Natural Resource Management is a discipline that provides students with a deeper understanding of the interdependence of social, political, and ecological systems. Its main goal is to develop sustainable solutions to conserve and manage Earth’s natural resources. With the various degrees under it, students will learn how to address pressing environmental issues, such as conservation biology, energy use, and land-use change and planning.

If you are interested in studying a Natural Resource Management-related degree, particularly in Europe, read until the end of this article to identify the top Natural Resource Management schools in Europe that you should consider!

Is a Natural Resource Management Degree Worth it?

If you pursue this degree out of sheer passion, it is definitely worth it. If your aspirations are more financial, you should probably reconsider pursuing this degree. Most universities teach outdated methodologies that won’t help you in real-life situations if you land a job, that is. It is a highly competitive field with very few job opportunities worldwide. We, unfortunately, do not have any course recommendations for international students who want to major in natural resources management. However, we have courses pertaining to other subjects that you can check out on our Open Courses Page.

Top Natural Resource Management Schools in Europe

1. TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences)

Technische Hochschule Köln, most commonly known as TH Köln, is a German university that is inclined towards Technology, Arts, and Sciences. Their goal is to produce highly intellectual and environmentally aware graduates that will serve the community in the future. TH Köln is an excellent school for natural resource management in Europe that also finds importance not just in academically training their students but also in exposing them to research-based learning.

Their research mainly focuses on society’s biggest issues, such as climate change, energy supply, and food and health safety. Putting these things into perspective, it’s a no-brainer why TH Köln is one of the best Natural Resource Management Schools in Europe. They also offer scholarships related to these degrees, which can be found on their official site.

The university is efficient in considering education beyond textbooks and beyond the four corners of the room. They let their researchers explore and provide solutions to real-life natural resource problems and deepen their individual and professional development. If you want to enhance your theory knowledge and your practical skills in Natural Resource Management, then include TH Köln in your list.

2. Technische Universität Dresden

Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) is a state university and is one of the leading schools for natural resource management in Germany and in Europe. They are currently offering degree programs in over 124 disciplines. One of these is Natural Resource Management, which is included in the university’s primary research scope.

It also helps that TUD is being funded permanently by the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments because the university gets to soar higher and enhance the skills of its constituents through research and application. For example, their Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management degree offer is research-oriented and based on an applied approach. With this kind of education, graduates will be able to solve and analyze complicated environmental-related challenges that require in-depth scientific insights.

In addition, TUD also offers free tuition. Their official website stipulated the pre-requisites, eligibility requirements, and the application process.

3. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (SLU) is a prominent university in Sweden, mainly focusing on Agricultural and Environment-related programs. The university upholds its principle of using Science and Education as a catalyst for a more sustainable life.

Because of their purpose and core, SLU continues to integrate with various sectors and organizations to put their research into reality. The university already has a long list of major interdisciplinary research projects, networks, platforms, and programs. Their utmost priority is to engage in society since that is the main reason for their courses—better community and a brighter future.

Their constant innovation and genuine outlook for sustainability lead to the maximization of its Natural Resource Management program. Given that it is a discipline that requires much societal output, it is only fitting that SLU uses this as an opportunity to impact change through their students’ creativity and intelligence.

For the specifications of their tuition fees and other requirements, click on the link provided, and it will direct you to their official website.

4. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Humboldt University)

Humboldt University is also a state university and a top school for natural resource management in Europe that is located in Berlin, Germany. Since 2012, the university has been one of the only 11 grantees of Universities of Excellence in Germany. Currently, Humboldt University holds the 5th spot in best schools in Germany and 74th in University World Rankings.

Its Natural Resource Management program strives to assist students in contributing to the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals, both in science and in practice. They offer various activities, research opportunities, and intensive collaboration with scientists to help students assess the linkage between society and nature, then stimulate solutions for potential natural resources issues.

5. Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich (TUM) is among the most outstanding universities for natural resource management, and in research and innovation in Europe. The university’s mindset has been to incorporate the entrepreneurial spirit and science-driven enterprise in their curriculum to ensure that their graduates are both academically knowledgeable and well-experienced in various real-time matters.

TUM’s Natural Resource Management program expands its wings further as it backs up students’ promising research innovations. The university is also filled up with diverse scholars and scientists that fuel TUM’s competitive advantage. Students can also participate in international cooperation projects, leading to a much broader understanding of the said program.

The estimated tuition fee at TUM is €290 per year. Other comprehensive details about its application and enrollment processes are written on their official site.

6. Novia University of Applied Sciences

Novia University of Applied Sciences is located in Finland and is the largest Swedish-language polytechnic. It is a high-class dynamic college that works deeply with the business community to put into reality their goal—sustainable societal development.

The university is only one of the few universities in Europe that offers a Sustainable Coastal Management degree. Its Natural Resources Management course is also being offered online to reach more demographics and gather more international collaboration.

Novia UAS is a forerunner of life-based education. The university conducts diverse training and activities that are useful to society.

An estimation of €9,000 is the tuition fee per year at Novia UAS. For a much more detailed overview, visit their official website.

7. Ghent University

Ghent University is a top-ranked university worldwide and a leading institution for natural resource management in Europe. The university puts research at the top of their list, as they participate in a wide range of scientific domains. It is Ghent’s principle to only provide solutions based on facts and figures, heighten ordinary mindset, and opt for strategic outputs.

The abovementioned factors made Ghent University a leading school for students who want to pursue a Natural Resource Management program. The university funds remarkable research projects and organizes institutional partnerships to challenge its students and produce excellent graduates.

Since Natural Resource Management is a program that requires extensive real-life inputs, it is only essential that students must be exposed early to prepare them for real-life scenarios. Ghent University also offers grants and scholarships for its aspiring students.


I hope that this article on Best Natural Resource Management Schools in Europe was helpful. To know more information on topics related to this, check out the Programs in Europe for International Students!

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