Finland takes pride in its outstanding quality of education. It also hosts several universities that offer English-taught programs that cater to domestic and international students. It means that incoming students don’t necessarily have to learn the Finnish language to study in Finland. Moreover, degrees earned in the country are also recognized and welcomed by member countries of the European Union.

Some of the most popular subjects to study in Finland are engineering, computer science, business, nursing, and education. Depending on the university and the program of interest, prospective students, including those from other countries, may even qualify for free education through numerous scholarship opportunities for outstanding individuals.

Because of these excellent qualities, Finland attracts roughly 20,000 international students spread among several universities all over the country. Prestigious universities also have established bilateral agreements with other countries outside of the EU, allowing international students to go on exchange programs for one to two semesters.

Below, we discuss some of the best subjects you can study in Finland.

Top Courses to Study in Finland

1. Engineering

Finland is known for its excellent contributions to engineering and technology globally. It is home to numerous outstanding public universities that offer some of the best engineering programs worldwide. Prospective students can select from various engineering specialty courses, such as electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, and more. Indeed, engineering is among the top subjects you can study in Finland.

Graduates will most likely find good career opportunities from some of the world-renowned companies in the country. Engineering degree holders from Finland may also pursue a higher degree or find suitable jobs in neighboring EU countries.

You can study in Finland either in English or Finnish depending on the medium of instruction of your chosen university. If are proficient in Finnish, you can study at Aalto University as most of the study programs are taught in the Finnish language, however, you can opt to study in English as the university offers an English-taught bachelor’s degree in computational engineering. On the other hand, Tampere University also offers English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computing and electrical engineering. Meanwhile, the University of Turku has several mechanical engineering and materials engineering programs.

2. Computer Science / Information Technology / Software Engineering

Aside from engineering programs, courses relevant to data and digital technology are among the best subjects to study in Finland. As a matter of fact, about two-thirds of recent job posts in the country consist of promising positions for graduates who hold degrees in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Software Engineering.

Finland pioneered many technologies but has recently lagged behind some strong competitors from the US and Asian countries like China, South Korea, and Japan. That is why many tech companies in Finland are looking to hire outstanding computer and IT specialists. Moreover, even the government and private companies like banking and healthcare also require data professionals to collect, manage, and store important data. Therefore, graduates with relevant degrees are highly likely to land lucrative jobs in the industry.

For aspiring overseas students, the University of Helsinki offers an English-taught interdisciplinary bachelor’s program in science. Students will learn basic research and application of critical scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, computer and data science, math and statistics, and physics. After which, graduates may pursue a master’s degree in computer science or data science in English, Finnish, or Swedish.

3. Business

With Finland’s high quality of education, aspiring entrepreneurs have a surplus of talents to recruit for a promising startup career. The service industry also constitutes over 70% of the country’s economy, so starting a business in this sector can help young businesspeople secure a career in a stable setup. Meanwhile, outstanding business degree holders may also land management or executive positions at already established multinational companies.

Regardless of whether graduates want to start their own businesses or work in large companies, a degree in business is one of the most sought-after degrees in Finland for both domestic and international students. Business programs in the country also tackle timely global issues like sustainability and urban development, providing graduates with specializations that can give them an academic advantage when looking for future careers.

The Aalto University School of Business is among the best in the country, offering a bachelor’s, a master’s, and a doctoral degree in business. It is also a member of the Global Alliance in Management Education, so students can pursue a master’s degree in International Management at the university.

4. Nursing

Healthcare services in Finland are among the best in Europe. There is also a constant need for well-trained nurses and healthcare professionals to maintain a high level of satisfaction among patients and their folks. That is why nursing is one of the best subjects to study in Finland.

Although many neighboring European countries would often hire professional nurses from non-European countries, Finland has higher requirements. Most often, nurses with a bachelor’s degree from their home country have to initially work as healthcare assistants in Finland while taking supplementary courses to earn a license to become full-fledged nurses that would meet Finnish standards.

Because of this, prospective international students who plan to work as nurses in Finland after graduation might as well study the course there to save time. For an English-taught nursing program in Finland, the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers free undergraduate education for EU/EEA students and a Finnish language proficiency-based scholarship for non-EU/EEA students.

5. Education

The high quality of education in Finland is mainly due to the excellent training teachers receive from the university. They may not be as well-paid as other professionals, but they are highly respected individuals in society. Teachers are also in high demand in Finland at all levels of education, ranging from early childhood to university.

To further enhance the quality of education, the Finnish government has required professional teachers to pursue a master’s degree. Teachers in Finland also have the autonomy and are trusted to design their lesson curriculum as they deem fit. As a result, Finland ranks high in educational performance surveys such as the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Tampere University offers a three-year English-taught bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with an opportunity to study or intern abroad. Meanwhile, the University of Turku offers a three-year bachelor’s degree and a two-year master’s degree in Primary Teacher Education—both taught in English.


We hope this article will encourage you to study in Finland. To know more information, visit our Finland Page as we have a list of useful topics about before, during, and after studies in Finland! Also, are you still unsure of what study program to take? Here’s a list of Available Programs in Europe for International Students!

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