If mathematics and programming are right up your alley, completing a computer science degree is your best bet yet. The tech community always needs more computing specialists. Computer science also brings about lucrative job offers. Who knows, you might even become the next tech startup genius.

Malaysia’s interesting education curriculum solidifies the school and industry experience of college students. To qualify for a computer science degree program, students must have pre-university A-levels credits or a foundation in Science or Engineering. With a diploma in computer science, you can either join the workforce or further your studies. Check out our curated list of universities with top-rated computer science programs in Malaysia.

Top Computer Science Universities in Malaysia

1. University of Malaya

The University of Malaya (UM) is the oldest institution for higher education in Malaysia. Its long line of notable alumni working in politics and business makes this a testament to the university’s prestige and academic reputation. Regarded as the highest-ranked university, the University of Malaya also pioneers Malaysia’s computer science field.

University of Malaya’s Faculty of Computer Science is the best computer science program in Malaysia. Dedicated to delivering quality education, the faculty provides specialized degrees in computer science. It produces graduates with an edge in artificial intelligence, software engineering, and information systems.

2. Asia Pacific University

The Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) was established as a computer academy addressing Malaysia’s challenges in the IT field. At present, it is renowned for working with industry leaders and producing the generation’s top computer science specialists.

The Computing, Technology, and Games Development program of APU facilitates degree programs in computer science. Among the university’s many goals for IT, APU enhances students’ appreciation for creative design in problem-solving. Through specialized course offerings and varied industry connections, APU commits to strengthening Malaysia’s IT sector.

3. University of Technology Malaysia

The University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) is a public research-oriented university. UTM is among Malaysia’s best computer science universities, with strong industry relations with tech giants like Intel and Dyson. The University of Technology Malaysia aims for global recognition through its education and research in the engineering field, among which computer science is a core subject.

The UTM Faculty of Computing is dedicated to lifelong service for the technological needs of Malaysia. It actively advocates for collaborative research with other departments in the university for a holistic appreciation of computer science. The Faculty of Computing also strives for producing employable graduates with keen senses for applied computing, pure computer science, and software engineering.

4. University of Nottingham Malaysia

The University of Nottingham Malaysia is the first British institution for higher learning in Malaysia. It boasts a tier 5 excellence ranking and a 5-star rating for research impact. The University of Nottingham is one of the few international universities to rank among Malaysia’s best centers for computer science.

The University of Nottingham School of Computer Science emphasizes technology’s contributions to our day-to-day lives. The faculty comprises local and international instructors. The diversity of cultures helps instill a global perspective among the students. World-class facilities and teaching motivate students in exploring their potential to develop stable operating systems, ethical human-computer interaction experience, and more at this top computer science university in Malaysia.

5. Multimedia University

Multimedia University (MMU) is Malaysia’s first private university to be established. Heralded as exceeding all expectations in the academic field, MMU received a Self-Accreditation status and the Premier Digital Tech University status. MMU is also recognized as another top choice for computer science and information technology-related degree programs.

The MMU Faculty of Computing and Informatics oversees the university’s computer systems and information technology programs. The faculty’s success in mentoring students leads to a high employability rate. So much so that MMU IT graduates are the most highly sought after by IT recruitment firms in Malaysia. MMU is most competent in game development, data science, and software engineering.

6. Taylor’s University

Taylor’s University is another private university with an academic reputation recognized worldwide. It proudly holds the title of the top private institution for tertiary education in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Taylor’s University School of Computer Science and Engineering is an excellent computer science program in Malaysia that manages the training facilities and education for a range of core areas in computer science. Here, students nurture multidisciplinary breakthroughs and collaborations with other academic disciplines. Computer science proves to be versatile, always thinking of the next efficient plan to adapt, be it for medicine, biology, or the social sciences. The school encourages students to unleash their leadership skills and innovate today’s landscape of software and hardware.

7. UOW Malaysia KDU

UOW Malaysia KDU is a member of the University of Wollongong Australia’s global network of educational institutions. The global yet personalized touches on the delivery of education set UOW Malaysia KDU apart from other universities. It concludes our list of best Malaysian computer science schools with a competent curriculum for computer science.

The Department of Computing in UOW Malaysia KDU collaborates with IBM Malaysia to deliver professional-level courses for the students. Students have free access to state-of-the-art computer laboratories and premium programming software to support their studies. The department strives to produce industry-ready graduates and connect them through the university’s broad relations with the domestic and international tech industry. UOW Malaysia KDU also awards dual diplomas because of UK accreditation for their degree programs.

8. The National University of Malaysia

The National University of Malaysia (UNIMY) is a newly founded private university that strives to provide a rich experience for its students. Approaching its first decade of existence, UNIMY has climbed the ranks and is now among the top universities in the country. The university has carved out its way to this position through its cutting-edge curriculum and undying belief in technology, education, innovation, and research.

The Department of Computer Science at UNIMY is committed to introducing its students to the core concepts of computer science. Therefore, the university offers a rich program comprising unique modules such as research and innovative thinking, cyberpreneurship, and human-computer interaction. In addition, the program endows the students with attributes much sought after by employers.

9. Putra University Malaysia

Putra University Malaysia (UPM) is one of Malaysia’s most prominent universities. With nearly a century of success and excellence under its belt, UPM is one of Malaysia’s most internationally accredited and globally known institutions. Since 1931, UPM has adopted “With Knowledge, We Serve” as its slogan. Therefore, Imparting knowledge is of paramount importance to this institution and is the pillar upon which it was founded. UPM has spared no expense in its endeavor toward being a world-renowned university. Today, its faculties and resources rival the top local and international institutions.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology is the body governing the Computer Science program at UPM. This program aspires to yield competent problem solvers who are able to progress through learning; It instills in them the spirit of healthy competition, perseverance, and leadership. In addition, the faculty is setting its eyes on being the epicenter of research in Malaysia with the objective to contribute to national welfare and human civilization.

