Quebec in Canada is a great place to study. International students find themselves in this province enjoying the fun blend of North American modernity and the European old-world charm. Besides its diverse and vibrant culture, Quebec is also home to natural and majestic sights that are awe-inspiring and stress-relieving.

As an international student, you’ll need all the help you can get, which, fortunately, Canadian universities in Quebec consistently provide. Besides the impressive student support, studying in Quebec means you get to enjoy affordable tuition rates and low costs of living. With a promising student life, choose from one of the best subjects to study in Quebec.

Top Subjects to Study in Quebec

1. Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is an excellent subject to choose if you wish to learn about growing and managing the workforce in Quebec. Here, you’ll acquire competencies in recruitment, selection, and placement of talents across the organization. Moreover, the Human Resource Management field also covers productivity-impacting topics, such as compensation, benefits, training, education, and even motivation and work-life balance. By studying this subject, you’ll have a unique chance to make impacting changes in a company’s workforce.

Canada is known for its massive, yet diverse, workforce. Additionally, it’s one of the countries that are open to immigrants, making up the majority of its working class. Studying in Human Resource Management in Quebec, Canada places you in a position where you can gain first-hand experience as to how it’s like to get people from all walks of life working together. To get a little technical here, you’ll find how cultural concepts, like inclusion and diversity, can be integrated into business strategies that promote workforce empowerment and increased productivity.

With Quebec serving as an ideal place to study Human Resource Management, all you need to do next is to look for universities to provide for your academic needs. Here are some that should be at the top of your list:

2. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are among the most-sought professionals in Canada, making it one of the top subjects to study in Quebec. But before you can embark on this academic journey, know what you’re in for if you choose to study this field. To start, Electrical Engineering deals with research, particularly on the design, operation, and performance of electrical generation, as well as distribution networks. In simple terms, you’ll be working on creating technologies that use electricity.

By building your skills and competencies in this particular field, you have the opportunity to start a lucrative career. In Canada, electrical engineers earn around $125,000 to $130,000 annually. On top of that, working as an electrical engineer opens doors and lets you climb the top of the career ladder. After undergraduate studies, you can even pursue master’s and doctorate education.

With so many opportunities available to engineering graduates in Quebec, Canada, you want to make sure to get into the best companies. For that, you’ll need to prepare for your studies by choosing the best universities with electrical engineering courses. These include McGill University, Aviron Quebec College Technique, and Université de Sherbrooke.

3. Finance

Finance joins the list of best subjects to study in Quebec due to Canada’s impressive economic growth. It’s particularly characterized by a social market economy that enjoys a blend of a high level of social security and a free and open market. With that in mind, you would want to learn Finance in a country that does it best. Studying Finance teaches students about the financial systems around the world. Additionally, you’ll learn here how to assess the advantages of an economic system, like the one in Canada.

By choosing Finance to study in Quebec, you can choose from its world-class universities and enjoy the many perks that both local and international students have. Some of the universities you should check out for your Finance education are Concordia University, the University of Quebec, and the HEC Montreal. Besides undergraduate programs, these universities also offer graduate studies for international students. This way, you can work and stay in Canada for good and further enhance your skills and competencies by taking up Masters in Finance courses.

4. Computer Science

Computer Science is a diverse subject and covers a wide range of topics including cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and even Robotics. It’s a heavily tech-driven field, which fits well with the needs of the 21st century. It is among the in-demand subjects to study in Quebec. Various industries are adapting computer systems to make work more efficient, secure, and cost-effective, with Computer Scientists are making this possible.

Besides working as a computer scientist, studying computer science lets you pursue a career as a software developer, data scientist, database administrator, and artificial intelligence and machine learning specialist. You’ll be at the very front of the technological revolution and in a unique spot to create a legacy. Of course, computer science jobs are also among the lucrative jobs, so finances will be the least of your concern as well.

With how promising this field of study is, you’ll need to prepare well by choosing a university that can provide you with the best education. Some of the top universities for computer science in Quebec are Universite de Montreal, Universite du Quebec, and Universite Laval

5. Medicine

With the pandemic challenging all countries’ healthcare systems, Canada remains one of the best examples of success in this particular field. While this can be attributed to the country’s strong and effective policies, medical education is also among its main contributive factor. It’s why Medicine is among the best subjects to study in Quebec, Canada.

Medical schools and colleges in Quebec provide top-notch practice-based teaching, along with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to their students. By doing so, students are more encouraged and capable of withstanding the many challenges of this field. Ultimately, they will graduate with skills and competencies, ready to commit to a life-saving profession. Of course, it does help that doctors are also some of the well-paid professionals in the country. And even if you choose to practice medicine in other countries, you’ll retain the prestige and financial perks that come with this career choice.

In Quebec, some of the best universities to study Medicine are Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke, and McGill University.


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