Most students have the desire to study abroad, therefore picking an ideal location to continue their education is quite crucial. Malaysia offers a wide range of internationally recognized academic programs and credentials to suit the needs of students at every educational level. However, the question of whether or not to choose Malaysia comes up for the majority of overseas students. You can decide whether or not to continue your higher education in Malaysia by reading this article.

Pros / Advantages of the Education System in Malaysia

We will outline a few of the many benefits you could experience while studying in Malaysia so you can get a feel of the country’s appeal. Let’s start!

1. Affordable Tuition fees

The first and most important benefit for an overseas student is the affordable tuition that is needed to finish any course in Malaysia. Malaysian universities and other educational institutions indeed charge less for tuition than affluent countries that charge more. Program fees at the University of Malaya, for example, can vary from roughly RM 45,000 to RM 98,300 for undergraduate programs, and from RM 25,000 to RM 88,100 for postgraduate studies. It is highly advised that students who can afford to spend a reasonable amount on studying abroad choose Malaysia.

2. Quality Education

The standard of education provided by Malaysian universities is identical to that of institutions in other affluent nations. The University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur is the best-ranked university in Malaysia, coming in between positions 251 and 300 worldwide. Therefore, you can be sure that studying in Malaysia won’t force you to forgo a top-notch education.

3. Scholarships

All educational levels can apply for scholarships offered by the nation. Excellent academic standing would entitle you to some of the lucrative funds, and in certain situations, full funding for your studies. If your results are not exceptional, there’s no reason to panic; the majority of universities provide entrance scholarships, and your application will be taken into consideration right away.

4. Low Cost of Living

Due to Malaysia’s comparatively inexpensive cost of living when compared to other study-abroad locations, students can concentrate on their studies without feeling overly concerned about finance. You should normally budget between RM 1,150 and RM 2,260 per month for housing, depending on the kind and location. In general, Malaysia is a reasonably priced study-abroad pick for students from other countries.

Cons / Drawbacks of the Education System in Malaysia

Recall that nothing can stop you from succeeding if you have the confidence and determination to finish your education in Malaysia in order to pursue a successful profession. We’ll talk about a few drawbacks here so you’ll be ready to deal with them head-on.

1. Refugee Children Rules

Children who are refugees are not allowed to attend the official educational system; instead, they receive their education through unofficial, parallel community-based learning institutions. This makes the nation’s issues with unemployment and poverty worse. On the other hand, since they are refugees, some gifted youngsters are overlooked for high-quality education.

2. Problem with English proficiency

Although the majority of Malaysian schools offer the highest caliber of education, certain colleges have very low English competence among their faculty. This may hinder students’ learning as well as make it more difficult for children of foreigners to transition to the public school system. Thus, make an effort to choose the best English-taught schools in Malaysia to finish your education with no issue of English proficiency.

3. Excessive Students

As we previously stated, Malaysia provides the highest caliber education at a low tuition rate. The majority of students from around the globe are eager to seek opportunities here. Because of this, universities are dealing with an enormous influx of talented overseas applicants, which makes management challenging. The institution might not have enough faculty members to instruct this enormous number of freshmen in many circumstances.

4. Cultural Differences

You may initially find the linguistic and cultural differences to be very bothersome. Dealing with the locals could be challenging for you, and you could miss the culture of your own country. However, cultural hurdles may be adjusted over time given that you would be staying for more than 4 years if you are an undergraduate student or for 2 years if you are a postgraduate applicant.

FAQs about Studying in Malaysia

How Is the Education System in Malaysia Different from Other Countries?

Every nation has its distinct characteristics and attributes when it comes to education. The tuition charge is the primary distinction, if that is what brings us together to discuss it. Every international student is conscious of how much tuition costs in the States and nations of Europe are. In contrast to those nations, Malaysia offers affordable education. Moreover, the universities in Malaysia have a high acceptance rate when compared to other top Asian universities. Additionally, Malaysia provides an excellent education in line with that of other advanced countries. All things considered; the nation is the ideal option for students trying to find the best courses at reasonable tuition costs.

Do International Students Face Extreme Challenges While Studying in Malaysia?

When studying in Malaysia as an international student, you are likely to encounter a variety of obstacles and hurdles. Since continuing your education in your nation differs greatly from studying abroad, you will need to discover ways around it. Language, culture, and cuisine would likely undergo the most change, although these things may be adjusted over time. However, based on feedback from the majority of international students studying in Malaysia, we do not observe any significant difficulties.


The information above provides some insightful guidance on whether or not you should pursue your higher education in Malaysia. We hope this post on the pros and cons of the Malaysian education system will be of great value to you! You can check out the Malaysia Page and sample the various Open Courses for additional details on studying in Malaysia!

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