Biochemistry is a sub-discipline of biology and chemistry. It tackles the chemical processes relating to living organisms and is essential in answering scientific questions. Over the last decades, this discipline has become the gateway for explaining some of life’s mysteries.

Europe is a great place to kickstart your future biochemist career. It is the home of excellent biochemistry schools in the world that continues to smoothen out the complexity of life. Here is the list of some of Europe’s best biochemistry schools equipped with advanced facilities and outstanding faculties.

When it comes to biochemistry studies, there are quite a few countries that are famous in Europe, and they all provide great opportunities for both domestic and international students. Some of the famous countries for biochemistry studies are Germany and the United Kingdom, and they have multiple universities that are ranked among the highest in the world in their respective fields, which is why they are quite popular. For the moment, we do not have information on biochemistry studies, but if you are interested in similar fields of study, you can check all the available courses that are on our website so that you can get a better idea of possible future careers.


Top Biochemistry Schools in Europe

1. University of Cambridge

The Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge is one of Europe’s best biochemistry schools, with a world-leading biochemical research and education facility. Its mission is to continue building the university’s tradition of scientific inquiry to support and enable remarkable science education.

The university’s excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programs nurture and develop the next generation of scientists. There are also over 50 research groups in the institution that are led by internationally renowned professors who collaborate with colleagues globally to discuss fundamental questions and answer them.

The university also provides emphasis on optimum facilities to heighten the training of its biochemistry students. Due to this, Cambridge University was declared by EduRank as the Best Biochemistry School in Europe during its latest university ranking.

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is located in the United Kingdom. It has a depth commitment to excellence to drive current researchers and benefit the next generation through its educational offerings. Its biochemistry students directly learn from world-class minds, gaining cutting-edge knowledge that is vital in pursuing their future careers.

The university is also very welcoming to international students with various backgrounds, skills, and nationalities. It helps gain fresh perspectives and ideas, strengthening the equality and diversity of their Biochemistry department.

As a leading biochemistry institution, University of Oxford’s Department of Biochemistry is already home to four Nobel Prize Winners. It is made of not less than 80 talented students, researchers, and staff who all share a common passion for exploring the chemical aspect of life. The university was also ranked as the 2nd Best Biochemistry School in Europe during the 2021 EduRank University Rankings.

3. Technical University of Munich

The TUM principle is to uphold human-centered research and innovation. Whether in investigating the origins of life or looking for solutions to the major societal challenges, people always lie at the heart of its research and innovation agenda.

The excellence that one can get in this university will truly give a good insight into what to expect in the biochemistry profession. Given that society is living in a very progressive community, it is only fitting that future biochemists are well-informed and updated to keep up with ever-evolving complex situations.

Currently, there are already more than 45,00 students at the university. Students are exposed to and trained in all disciplines through various collaborative efforts. The Technical University of Munich was EduRank’s 2021 Best Biochemistry School in Germany.

4. University of Dundee

The School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee is a world-class, internationally recognized academic institution. This is because of the university’s reputation for excellence in research, high-quality education and student experiences, and the strong impact of activities outside academia. The department already has 700 staff from over 50 countries that provide a dynamic and diverse environment to train the next generation of scientists and innovators.

Its top-notch service will not be possible without the university’s extensive professional support and advanced teaching facilities. The institution also promotes strong links with organizations to widen public engagements and outreach activities. That way, research outputs from talented students will be put into reality and will genuinely impact the quality of people’s lives.

The University of Dundee was declared the 3rd Best Biochemistry School in the United Kingdom.

5. University of Copenhagen

Education, research, and dissemination of knowledge are the university’s core principles. Helping develop a sustainable world guides its objectives in training its students. The university’s Faculty of Science integrates public outreach at the highest international level within all scientific and natural disciplines.

Future biochemists are shaped and honed under world-class education to link research and practice closer. Students of this top biochemistry school are challenged to solve and analyze real-life situations by encouraging them to participate in various international fairs and projects.

Its Bachelor’s programs are all taught in Danish. From Master’s to PhDs, all courses are offered in English.

The University of Copenhagen is the Best Biochemistry School in Denmark, according to EduRank’s 2021 University Ranking. It is now the training ground of more than 5,000 researchers and 35,000 students.

6. Lund University

Lund University is another one of the best biochemistry schools in Europe. It is also one of the most prestigious schools in Sweden. Its Biochemistry programs have strong ties to research as students give answers to the world’s pressing questions.

All of the university’s teaching staff are researchers, and the course content is adapted to current trends in society. This is to maintain the excellent and up-to-date learning that students can gain in pursuing their Biochemistry careers through Lund University. Now, its Faculty of Science already has more than 1,000 employees; all are equipped and determined to train future biochemists.

EduRank lauded Lund University as the 6th Best Biochemistry School in Europe in 2021.

7. University College of London

UCL’s Division of Biosciences is one of the largest and most active research environments in the United Kingdom. It is managed by over 500 staff, with not less than 1,200 undergraduates and 300 PhD candidates. This division offers a range of programs, including Biochemistry.

Students who participate in the university’s cutting-edge research and education have gained professional development throughout their studies. PhD students are also given wide options, as the university offers a variety of research interests. Some examples are structural and molecular biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and cell biology.

University College of London already has 30 Nobel Laureates and was ranked as the 4th Best Biochemistry school in the United Kingdom. QS World University Rankings 2022 also declared UCL the 8th Best University in the world based on its overall performance.


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