Due to its vastness and rapid economic development, China offers an abundance of tertiary-level educational opportunities. Across the world, the country is known for its state-of-the-art research facilities and innovations in fields such as engineering and microbiology. In addition, every year China has been welcoming more and more international students from around the world and has thus diversified its learning environment. To better understand all that Chinese universities have to offer, here are the five best biology programs in the country!

Top Schools Offering Biology in China

1. Tsinghua University

Situated in the capital city of Beijing, Tsinghua University has been recognized as a leading research institution and a top school for biology both in China and abroad. Since its establishment at the beginning of the 20th century, it has been part of many national academic projects including the C9 League, Project 985, and Project 211. Today, Tsinghua University is concerned with contributing to innovations in the fields of both education and research, offering its students scholarships as they study. The university’s location is also one of envy, as it is located where the imperial gardens once stood and surrounded by an abundance of historical sites.

The Tsinghua Department of Biology is part of the university’s School of Life Sciences. It is one of the most prestigious and earliest programs established at the school. Ever since its establishment, the Department of Biology has worked towards modernizing biological education and research in China. It is currently focused on forming international ties with other world-renowned research centers and laboratories and thus providing its students with the opportunity for international experience and exchange. In recent years, the Department of Biology has come to be recognized not only as an educational center but a cultural hub for scientists all over the globe.

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2. Peking University

Another university located in the Chinese capital, Peking University has received international recognition concerning its academic excellence. As it was originally founded in 1898, the university has been at the center of many intellectual movements, such as the New Culture Movement and the May Fourth Movement protests. Moreover, over its decades-long existence, it has welcomed prominent Chinese figures, including Mao Zedong, Lu Xun, and Premier Li Keqiang. As of the present, Peking University is a leading institution for biology in China that is determined to affirm its academic position internationally.

One of the university’s oldest and most notable departments is the Department of Biology, found at the School of Life Sciences. It was originally established with only two majors – Botany and Zoology. However, over the decades, the department has both grown and developed to include new prominent fields of research. Therefore, today the Department of Biology is considered to be at the forefront of both research and education. It strives to offer its students a wide variety of courses and thus provide them with a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of the field.

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3. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Founded in 1896, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is an excellent school for biology in China and has managed to develop into one of the most prestigious major public universities in the country. In recent years, the university has constantly placed among the hundred best universities internationally that also offer government scholarships to its students. Its high ranking and acclaim stem from its desire for innovation, as well as its list of notable faculty members and alumni. Today, the university’s primary goal is to teach its students to shoulder society’s responsibilities and thus contribute to improving both the local and global community.

One of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s most prominent beacons of innovation is the School of Agriculture and Biology. This faculty offers students several academic paths ranging from microbiology and genetics on the one hand to bioinformatics and biostatistics on the other. Regardless of the specialization they select, each student will receive a world-class education and interact with some of the most notable scholars in the field. Furthermore, during their studies, all students will be encouraged to step out of the classroom and acquire practical knowledge either through internships or work at the university’s many laboratories.

4. Fudan University

Fudan University is a renowned Chinese institution for higher education situated in the city of Shanghai. For a little over a century, the university has been known for its academic prestige and selective admissions process. Furthermore, it is also famous around the country for its inclusive and liberal atmosphere. During its existence, it has been home to many notable alumni, among which are Chen Yinke, Chen Wangdao, and Chu Coching. As of the present, Fudan University is one of the recognized universities for biology and its primary goal is to educate while upholding the principles of patriotism and solidarity.

Although Fudan’s School of Life Sciences was established relatively recently, the field of biology has a long and prominent history at the university. Some of the most notable scholars from both China and abroad have been a part of the school and contributed to it in one way or another. Furthermore, Fudan University is considered to be one of the most prestigious places for the study of biology, as its research is constantly moving to set scientific boundaries and contributing to biological and medical innovation. It currently offers education on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, with the opportunity of specialization later on.

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5. Zhejiang University

Another member of the C9 League, Zhejiang University is an internationally acclaimed center for higher education and a prestigious biology school in China. It is informally referred to as Zheda and currently comprises seven faculties offering over 140 undergraduate programs. As the university states, its goal is to educate future experts and scholars who will have a sense of global awareness and social responsibility, thus it also offers its scholars a chance to apply for its scholarships. Due to its focus on the global community, the university strives to create a global environment within its walls and thus open an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural debate among its students.

A faculty that encompasses all of the university’s most important values is the College of Life Sciences. Its predecessor is the Department of Biology, which had an almost-century-long history of academic excellence. As of the present, the college is divided into four main departments – the Department of Ecology, Department of Biological Science, Department of Biotechnology, and Department of Bioinformatics, all with further available specializations. Although each department is focused on its respective area of biology, they all strive to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary education to their students. In this way, the students can work outside their fields and comprehend research questions to the fullest extent.

FAQS About Studying Biology in China

Can I Study Biology in China if I Don’t Speak Mandarin?

It is possible for you to pursue biology programs in Chinese universities if you don’t speak Mandarin, especially at the graduate level. Several universities offer English-taught programs, making them accessible to international students. For example, the School of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University offers English-taught and bilingual biology programs at the Ph.D. level, with IELTS and TOEFL being the acceptable English language tests. Additionally, master’s and Ph.D. programs at Shanghai Jiao Tong University‘s School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology are taught in English.


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