The long, proud, and unique history of Queen Mary University of London may be traced to four historical institutions that date back to 1785. The university believes that a variety of viewpoints enables humanity to do the previously unthinkable. Since Queen Mary University of London is recognized as one of the best universities in the UK, more students are choosing to continue their careers in London. Many international students are keen to enroll at Queen Mary to gain quality knowledge. International students should be mindful of the acceptance rate at the Queen Mary University of London, which indicates how many students out of all applicants get the chance to pursue their selected degrees.

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Queen Mary University of London Acceptance Rate

As a truly international university, Queen Mary University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in every conceivable field. The institution presents a fantastic community and a top-notch education, with over 32,000 students enrolled in degree programs. According to the UCAS 2022 Report, just 5,575 students, or 13% of all applicants, are selected for admission to Queen Mary each year out of the about 41,820 who submit applications. The institution prefers that exceptional and bright students are polished so they can contribute to altering the world positively.

Preparing for Queen Mary University of London

The low acceptance rate at Queen Mary University of London prompts international students to think carefully about the application process, tuition prices, and scholarships to maximize their chances of admission. In this part, a few of these components will be discussed:

Admission Requirements

Understanding the educational prerequisites, English language proficiency requirements, and other criteria that are necessary and acceptable for each specific program becomes essential for all overseas learners. It is advised that prospective overseas students carefully check the qualifications to make sure they meet them, considering Queen Mary has a low acceptance rate, which demonstrates the level of competition there.

Tuition Fees

Since the institution updates its fees each year, each one is more expensive than the prior one, and international students must confirm the tuition costs for their desired courses. Additionally, tuition costs make up a large portion of the overall budget, which could be challenging for overseas students if they do not have a suitable financial strategy.


We all understand that university is a significant investment in your future, and Queen Mary offers a generous package of scholarships each year to support its undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, the college offers undergraduate bursaries that are awarded depending on need and household income.

How to prepare and submit your application to Queen Mary University of London is covered in the discussion above. We believe the mentioned links including the acceptance rate at Queen Mary University of London would support you throughout your application process. Therefore, make sure to prepare and send everything by the application date.


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