Among European countries, Germany not only has a high standard of living and invests significantly in the public health system, but it also has a strong reputation for technical and specialist education (the Technical University of Munich being a world-renowned institution for specialist doctors, engineers, physicists, etc.). This is what makes Germany a great place to study nursing, especially if you aim to practice it there as well.

In most cases you will need to speak fluent German to enroll in any of the below programs, so please bear that in mind. The best places to look for nursing programs are applied for sciences universities, as we outline below.

Here is a guide to the best nursing schools in Germany.

Best Nursing Schools in Germany

1. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

  • Nursing Program
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: German

This program is delivered by the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, over 7 semesters in a cooperative set-up. Based in Hamburg, the university itself was founded in 1970 and is now the third-largest university of applied sciences in Germany.

This year, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has launched a new curriculum for this program in nursing, in line with legislation changes that came into force in Germany. The qualification is a dual one, with an academic and a practical component, whereby students learn to deliver professional nursing care in a number of settings and to patients in hospitals as well as outpatients. The focus is on the vocation of helping others and engaging with people. With the excellent curriculum and a great focus, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is the best nursing school in Germany.

In order to enroll in this course, you have to first secure a training contract with one of the university’s training providers, and also to qualify for a Bachelor level education according to the German education system.

2. FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

  • Nursing Program
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: German

FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences offers an integrated training program of 8 semesters where you can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. To join this nursing school in Germany, you need to have completed a high-school degree equivalent and preferably have experience in the field of nursing thanks to an internship.

At the end of the study program, candidates receive a professional qualification as a nurse in combination with the degree of B.Sc. This is the most common way to become a nurse in Germany. Effectively, you acquire two degrees within four years.

During the course, students go through eight practical modules exploring various fields of activity that they will undertake in their nursing careers. There is also a skills lab, where you can carry out learning experiments in a controlled environment.

3. Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

  • Nursing Program
  • Degrees offered: B.Sc. International Degree in Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: German

This four-year program is taught entirely in German and includes a bachelor thesis as well as one semester spent abroad (therefore, knowledge of English is also required).

Hochschule Bremen (HBS) offers, therefore, an internationally-minded degree; however, it also follows the format of the other nursing programs in Germany, whereby a practical/vocational training program is carried out in parallel to the Bachelor’s degree. Consequently, successful completion of the degree means you will get a B.Sc. and a state recognized vocational training degree for the nursing profession.

Graduates of this top nursing school in Germany are guaranteed access to the Master’s program in Community and Family Health Nursing within the University of Bremen.

4. Hochschule Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences

  • Nursing Program
  • Degrees offered: B.Sc. in Nursing Science
  • Language of Instruction: German

Originally opened in 1971 and in its current form since 2003, HS Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences is another top nursing schools in Germany. It welcomes around 14,000 students across its various departments and faculties. The university offers multiple international programs and courses with a European focus, whether in engineering, IT, or health. It has an excellent faculty : student ratio and a vibrant campus life.

For the nursing program, the same set-up applies as for other German institutions, allowing students to effectively enroll in a dual program whereby they will obtain a B.Sc. as well as a vocational degree in nursing. It runs over 8 semesters and requires that students take a mandatory placement test for English language (although the program is taught fully in German). This is for the international component of studies at HS Osnabruck.

5. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

  • Nursing Program
  • Degrees offered: B.Sc. Nursing
  • Language of Instruction: German

We end our article on the best nursing schools in Germany with the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. This nursing school came together from a merger between the Hochschule fur Technik and Hochschule fur Sozialwesen in Esslingen in 2006. Its 11 faculties offer various opportunities to study for a Bachelor of Science and for Master’s degrees.

The Nursing program covers the B.Sc. and the state vocational qualification for nursing. It is offered in partnership with the Faculty of Social Work, Health Care and Nursing Science as well as the Faculty of Medicine at Eberhard Karl University of Tubingen and the University Hospital Tubingen.

The aim of the program, taught over 7 semesters, is to provide students with the ability not just to provide nursing care, but also to provide ongoing care to people in need and guidance and advice on living a healthy lifestyle. Attention is also given to developing skills in emergency procedures, research and applied research, and medical team work alongside doctors and therapy staff.

Tuition for this program is carried out at the Campus for health sciences Tubingen-Esslingen and the practical part of the studying can be undertaken at the University Hospital Tubingen or at a number of health and nursing care institutions in and around Tubingen and Esslingen.


I hope that this article on the top nursing schools in Germany was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Germany!

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