Do you want to know the acceptance rate for Peking University? If so, you came to the right place. Here, we will discuss the acceptance rate of this excellent university, but before that, let’s look at some background information. Peking University was established in Beijing, China, as the Imperial University of Peking in 1898, during the later half of the Qing Dynasty’s rule. Abbreviated as PKU and colloquially referred to as the Beida, Peking University is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in China. The university is part of the highly regarded C9 League that is a group comprised of the most elite Chinese Universities.

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Since its inception, Peking University has been at the forefront of intellectual and progressive social movements across China. The university’s contribution towards shaping the socio-cultural milieu of China is widely documented.

Several students and academics have been involved in significant social events shaping Chinese society such as the May Fourth protests and the New Culture Movement. As such, the university is one of the most sought after by Chinese students as well as foreign students interested in pursuing higher education in China.

Peking University is one of the highest-ranked universities in Asia and consistently ranks amongst the top 50 in most reputable international surveys. The World University Rankings for the year 2019 compiled by Times Higher Education has ranked Peking University the 31st best university in the world. In a similar vein, the Top University Rankings compiled by QS placed Peking University 38th in the world. Both these rankings attest to this institution’s dedication to academic excellence.

The university has a total enrolment of over 42,000 students across a wide range of fields of study. Over 15,000 of these students are engaged in undergraduate studies while around 27,000 students pursued postgraduate degrees at this university. Every year Peking University sees about 2000 foreign students registered in various courses on the main campus in Beijing while about 50 more attend the HSBC Business School located in Shenzhen.

Peking University has entered into partnerships and collaborations with several of the top universities around the world including the Ivy League Cornell and the Yale University of USA. These partnerships require students of these universities to spend a semester studying in Peking and vice versa.

Other major universities with various joint degree programs launched with Peking include Tokyo and Waseda from Japan. The Freie University of Germany, Seoul National University of South Korea, Paris School of International Affairs, and the London School of Economics have all entered into partnerships with Peking.

Peking University’s longstanding engagement with social movements in China is well known. The university has contributed immensely towards shaping discourse in China through its intellectual and human resource output. Be it politics, science, or the arts, Peking has had some of the brightest minds in China in all these fields associated with it at some point and in various capacities.

The three founding members of the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao, and Chen Duxiu have all held various positions at the university. Renowned writers and philosophers such as Lu Xun, Hu Shi, and Lin Wutang had also called the university their alma mater. They have also produced several of China’s brightest scientists such as Deng Jiaxian and Qian Sanqiang who have contributed immensely to the development of nuclear physics in the country.

Peking University Acceptance Rate

Now, let’s talk about Peking University’s acceptance rate. For domestic students from China, the admission rate is very very low. However, it is a different story for international students. It is still hard for international students, but it is not as difficult. It is estimated that around 15% of international students who apply get accepted. In order to be eligible to apply, you need to learn Chinese and take a Chinese proficiency test if you are applying for undergraduate programs. Also, you would need tests like SAT/ACT if you are applying for undergraduate programs or GRE if you are applying for graduate programs.

If you want to apply, make sure to prepare months in advance. If you are interested in getting a scholarship, I recommend going to Peking University Scholarships Page.


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