Consider studying in China for your future academic endeavors! Then why not enroll at a public university?

International students have long considered China as a potential professional destination. This country offers excellent education in addition to being affordable. And because public institutions charge relatively lower tuition than private ones, most students are keen to study there. It is a reality that most students would undoubtedly choose a less expensive choice.

We’ll list the top 7 public universities in China for you to study in the discussion below. Let’s find out further!

Top Public Universities in China

To make it easier to select your top choice, we have listed the most well-liked and competitive public universities in China.

1. Tsinghua University

Since Tsinghua University is the most demanding university in China, education in China compels any international student to consider it closely. From its founding as Tsing Hua Imperial College in 1911, the university has made every effort to establish itself as one of the top Chinese universities for international students. With astounding speed, Tsinghua University has grown into a comprehensive research university. The university now contains 21 schools, 59 departments, and faculties covering humanities, law, medicine, history, science, engineering, management, arts, and many more. If you intend to pursue a degree in China, Tsinghua University needs to be high on your list of institutions to apply to.

2. Peking University

The second-oldest institution in China, Peking University is a national public comprehensive university in Beijing and was founded in 1898. It is a breeding ground for bright, talented students. In addition to providing its students with a bright future, the university serves as a gateway for global interchange. At present, Peking University is highly positioned in several world-ranking sites. Without a doubt, this is a top-notch institution where you can further your career in a certain field.

3. Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University, founded 121 years ago in 1902, ranks third among public universities as per our analysis. Recently, it has been providing potential students with over 140 undergraduate and 300 graduate programs. The Master of Business Analytics and the Global MBA Program are two of Zhejiang University’s most popular graduate programs.

4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

A public institution associated with China’s Ministry of Education is Shanghai Jiao Tong University. With the longest history and the best reputation both domestically and internationally, the university is among the most well-known institutes of higher learning. More than 2,000 international students have recently registered at the university, and many more are being welcomed to make a difference in the world. On the university’s admission page, you can review the prerequisites for admission as well as comprehensive details and submit an application based on your preferences.

5. Tongji University

In China, Tongji University is the oldest university, and German medics founded it in Shanghai in 1907. With over 2,815 scholars on faculty, the university will ensure that prospective students have bright futures. An undergraduate student at Tongji University has a tuition fee of between CNY 33,800 and CNY 45,000 for their English-taught programs per year. For graduate applicants, the annual tuition for an English-taught program ranges from CNY 39,000 to CNY 10,4000.

6. Fudan University

Fudan University, formerly known as Fudan Public School, founded in 1905, is the second-best public university in China. Foreign students can pursue their academic goals at Fudan’s five undergraduate colleges. Even after they graduate, Fudan University still provides support to its students. Furthermore, Fudan University is a globally recognized institution. This demonstrates its commitment to ensuring its students have a brighter future after their studies.

7. Wuhan University

In Hubei, Wuhan University is a public institution. To prepare its students for participation in global development, the university makes sure that its curriculum is high-quality and up-to-date. The institution is a part of the Double First Class Institution Plan and Project 985. International freshmen can view admissions information and deadlines here and choose from a variety of courses that suit their interests.

It would be smart to pursue higher education in China at this time, as the nation has broadened its invitation to prospective overseas students and the public universities are offering scholarship opportunities. Thus, don’t hesitate to get a degree from any of the Chinese public universities listed above.

FAQs about Studying in Public Universities in Austria

Can International Students Enroll in Public Universities in China?

China’s doors were closed to all international students for a very long time. China opened its borders to overseas students following the COVID-19 pandemic for the first time in nearly three years. With students attending Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, and numerous other public universities, China currently stands fourth among the most popular “receiving” nations in the world. Furthermore, distinct undergraduate and graduate courses are now offered by both public and private educational institutions. Public universities provide greater funding than private ones, as was previously said. International students no longer have to worry about earning a degree from China’s public universities.


We hope that this list of top public universities in China has given you more options to explore if planning to study in China. Don’t miss out on the range of program options available for international students in China by exploring these open courses! And for more insightful details about studying in China, make sure to visit our Study in China Page!

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