Many African countries may be suffering from poverty and low literacy rate, but you’ll be surprised about the number of good academic institutions on the continent. Its proximity to many European and Asian countries has influenced its education system, and many of the best universities in Africa have bilateral agreements with prestigious universities in neighboring continents. Because of this, interested students don’t have to go abroad or spend too much to obtain a high quality of education.

Africa has relatively slower economic growth than its neighbors. However, it only means that the continent has so much potential for growth that is yet to be discovered. But first, African countries should invest in the education of the youth who can help improve the region economically in the future.

International students may also find many degree programs and subjects that can be best learned in Africa. Some benefits include lower education and living costs and an immersive education which allows students to learn from personal experience.

Top Subjects to Study in Africa

1. Agriculture

Learning Agriculture in a country with highly developed farming techniques is beneficial to any student aiming to make a profitable career in the industry. However, various regions in the world have so much to offer agriculturally but lack the means and the technology to do so. Such is the case in Africa. The continent hosts plenty of natural resources with great potential for massive profitability, but the lack of education among African people leaves these resources untapped.

Unfortunately, due to poverty in the majority of the populations in African countries, not many people can afford to avail themselves of the high quality of education in neighboring continents. However, the good thing is that outstanding American, European, and Asian universities have opened branches at some African universities to extend their knowledge, tools, and skills in Agriculture, making agriculture as among the top subjects to study in Africa.

In South Africa, the University of Pretoria has a Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences that offers numerous undergraduate and postgraduate programs, such as Plant Science, Animal Science, Soil Science, and Wildlife Management. Meanwhile, the University of Ibadan in Nigeria has various Bachelor’s degree programs in various agricultural fields like Agricultural Economics, Rural Development, Agronomy, and more.

2. Education

A career in education is probably one of the noblest professions one could pursue in Africa, as it is among the best programs to study in the region. Many children with disadvantaged backgrounds are unable to gain education due to a lack of academic facilities and materials. In addition, not many university students are particularly interested in becoming primary or secondary school teachers because it is not a lucrative job, and they may be sent to remote areas for work.

As a result, many educators in remote areas in Africa are volunteers from non-government organizations from other countries. Therefore, Education is one of the best subjects to study in Africa for the new generation of university students. It can significantly improve the literacy rate in the continent and eventually boost the economy.

The Stellenbosch University in South Africa offers two Bachelor of Education programs: the Foundation Phase for elementart school grades 1 to 3 and the Intermediate Phase for grades 4 to 7. After which, graduates can pursue a Master of Education degree that could help them land jobs in curriculum development or school management.

3. Aviation

One of the critical factors to the delay in economic development in Africa is the lack of infrastructure that would facilitate easier and faster transport of goods and services to far-flung areas. This shortage also contributes to the slow progress in education and training because such are not accessible to many people in rural areas.

However, in the past decade, the number of domestic and international airports in Africa has significantly increased making aviation an in-demand subject to study in Africa. This trend allowed many intellectual resources, technology, and goods easier transported into the continent. Africa is expected to grow economically in the coming years, and the need for aviation professionals will also increase.

Prospective students interested in taking advantage of this trend and pursuing Aviation courses may choose from several new aviation schools in Africa. For instance, the African Aviation Academy in South Africa offers courses for private and commercial pilot licenses using modern aircraft with the help of professional and expert trainers.

4. Arabic

Due to its proximity to some Arab countries, some countries in Africa, such as Algeria, Morocco, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, and more, use Arabic as their official language. Therefore, international students interested in learning the language can pursue Arabic courses in Africa at a much more affordable educational cost.

Arabic language classes in Africa range from short courses that last a week to several months at private language schools to full Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at African universities. Interested students may select a course that suits their level and purpose for learning the language. Those who intend to make a career out of the skill they gain from learning the Arabic language are better off pursuing a degree in Arabic studies.

The American University in Cairo (AUC) in Egypt offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Arabic Studies. From these, students can learn not only the Arabic language but also history, culture, and the Islamic religion, which can lead to careers in journalism, the academe, heritage management, and more. On the other hand, students who want to focus mainly on language can go to private language schools like the Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies (MCAS) in Morocco.

5. Biological Sciences

Africa is a perfect destination for prospective students interested in various Biological Science degree programs, such as Botany and Zoology as these are among the excellent programs offered in the region. It is rich in an untouched natural environment that is home to many plants and animals, making the continent a perfect location for observation and research. Because of this, there is a healthy demand for botanists, zoologists, or biologists in Africa.

Besides fieldwork, graduates with a Biological Science degree can also land jobs in the laboratory as biotechnologists or biochemists or in the academe as professors. They may also qualify to pursue graduate or postgraduate education at some prestigious universities in Europe or Asia.

Some of the best universities in Africa that offer good quality Biological Science degree programs include the University of Cape Town and the University of Pretoria in South Africa. On the other hand, the University of Ibadan in Nigeria offers undergraduate degree programs in Botany and Zoology.


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