As an aspiring international student, it’s essential to be well-prepared for your journey. After all, you’ll be staying in a foreign country for years, and despite the various international student support services you can get, it’s still crucial to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Canada is among the most hospitable places for international students. You can find various support services, providing you with help and significantly improving your quality of life despite being away from family. Besides that, choose a subject that can make your stay worth it. So, check out the best subjects to study in Canada!

Top Subjects to Study in Canada

1. Business

Business is one of the best subjects to study in Canada for aspiring international students. The country is known for its thriving business economy, having the 10th largest GDP globally, just behind South Korea and Saudi Arabia. Forbes 2000 also listed 56 companies from Canada. What’s also great about studying Business in Canada is that you’ll have plenty of work opportunities after you graduate.

Additionally, you won’t need to worry about acquiring work visas. The Canadian government encourages international students to find work in the country by providing at least a three-year work visa. You can also get more years on your work visa as this depends on your years of tertiary education. Besides that, the government provides more support to businesses that hire international students. This, in turn, encourages these businesses to help prospective employees with their immigration issues.

Of course, another reason to study in Canada is its top universities. You can find here academic institutions that provide a wide selection of programs in Business. Moreover, you can study business at the undergraduate, master’s, or postgraduate level. Some of the best universities in Canada for Business subjects are:

2. Public Health

Public Health is where you can learn the ways to prevent diseases and promote health in communities, and is one of the fields that Canada excels in. The country offers excellent healthcare services and can boast about its people’s high quality of life. Thus, studying here means learning the best practices in the field of Medicine and Health.

Canada offers a lucrative career for professionals with Public Health degrees, providing an average of $32 per hour salary to them. This is way above the national average in the country. On top of that, international students get to enjoy perks, including migration assistance. There are also lots of job opportunities for international students with a Public Health background. As of writing, Canada has more than 10,700 jobs available in this field.

Finally, Canada makes an excellent place to study Public Health due to the quality of education its universities offer. It’s typical to work with small groups, ensuring that students get the attention they need and participate in the discussion. Some of the best universities to study Public Health in Canada are:

3. Journalism

Studying Journalism requires one to learn about data and facts gathering, interviewing, researching, and creating news articles. It’s also crucial for them to learn about working within the ethical foundation of Journalism. Moreover, journalism students acquire knowledge on working through multiple media such as audio, video, and broadcasts. Considering all these, it can be beneficial to study Journalism abroad.

Canada offers one of the best Journalism programs globally for international students. There are universities here that made it to the list of best in Journalism according to the QS World University Rankings in 2021. These include the University of Montreal, University of Ottawa, and Laval University. Through these universities, you can learn Journalism in an ideal environment, providing you with the freedom to explore your study options. Also, the country has high living standards so you can focus on your studies.

After completing your education, there are companies in Canada where you can work as a journalist. You also get to choose which specialization you want to pursue, such as digital, sports, graphics, and global journalism. There are also job opportunities for news reporting and writing, as well as photojournalism.

4. Information Technology

With Information Technology, you can study using, maintaining, and developing computer programs and systems. You can also develop skills related to network processing and distributing data. Anywhere you go, Information Technology graduates are among the most in-demand these days, and is an excellent subject to study in Canada. You can even be at an advantage by studying abroad and Canada is one of the best places to do that.

Universities in Canada are highly technical when it comes to teaching students, which means you’ll be more than ready to take on actual problems on the job. Also, students prepare for their profession through hands-on and practical experience. What’s great about studying Information Technology in Canada is that the diverse academic experiences you’ll acquire provide you the freedom and capacity to choose your specific career track. For example, you can be a System Developer or a Database Administrator after your studies. Other careers you can take on after studying IT are:

  • IT Consultant
  • System Testers
  • Information System Manager

Finally, choosing Canada means you can study at some of the world’s best universities. These include the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and Queen’s University at Kingston.

5. Agricultural Science and Forestry

Agricultural Science and Forestry involve studying how to grow livestock and crops, and it is among the best subjects to study in Canada for aspiring international students. On a deeper level, it also teaches students about methods in preserving good soil quality, ideal for sustainable farming. With a degree in Agricultural Science and Forestry, students can work as farm managers, soil scientists, and agricultural consultants.

It’s also one of the best subjects to study in Canada. The country has a rich agricultural sector, providing opportunities for farmers to export produce. As such, Canada is the 5th largest exporter, with more than 90% of its farmers relying on export. In addition, studying in Canada means you get to enter a diverse field, allowing you to pursue a career in different sectors.

Canada also provides a lively and fulfilling academic life to international students. Top universities in the country offer innovative education and state-of-the-art facilities. Since this subject is pretty research-oriented, universities also expose international students to research opportunities. Some of the best universities you should consider when studying Agricultural Science and Forestry in Canada are:


We hope that this article on Best Subjects to Study in Canada was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Canada!

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