Sweden is famous worldwide for companies like Volvo and IKEA, games like Minecraft, the music app Spotify, and more. These are some proof that the country’s economy is good and that it is able to produce world-class products and services.

Moreover, Sweden is a developed country with pretty high living standards. Consequently, it also has a relatively higher cost of living, which is characteristic of many Nordic countries. It may be the reason why despite the high quality of education in Sweden, not many international students go there to pursue higher education.

Swedes have a high literacy rate at 99%, and over 40% of adults hold university-level diplomas. If you are looking to pursue your studies Sweden, here are some of the best subjects to study in the country.

Top Courses to Study in Sweden

1. Medicine

Medicine is among the best subjects to study in Sweden because some of the world’s top medical schools are located here. It has a stellar reputation globally in delivering the highest quality of medical programs in theory and practice. These features significantly contribute to the excellent healthcare services citizens receive, resulting in good health quality and long life expectancy.

Swedish students and those from Nordic and EU member countries can obtain medical education in Sweden for free. Generally, the program lasts only eleven semesters (5 and a half years), which is relatively shorter than in other countries. Nonetheless, the skills graduates gain from Swedish schools are at par or may even be superior to other top medical institutions in other countries. That is why many international students consider Medicine as probably the best subject to study in Sweden.

Some of the best Swedish medical schools include the Karolinska Institute, Lund University, and Uppsala University. The Karolinska Institute, considered the top medical institution in the country, offers internationally recognized medical programs in English. Interested students may select from several medical programs and specializations available at these universities.

2. Finance

Finance specialists are in demand in Sweden, earning a lucrative salary. The country also has a very strong economy, offering vast career opportunities for banking, finance, or accounting professionals. Specialists may also find careers even in non-financial companies. For instance, many Finance degree holders in Sweden successfully land a job in private companies or government offices.

In addition, some universities in Sweden rank high and are recognized globally for their Finance and Accounting programs. There are also numerous opportunities for excellent students to participate in international exchange programs or internships in some leading global financial companies. Because of these, many education surveys reveal that Sweden is one of the best countries to study Finance-related courses.

Lund University’s Master’s program in Finance ranks among the top 50 worldwide. It lasts only one year and requires applicants to have sufficient English language skills. Outstanding students may qualify for the International Master Class program after earning the degree. Another excellent option is Stockholm University’s two-year Master’s program in Banking and Finance.

3. Game Design

With the increasing number of video game enthusiasts and the establishment of several global e-sports competitions, many technological countries with a surplus of talents try to join in on the profitable video game development industry. As a result, there is a growing demand for competent game designers or developers in Sweden to help the nation keep up with other technologically advanced countries.

Although the US, Japan, and Canada lead the industry in terms of game production, Sweden doesn’t lag far behind. Some of the most popular mobile and video games produced by Sweden include Candy Crush and Minecraft, which are among the most popular mobile games globally. Therefore, it is safe to say that Game Design is an excellent program to study in Sweden, with roughly a quarter of players in the world having played games created in the country.

The Uppsala University in Gotland offers three International Bachelor’s degree programs in Game Design. Interested applicants may select an area of specialization among Graphics, Programming, or Project Management. Meanwhile, graduate students may choose between the one-year and two-year Master’s programs in Game Design. All programs are delivered in the English language.

4. Architecture / Civil Engineering

The demand for architects and civil engineers in Sweden remains high, and several surveys suggest that it is the best destination for such professionals. As such, incoming university students in Sweden may want to consider pursuing a degree in Architecture or Civil Engineering. After all, the country also provides excellent programs relevant to the field.

It generally takes three years to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Swedish universities. An undergraduate degree in Fine Arts or Architecture can qualify a graduate to pursue a two-year Master’s degree in Architecture. Meanwhile, Civil Engineering usually takes five years, awarding graduates with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Lund University offers a competitive Master’s degree program in Architecture. It lasts two years and is conducted entirely in English. Meanwhile, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has a five-year Civil Engineering program, where students can spend one to two semesters at a partner university abroad. They may also extend the study period abroad and obtain a double degree at the graduate level, getting another diploma at a partner institution.

5. Healthcare Support

As discussed, Sweden has an excellent healthcare quality. That is why besides Medicine, healthcare support is among the best subjects to study in Sweden. In addition, Sweden has a high proportion of elderly, comprising over 17% of the total population. As a result, the demand for nurses and healthcare support staff is rising.

Healthcare workers in Sweden are well-compensated and can benefit from a good working environment. They can choose from plenty of career opportunities in government and private hospitals. They may also offer home help services for the elderly or work in nursing homes.

The Karolinska Institute (KI) provides excellent Nursing and other healthcare-related programs. The Nursing program lasts three years and is conducted predominantly in the Swedish language. However, the institute also welcomes foreign exchange students who may not possess sufficient language skills. To cater to these students, KI offers several courses in English that students may select from.


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