10. Northern University of Malaysia

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) is Malaysia’s sixth-ever public university. At UUM, high-quality teaching, research, and scholarly publications are the beating heart of a system that has known unparalleled success for four decades. This university aspires to transform the lives of its graduates and produce individuals guided by the noblest of values rendering UUM a favored destination for students from all over the country.

The School of Computing at UUM is one of the best computer science schools in Malaysia. This institution has proven, over the years, that it is a center of excellence in the field of computer science. The School of Computing has developed a creative and innovative approach to computer science with the ultimate goal of producing experts in numerous branches of the field. Furthermore, the School of Computing firmly believes in the significance of establishing and maintaining professional relationships with the public and private sectors. These collaborations allow its graduates to hone their skills and contribute to social development.

11. Petronas Technology University

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) is a leading university in technology education. Established in 1997, UTP is now one of the top private universities in Malaysia. Over the years, this university embraced the vision of harvesting creativity and pushing the boundaries of technology and education, making it a very appealing choice for many ambitious talents.

The Faculty of Science and Information Technology heads the Department of Computer Science at UTP. It provides a friendly and diverse environment for its prospective students. As a leading faculty in the domain of computer science, the Faculty of Science and Information Technology keeps its nose to the grindstone and centers its attention on the sole mission of achieving global prominence. The program sets the path for students to pursue highly distinguished careers by helping them garner in-demand skills in today’s job market.

12. Tenaga National University UNITEN

Tenaga National University (UNITEN) is yet another top-tier private university in Malaysia. Established in 1997, UNITEN has evolved over the last two decades into a prominent institution in the fields of Computer Science, Business, and Engineering. UNITEN is a restless machine geared toward providing the best education to its students. This institution has an employability rate of 94%, making it a prime spot for guaranteed employment.

The Department of Computing CCI offers one of the outstanding Computer Science programs in Malaysia. The Department has clear-cut goals and aims at imbuing the students with the values and necessary skills that make them a desired commodity for big companies on the hunt for talent and competence. Therefore, The Computer Science program at UNITEN is pragmatic in its approach to teaching the discipline. It prepares the students to pursue specific branches in computer science the moment they step foot into the university.

13. University of Malaysia, Pahang

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is a renowned research and teaching center in Peninsular Malaysia. The 16th of February 2002 ushered in the establishment of one of the top universities in Malaysia, one that has been leading the fields of Engineering and Industrial Biotechnology. UMP is a pioneer in the incorporation of soft skills into its program. The university is fully equipped with the most sophisticated laboratories in Malaysia, establishing itself as a leading research hub locally and internationally.

The Faculty of Computing (formerly known as the Faculty of Computer Systems & Software Engineering) offers a very specialized program for anyone wishing to embark upon the journey of studying Computer Science at UMP. For the last two decades, this faculty has aligned its program with the needs of the industry, ensuring that they produce quality graduates ready to face the challenges of the job market.

14. Monash University Malaysia

Monash University Malaysia is the first-ever foreign university in Malaysia and is internationally reputed for its pursuit of excellence. The university is ranked 57th in the world, which speaks volumes about the values and convictions of the staff and decision-makers at Monash. The graduates of this distinguished establishment are considered the cream of the crop and can be found in places of importance worldwide.

The Computer Science program at Monash is on par with the top universities in the world. The program is tailored to keep the students focused on their interests and advocates creative and analytical thinking. With laboratories equipped to the brim with the latest technology, the students of Monash are in for one of the most intellectually stimulating experiences of their lives.

15. Tunku Abdul Rahman University

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) is a not-for-profit private university. The university prides itself in providing affordable education and has known exponential growth since its inauguration in 2002. UTAR is ambitious in its pursuit of new ideas; it offers as many as 131 academic programs across a wide range of disciplines.

The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology provides an outstanding Computer Science program. The faculty prepares its graduates to be competent leaders in their field of specialization, endowing them with the necessary skills required for pursuing a successful career path. The program is rich with a varied curriculum offering three areas of specialization: Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Mobile Application Development.

16. Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak is another international university inspired by technology and innovation. Located at the heart of Kuching City, the university provides its graduates with great learning and living opportunities all across the globe. Swinburne University’s aspiration toward bringing people and technology together to build a better world makes it the optimal choice for technology enthusiasts sharing the same vision.

The Faculty of Engineering, Computing, and Science is home to one of the most immaculate programs of Computer Science in Malaysia. This program is among the very few that emphasize the importance of the “Internet of Things”. Implementing the most up-to-date teaching methods, this faculty aspires to be a top player in nature preservation and business through the development of complex software.

17. Al-Madinah International University

Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) is an independent institution of higher education in Malaysia. MEDIU is dynamic in its approach to education; the university offers both face-to-face and online classes in hopes of disseminating knowledge to anyone with an internet connection. This institution holds true to its slogan, “Your Gateway To Borderless Learning,” as they offer more than 119 programs in various academic disciplines to students from 96 different nationalities.

The program of Computer Science at MEDIU is comprehensive and methodical. It is one of the top computer science programs in Malaysia, and it aims at building a solid foundation for students to grasp the basics of this field. Furthermore, the program is designed to yield successful graduates with a solid moral compass and an entrepreneurial spirit.


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