As an international student, attending a prestigious public university in Finland can be quite advantageous. Firstly, students receive a high-quality education from reputed institutes, which are known for their expertise in research and academics. In addition, students can also expect relatively affordable tuition costs at public universities, especially for individuals from EU/EEA countries.

Moreover, international students in Finland can benefit from the vibrant student life the country offers. This includes numerous opportunities for engagement, allowing students to experience an enjoyable and holistic study abroad experience. This article offers some of the top public universities in Finland for international students interested in pursuing higher education in this country.

Top Public Universities in Finland

Finland’s friendly environment for international students and its high-quality education make it a popular choice among international students. Here are some top public universities in Finland that are great study options for international students.

1. University of Helsinki

Founded in 1640, the University of Helsinki is a renowned public university that is situated in the capital of Finland. It is reputed for its wide range of academic programs and its high-quality research in fields like social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and medicine.

The University of Helsinki makes a great study-abroad choice for international students dedicated to academics and sustainable development. The university displays a similar level of commitment to its endeavors, such as environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Another reason why students prefer to continue their higher education at the university because of its affordability. Students planning to study at the university must be aware of the study costs and living expenses to be incurred during their stay at the university. It is generally much cheaper compared to other elite universities in Finland.

2. Aalto University

Founded in 2010, Aalto University is a premier public institution in Finland that was formed by merging three universities. It is reputed for its interdisciplinary approach to research and education, which combines areas like business, technology, and art. Along the same vein, Aalto University nurtures a collaborative and dynamic study environment with much focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Aalto University is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs interested in studying the intersection of various disciplines. This is possible through programs like the Master of Science in Creative Sustainability, which combines business, science, design, and sustainability to deal with complicated societal issues.

3. University of Turku

The University of Turku was founded in 1920. It is a public educational institute that is recognized for its vibrant academic community, high-quality education, and extensive research activities. It offers a comprehensive list of study programs in areas like technology, natural sciences, medicine, social sciences, and humanities.

University of Turku’s student support services and international atmosphere make it an excellent choice for international students. In addition, the university offers plenty of English-taught programs, which make it accessible to non-Finnish speakers. International students can also benefit from the grants and scholarships provided by the university to provide financial assistance to international students.

4. Tampere University

Tampere University is a fairly new public educational institution in Finland that was established in 2019. However, it has gained much recognition since then and is now known for its multidisciplinary approach to education and research. Tampere University offers academic programs in a variety of fields like social science, technology, health sciences, and arts. It is a great choice for international students interested in an inclusive and dynamic academic environment.

Tampere University’s innovation and excellence in research bring in students from around the globe. In addition, students are offered numerous opportunities for career prospects, networking, and internships due to the institution’s strong international connections with industrial partners and organizations.

5. University of Oulu

Founded in 1958, the University of Oulu is renowned for its research, technology, and innovation expertise. One of its most popular study programs is the Master’s in Environmental Engineering, which is dedicated to addressing environmental challenges and sustainable development.

Another in-demand program is the Master’s in Wireless Communications Engineering. It prepares students for careers in the telecommunications industry, especially focusing on wireless technology.

International students at the University of Oulu benefit from the various programs and services made available to them. These options assist in their academic success and integration and are a testament to the university’s inclusive and supportive environment.

6. University of Jyväskylä

Established in 1934, the University of Jyväskylä is a renowned Finnish public institution that has become popular for its innovation, research, and dedication to providing education of high quality. It offers a comprehensive range of academic programs in numerous fields like sports sciences, social sciences, education, natural sciences, and humanities.

Furthermore, the University of Jyväskylä is widely known for its research discoveries in fields related to education and its expertise in training educators. Thus, it is an attractive choice for international students seeking to pursue a career in educational research or teaching.

Lastly, the university takes pride in its strong industrial connections. These provide students with valuable opportunities for job placements and internships.

7. University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland was founded in 2010 and is highly regarded for its research and quality education in fields like health sciences, forest sciences, social sciences, and environmental sciences. It is dedicated to sustainable development and focuses on developing innovative solutions to global issues. Such fervent commitment makes it an attractive study abroad option for students passionate about sustainability and positively impacting the world.

In addition, UEF’s collaborations with leading research institutions and universities and strong international connections allow it to provide students with various opportunities for career advancement, academic exchange, and research collaborations.

FAQs about Studying in Public Universities in Finland

Can International Students Enroll in Public Universities in Finland?

Yes, there are public universities in Finland that allow international students to enroll. Most of them also offer a good range of English-taught programs perfect for foreign learners. An example of such an institution is the University of Helsinki, which is a notable public university in Finland that accepts international students. It is Finland’s largest and oldest university and offers a comprehensive range of study programs.

Another prestigious institution that also accepts international students is Aalto University. It is popular among international students for its focus on areas like design, technology, and business education.


Finland is a great study location that offers high-quality education. In addition to quality education, public universities in Finland offer affordable education and numerous scholarship opportunities for international students. Thus, it should be on your list of study-abroad destinations.


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