Nurses make up more than half of the healthcare workforce in India. The demand for nurses has risen steadily over time, but due to a shortage of graduates, nursing roles and workloads have expanded. The first type of nursing education to be introduced in the country was military nursing by the Portuguese. In the 18th and 19th centuries, mission hospitals introduced the establishment of nursing schools across the country.

Training standards and rules were not established until the 19th century, and the first 4-year formal education in the course was offered at RAK College of Nursing and CMC College of Nursing. In India, there are six levels of nursing education: multi-purpose health worker female training, female health supervisor training, general nursing and midwifery, bachelor’s degree in nursing, master’s degree in nursing, master’s degree in philosophy, and doctoral degree in philosophy.

In India, there are two nursing education options: a 3-year diploma program in nursing schools to become a General Nurse Midwife, which comprises the majority of students, or a 4-year bachelor’s degree program.

Today, we will be discussing the best nursing schools in India.

Top Schools Offering Nursing Programs in India

1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences – New Delhi

The establishment of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences was nationally recommended in 1956 due to the increasing demand for a skilled workforce in the healthcare sector. Together with the generous donation under the Colombo Plan from New Zealand, the institution was founded to serve as the center for quality and excellence in every area of health education. Over the years, the institution has expanded and established campuses all over the country, in Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur, Rishikesh, Bhopal, and Kalyani.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the best nursing schools in India. Its College of Nursing also offers a 2-year specialty program in pediatric, psychiatric, cardiological, neurological, nephrological, Oncological, and critical care nursing. Its curriculum for the Bachelor’s program is a mixture of theoretical and practical studies as early as the first year in the program, with hours for practical education increasing each year. 4 weeks of clinical rotation are required during summer vacations, and evening and night duties are scheduled after the third year during the summer vacation.

The Master’s program is taken for 2 years, with practical education dominating against theoretical. The thesis is a vital requirement for graduation and a 30-day leave is granted each year for students in the program. Undergraduate programs cost an average of US$13 to US$33, and Masters for US$17 per year.

2. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University – Delhi

The Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is a top nursing institution in India as it is a professional-oriented institution that integrates theory, research, and practical experience in all of its courses and programs. It is a renowned institution with national accreditations, awards, and recognitions from quality assurance agencies both in the country and abroad.

Its nursing program is available in 5 of its nursing colleges, all of which are part of the University School of Medicine and Paramedical Health Sciences. For licensed nurses or midwives who want to advance in their careers, a post-basic nursing course is available. To qualify for screening, all undergraduate incoming students must pass an entrance exam.

3. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research – Chandigarh

  • Study Program
  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research was founded in 1962 with the support of Punjab’s chief minister and India’s first prime minister. Its hospital was opened in 1963, and it has been operating autonomously since 1967 under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India. The institute provides medical education programs, supervises conduct training, and participates in community-based research.

The institute was named one of the best in India for medical education and research. Other awards and recognition have been bestowed upon the institute over the years for its excellence and advancement in the educational sector as well as hospital operations. Since 2003, the nursing institute has included nursing and midwifery.

Its nursing program includes a bachelor’s degree, a two-year post-basic program, and master’s degrees in five specialties: pediatric, psychiatric, obstetric and gynecology, community health, and medical-surgical care nursing. Students at each level are guaranteed 4-5 hours of practical experience per day. International students who are interested in the program must apply through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The average annual program fee for an undergraduate program is US$8 and US$28 for a master’s program. Other fees can be found on the institute’s website.

4. Army College of Nursing – Jalandhar

The Army College of Nursing – Jalandhar is among the best nursing schools in India. It is also a well-known college that has been accredited by the Indian Nursing Council. It is a college for the daughters of active and retired military personnel. It is a branch of the Army Welfare Education Society, which has offices in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Udhampur, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, and Lucknow. It is affiliated with Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in Faridkot and is ranked as one of the top three nursing colleges within the university.

The college has modern facilities and laboratories for both the teaching staff and the students to improve comprehension and immersion in class sessions. Military Hospital Jalandhar Cantt, a multispecialty hospital, as well as Command Hospital – Chandimandir, are affiliated hospitals for the clinical training of its students. The annual tuition fee is US$672.

5. Christian Medical College and Hospital – Ludhiana

The Christian Medical College and Hospital is an educational and research institution founded and managed by the country’s Christian minority. It offers medical education and training to both Christian and non-Christian men and women, while also incorporating the spirit of Jesus Christ’s healing ministry in the country. The institution focuses on contributing to the health care of India’s underserved community by providing services and missionary work in these areas.

All new students must take the Admission Written Test, which is subject to approval by the Baba Farid University of Health and Sciences – Punjab, the Government of Punjab, the Punjab Nurses Registration Council, and the Indian Nursing Council. The first year of an undergraduate program costs US$2,000, the second and third years cost US$1,800, and the fourth year costs US$1,300. The annual fee for the Master’s program is US$2,735.


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