Quebec, while part of Canada, is culturally distinct from most of the country. With the majority of the population fluent in French, going to university in Quebec is a unique experience. Even so, the province is home to some of the best universities in the country, particularly for students interested in becoming engineers. In this article, we will discuss just five of the best universities in Quebec for prospective engineering students!

Top Universities for Engineering in Quebec

1. University of Sherbrooke

The University of Sherbrooke is recognized for offering some of the best engineering degrees in all of Quebec. Engineering is one of the most important subjects taught, with degrees available at all levels from bachelors and Ph.D. The variety of options is impressive, with civil, electrical, biomedical, and mechanical engineering all available at a bachelor’s level.

The university is one of the largest and top engineering institutions in Quebec that is taught wholly in French and the oldest in the Estrie region. Students that do not speak French have a unique opportunity to pick up the language. The Langauge Centre at the university offers courses that aim to improve students’ confidence with the language, a service that is particularly useful for the many international students at the university.

The University of Sherbrooke also focuses on building a community across the campus. This is accomplished through the presence of a campus radio station, as well as a magazine all about university affairs.

2. Polytechnic School of Montreal

Associated with the University of Montreal, the Polytechnic School of Montreal is Canada’s premier engineering institution. The Polytechnic has a reputation for being the best place to study engineering in all of Quebec. The fact that over a quarter of the engineers in the Quebec Order of Engineers have been trained at the Polytechnic is proof of the college’s quality.

The Polytechnic offers bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of subjects and delivers an outstanding engineering program in Quebec. These include bachelors in civil, chemical, mechanical, and industrial engineering. Students that wish to pursue a master’s or a doctorate also have many options to choose from.

The university is also well known for its welcoming atmosphere, particularly for international students. Over a quarter of undergraduates and almost half of graduate students come from abroad, giving the university a unique outlook. Students that do come from abroad are well looked after.

3. Université Laval

Located in Quebec City, Université Laval is likely the oldest university in North America taught wholly in French. With over 350 programs and 38,000 students, it is also one of the largest universities and among the top institutions for engineering in all of Quebec.

Prospective students interested in studying engineering have a wealth of options to choose from, all offered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Just at a bachelor’s level, students can choose to study aerospace, water, environmental, and mining engineering. This list only scratches the surface with even more high-quality courses available at the university.

Outside of the quality of teaching, the campus of the Université Laval is incredibly unique. The majority of buildings on the campus are connected through a system of underground tunnels – a valuable asset in the Canadian winter. As well as this, the campus is well-serviced with 8kms of bike paths and the largest indoor sports center in eastern Canada, the PEPS.

4. McGill University

McGill University is one of the best-ranked universities in the world. Placing in the top 30 universities worldwide, McGill has a reputation for quality known worldwide. Mcgill University is also recognized as a leading institution for engineering in Quebec and engineering graduates can benefit from this fantastic reputation and the large alumni network.

The university has plenty of courses available at all levels. This can range from the bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. levels. McGill has a wide number of engineering degrees offered by the Faculty of Engineering. These include materials, civil, computer, and mechanical engineering. If you want to continue studying with McGill, there are plenty of options at a postgraduate level.

McGill is located in the city of Montreal, one of the most diverse and exciting cities in Canada. Getting to live in this city is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss if you attend the university. The list of things worth seeing in Montreal is extensive, with the Botanical Gardens, the Biodome, and Mount Royal being particularly special. If you get the chance to live in Montreal, you should definitely take the opportunity to explore this wonderful city.

5. Concordia University

The largest university in Canada with over 50,000 students enrolled, Concordia University is another university in Canada that offers excellent engineering degrees. The university is ranked in the top 600 worldwide by the QS World University Rankings. In addition, Concordia University is one of the leading universities for engineering in Quebec because of its high-quality engineering programs offered to its students.

The Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science is the home to all engineering courses in the college. Students at a bachelor’s level can choose from a large number of degrees, including computer, electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineering.

Concordia University understands that the jump from secondary to post-secondary education can be difficult for many students. As such, the university offers a variety of services such as financial aid programs, counseling services, and a number of free healthcare services.

Finally, the university has a vast array of student groups that are well worth joining. The variety of these organizations is impressive, with arts, sports, and political clubs across the campus. There are also many clubs related to the subjects students are taking as part of their degree, allowing them to meet students with similar interests.

The universities above are just some of the many institutions in Quebec that offer high-quality engineering degrees. Students that wish to study engineering in Quebec are spoilt for choice but cannot go wrong with any of the universities listed above.


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