importance of building a community for its students. The Computer Science Society at VSU is a very dynamic student community that engages everyone at DCST in fun activities like hackathons or income-generating projects like technical support.

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12. Holy Angel University

Holy Angel University (HAU) is one of the longest-established universities in the Philippines. Since its opening in 1933, the university has grown to become the host of 21,000 students on its 19-acre campus. HAU has a clear vision: to become a role model and a top player in countryside development by means of implementing new technologies.

The Department of Computer Science operates under the School of Computing at HAU. The department pursues its mission to become a center of excellence in ICT by devising well-balanced and flexible curricular programs and establishing partnerships with reputable organizations. The program of Computer Science at HAU is an eight-semester program that tackles every area of computer science and emphasizes the importance of ethics and lifelong learning.

13. University of San Jose-Recoletos

The University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) is a nationally recognized educational and research institution. USJ-R aspires to revolutionize the traditional university experience by providing unique cultural, professional, and spiritual opportunities to its prospective students. It envisions a future led by driven and socially aware individuals who will adopt the beliefs of USJ-R and contribute to the betterment of society.

The School of Computer Studies oversees the computer science program at USJ-R. The program aims at helping the nation transition from a technology consumer to a source of technological development and innovation. The curriculum delves into profound computer science concepts and allows graduates to pursue careers in software engineering, algorithm analysis, and database administration.

14. Centro Escolar University

Centro Escolar University (CEU) is a private institution founded in 1907. CEU has a tradition of excellence in research and education. This university is incessantly upgrading its curricula and infrastructure to keep up with the technological advancements of modern days. This institution prides itself in having a dynamic teaching force that imparts knowledge to over twenty thousand students every year.

Known to be one of the best Filipino institutions for computer science, CEU offers a Bachelor’s program of the highest caliber. The curriculum was meticulously curated by a board of experts, and it is by far one of the richest curricula in the country. In addition to the outstanding curriculum, CEU offers training for students who fancy the pursuit of CISCO certifications. Furthermore, CEU is partnered with the biggest companies in the world, namely Amazon, CISCO Networking Academy, and Oracle Academy.

15. De La Salle University – Dasmariñas

De La Salle University – Dasmariñas (DLSU-D) is a Roman Catholic university open to students of all faiths. In spite of its name, DLSU-D is an autonomous institution, independent from the De La Salle University in Manila; however, DLSU-D aspires to follow in its footsteps and become a nationally and globally leading institution. This university offers varied and community-orientated academic programs and aspires to promote a passion for history, art, and culture.

The College of Science and Computer Studies presides over the computer science program at DLSU-D. The program is designed to train graduates in areas of abstract reasoning, research, and analytical thinking. The curriculum encompasses in-depth coverage of the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, application development, and 3D graphics and animation.


Studying computer science at universities in the Philippines can be a wise decision due to the high-quality education offered at an economical cost, as well as the potential for lucrative job opportunities in the burgeoning tech industry. The country boasts several renowned institutions that offer computer science programs, providing students with the chance to acquire a solid education and expertise in the field. To learn more about where you can finish your tech degree, check out this article on the best countries to study Computer Science and get closer to your dream career.

I hope that this article on Best Universities for Computer Science in the Philippines was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Computer Science Programs for International Students!

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