Many popular courses in South Africa are pursued by local and also international students. Courses in medicine, public health, politics, and of course, the program in which many locals try to enroll in, nursing. There is a reason why these programs are the most popular degree courses that are taken particularly by local students and that is because of the overall or general health, financial, and political status of the country.

Many local students try to get the qualifications to get the roles or professions that will help to address the issues of their country. Some try to just survive, be healthy, and help their families by enrolling in medical and nursing degree programs. While others wanted to change the system by choosing the path of politics and trying to start the movement for their country’s better future.

It can be said that the country of South Africa is a place where passionate and will-driven people reside. Their goals for getting their degrees were not only for personal gain but also for helping their community survive. This has also become the reason why several international students travel to South Africa and enroll in the courses that they are passionate about. They want to stay on their path and keep their fire burning from within.

This article will focus on helping the local and international students to find the best schools for the most commonly taken degree course in Africa, nursing. Nursing has become the most sought-after college degree by students because it was the shortest degree that you could finish for only six semesters.

For the locals of South Africa, this could be the best case for them because, with a shorter period of studying, they could do more things for others and themselves at an earlier time. With that, here is some information about the best nursing schools in South Africa.

Top Schools Offering Nursing Programs in South Africa

1. University of Witwatersrand

Nursing is known to be one of the hardest professions offering its services to certain individuals, groups, and in general, the community. According to the university, nursing is an art and science of caring, giving compassion, and helping out the community. They have the most rigorous and tiring job descriptions and duties in any clinic and hospital so it is not a secret that their profession is among the most difficult jobs.

With this in mind, the university tries to keep their nursing students already aware and experienced with that kind of environment. The university’s nursing curriculum wants its students to be decisive but at the same time compassionate especially at the most trying times that they might face. This is the reason why even though the nursing school at the University of Witwatersrand is relatively small compared to other nursing schools, the University of Witwatersrand nursing schools is the best in South Africa.

2. Lunghile University

Unlike other universities that offer other courses and have other degrees available, Lunghile University is a nursing school that is solely for raising nurses that hone and develop their skills and talents. As such, Lunghile University’s nursing school is one of the top nursing schools in South Africa.

In this nursing school, you will learn the different types of nurses and you would even get to experience being in one of the many partners of the university to apply for internships and special training for the position offered to you. Students who will be enrolling in the university will be well-driven because of the focused and centralized learning principle that the university has already absorbed.

3. Future Nurses Nursing School

Just like the Lunghile Nursing School, the Future Nurses Nursing School, unlike other universities in South Africa or other countries, is a home or paradise for students, especially when it is highly maintained and every person who comes and goes here is well entertained.

According to their official website, future nurses that are currently studying in the university enjoy a good quality education because of the accreditations that the university has received from several organizations not only in their country in South Africa but also the organizations of some of the small groups willing to support the nursing school in trying times.

They are the first to get acquainted with auxiliary nursing by registering with the Council of Higher Education and the Department of Higher Education.

4. University of Pretoria

As one of the most affordable universities with cheap tuition fees in South Africa and as one of the pioneers in the nursing profession, the University of Pretoria Department of Nursing Science has already played the leading role in nursing for several years later after its establishment.

This top nursing school in South Africa believes that Nursing Science must have qualifications and must only be striving for the excellence of teaching and research programs. Moreover, the university wants to focus on teaching the students by promoting their intellectual, emotional, cultural, and personal development.


We hope that this article on the best nursing schools in South Africa was helpful! To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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