Quebec is a province located in Canada, is known for being Canada’s primary French-speaking province. For students that are not looking to pursue studies in French, however, there are many bilingual and English-speaking universities that you can attend in Quebec.

Quebec is a province that provides high-quality education at reasonable tuition prices. Residents of Quebec often pay less tuition than out-of-province domestic students. In this article, we will be looking at the cheap universities in Quebec.

When studying in Canada, students can apply for grants and loans through the Canadian Government website and the Quebec Government website. It is also important to remember that any student can apply for scholarships, which are best located on the university’s official website. These options, if granted, can cut down your tuition fees exponentially.

The tuition fees listed below are presented as a per year (or, two full-time semesters) tuition rate, and are presented in CAD currency. Fees in this article are presented at the undergraduate level only. Consult university websites for graduate or baccalaureate tuition rates. For many of these institutions, students can opt for part-time and online education as an alternative to full-time.

Affordable Universities in Quebec for International Students

1. Concordia University

Established in 1974 and located in Montréal, QC, Concordia University is a public research university. Programs at this institution are predominantly instructed in the English language.

Over 300 undergraduate programs are available through the four main faculties of Concordia, which include: the Faculty of Arts and Science, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the John Molson Business School, and the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Business.

Concordia University was ranked 7th in Canada according to the International Professional Classification of Higher Education Institutions. This university has an undergraduate population of approximately 38,000.

2. Bishop’s University

Founded in 1843, Bishop’s University, or Université Bishop’s is located in Sherbrooke, QC. Programs at this institution are predominantly instructed in the English language. Bishop’s University is known for being an undergraduate-only level institution. Programs and degrees are offered through five academic divisions: the Williams School of Business, the School of Education, the Division of Humanities, the Division of Social Sciences, and the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

This cheap university in Quebec has an overall population of approximately 2,900 students.

3. University of Quebec

  • Tuition Fees: $2,456 – $7,632 (Domestic Students) | $16,815 (International Students)

With seven locations in Quebec, the University of Quebec is a public institution established in 1968. The University of Quebec Montréal (UQAM), a predominantly French-language institution, is the largest of the University of Quebec system.

Programs at UQAM are offered through seven faculties, including the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Political Science and Law, Faculty of Sciences, School of Management Sciences, and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The University of Quebec Montréal has an undergraduate population of approximately 30,000.

4. McGill University

Next on our list of cheap universities in Quebec is McGill University, which was established in 1821. It is also a bilingual public research university located in Montréal, QC. McGill offers over 300 programs and offers their programs primarily through their five main faculties: Arts, Science, Medicine, Management, and Engineering. McGill predominantly offers its instruction in the English language but does have French language options as well.

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, McGill ranks 3rd in Canada and 42nd in the world. With a huge international student population, the total undergraduate population is 27,000.

5. Vanier College

  • Tuition Fees: $1,800 – $4,560 (Domestic Students) | $18,800 (International Students)

Established in 1970 as a CEGEP (General and Vocational College), Vanier College is a public and predominantly English-language institution located in Montréal, QC. Diploma programs offered at Vanier College include Arts, Engineering, Business Studies, and Applied Sciences, with many more options included.

CEGEP stands for General and Vocational College, a school system exclusive to Quebec. Vanier College offers two-year pre-university programs as well as three-year technical field programs. Pre-university programs are best suited for those who have recently graduated high school and are preparing for university education, whereas the technical field programs are best suited for those planning to begin their career immediately.

The full-time diploma student population of Vanier College is approximately 6700.

6. University of Montréal

  • Tuition Fees: $2,000 – $7,500 (Domestic Students) | vary (International Students)

The University of Montréal was founded in 1878 and is a public university located in Montréal, QC. This institution is a predominantly French-language institution. Offering more than 650 undergraduate and graduate programs, there is a vast majority of options to choose from if you decide to pursue education in the French language.

The undergraduate population of this cheap university in Quebec is approximately 34,000.

7. Université Laval

Université Laval is a public and primarily French-language research university, founded in 1663. Laval has over seventeen faculties and schools and over 350 programs for students to choose from. Some of the faculties of Laval include Arts, Medicine, Nursing, Religious Studies, Architecture, and Agriculture.

With over 230 student groups and associations, Université Laval has an undergraduate population of approximately 30,000.


Quebec is a province that houses many lower-cost institutions, including the above options and more. Quebec offers a multitude of accessible options for students across the globe. Fees may be subject to future change as per the institution’s rules and standards. The fees listed above do not always reflect the costs of residence and other expenditures, so be sure to consult official university websites for the most accurate fees depending on your situation and on which year you are applying.


We hope that this article on cheap universities in Quebec was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Canada!

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